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A Weekly Revieiv of Medicine. Published by Appleton & Co. Edited by Frank P. Foster, M. D. NEW YORK, safe order zithromax online SATURDAY, MAY 4, 1889. THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER AND THE PHYSICIAN. Not long since the anathema maranatJia of a certain emi- ient diviue was launched at the Sunday newspa])er. It was denounced from the pulpit as generic zithromax no prescription a literary Antichrist, and at its door was laid the blame for the heterodoxy of the masses. But, with due respect to the opinion of the reverend gentleman, we must not forget that every question is equipped with an outfit of at least two sides, and, as the medical profession is interested in one of these, it may not be amiss for us to espouse the cause of the denounced journals, although we have no desire to come into collision with the clergy. We have nothing to offer as to the allegation of the scribes to the effect that the philippic mentioned was but a resurrection of the old ecclesiastical in- tolerance of anything which contributes to human pleasure or liberal education — that it was of the Rip Van Winkle type of dogma and had missed its train by a few centuries — but will simply endeavor to state the subject from the physician's standpoint. Throughout Christendom Sunday is regarded as a day of rest, and this opinion is fostered and encouraged by the clergy. But Sunday is the clergyman's busy day, on which he earns his salary, and the order zithromax canada chief day of the week on which one could not in justice refer him to the generic zithromax price model of industry and virtue presented by the habits of life followed by the common pismire as worthy of his emulation. Now, does the order zithromax for chlamydia pastor spend his less can you order zithromax online busy days in the study of " Barnes's Notes " or dis- card his "Pigs in Clover" for the mental relaxation of an attempt to disentangle the reticulated syntax of " Butler's Analogy"? Does he not read his morning paper, which represents the breaking of an entire Sunday afternoon and evening on the part of order zithromax online uk a large number generic zithromax (azithromycin) of men, and even feel piqued if the report of his own discourse is meager or lacking? In case his Saturday dinner cheap zithromax online had been inconsiderate enough to have assumed the role of Ghost to his Richard, so that it sat heavily on his soul on the morrow, he would be filled with righteous wrath if his i)bysician should refuse his aid on the ground that Sunday was the only time he had for the improve- ment of his mind, and that he answered no calls on that day. generic zithromax z pak The defender of generic zithromax 500mg the Faith does not appreciate the fact that he denounces the practice he himself follows on his day of rest when he arraigns his flock for Sunday newspaper reading — the avoidance of the care or suggestion even of business — but says that all must occupy themselves with the things that consti- tute his heaviest labor, and not only that, but must do nothing else. If such views were advanced by any other professional man, should we not consider it in the light of an unconscionable lusting after the possession of the solar system ? But the Sunday newspaper is of such catholic character that it broadens the minds of all classes of men. Take the physi- cian as an example. lie has finished his week's work, and resolves to pass Sunday afternoon in company with himself and his own generic zithromax z pack time. His soul loathes the very thought of medi- cal literature, and he yearns for some mild, gentle buy cheap zithromax online literary hypnotic. As he reads his paper a feeling of placid comfort and perfect peace steals over his mind by virtue of the history of the Kentucky vendetta, or the private laundry-list of some family high in the social scale. He absorbs medical lore in spite of himself from those encyclopasdic columns, but this is so artificially illuminated by the sparkling radiance emanating from the glittering generalities with which it is accompanied, that he is all unconscious of his acquisition until after it has been recorded upon the " tablets of his mind." The familiar technical terms masquerade in fantastic garb after they have enjoyed a season of social communion with other verbal Iric-d-hrac resident in the mind editorial, and he has ingested the recorded fact before he has resolved the first anagram into its rational formula. The Sunday newspaper, then, permits the physician to study and relax his mental tension at the same time. If he is convinced, on the other hand, by the arguments against the paper, how different the result! His weary brain yearns not for exercise, and consequently he order zithromax online no prescription does not feel equal to the mental effort required in the study of the Bible or of generic zithromax 250mg theological generic zithromax cheap works. He is, therefore, perforce driven to the perusal of some secular work or of the religious periodical. He may choose the latter, and is straightway beguiled into reading a florid eulogy of some patent medicine. Visions of the vend- ors thereof in the act of abstracting the bread from the very mouths of his rapidly emaciating children rise up unbidden before his eyes, and soon such a phantasmagoria induces a marked discord in the symphony of mind and soul which his pastor would scarcely regard as increasing his receptivity of spiritual pabulum, or as being in strictly " good form cheap zithromax " for a Sunday-afternoon inspection of one's personal moral accoutre- ments. In the case of the order zithromax over the counter physician it is certain that the re-

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