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Still I had him continue using them a few days in order to pre- Zetia 10 Mg vent a relapse ; and now, after three months, he has never no- ticed any, nor the slightest signs of it. Case HI. — N. R., chronic gonorrhea of tive weeks' dura- tion. He had been taking internal remedies until his entire stomach (as he expressed it) was upset, and had loss of appetite. His friends " scented '' what he had from the medicines he took through the mouth. He had also injected various solutions three times daily for four weeks with but little improvement. 1 began with No. 9 (containing silver nitrate, gr. -j"^), Zetia Coupons one each evening (invariably keeping Buy Zetia them in half an hour) for three days. Then used No. 10 (containing silver nitrate, gr. ^). Con- tinued this treatment for fourteen days, he only having used fourteen antrophores, when I discharged him cured. Case IY. — C. B. had had a gleet for three years; had tried all kinds of suppositories and sounds for two Zetia Cost years. Then tried internal remedies with no improvement. Accidentally he came tome, and upon examination I found a Hniall stricture. Zetia Discount I began UHing Hounds, Zetia Online and inserted immediately after No. 8 (8i-inch, containing iodoform, gr. iij;. Allowing him to remain quitt on my lounge for half an hour, I used one each day for a woeK Tho Huccmd week I UHeBuy Zetia Online but Zetia Discount Card twice, but gave him No. 3, tu Cheap Zetia use one each night upon going to bed. The third Zetia Cheap week he waH very nearly cured, hut continued with No. 20 (ciontaining iodo- form, gr. iij, and ichthyol, 2A |)er cent.). At the end of tli(! third week Zetia Prices I noticed no more Zetia Price me "he never noticed any more discharge." Cask V. — Mr. Y. had a gleet of ten years' standing. With the aid of tho endoscope I noticed granulations. He had been treated with tho use of the endoscope for along while, but with no benetit. I began with No. lOJ (8i-inch, containing 2 per cent, of silver nitrate), using one every other night, and at the end of the first week I noticed that the granulations had dis- appeared, but Price Of Zetia still the discliarge continued. Using a bougie, I found a stricture, very deep-soated and of small caliber. I treated him twice a week with sounds and No. 10^ (8^-inch), every other night for two weeks, with great improvement. Then used a 4-per-cent. silver nitrate antrophore for a week every other night, and after using four he was entirely cured. Case VI. — Mr. S., chronic jjrostatilis. Began with No. 25 (8i-inch, containing ichthyol, 10 per cent.), one each evening for a week. At the beginning of Discount Zetia the second week I noticed some improvement, and had him continue using the same. The third week I gave him No. 26 (containing iodoform, 8 per cent. ; ichthyol, 2} per cent.). At the end of this week he was free from all trouble. I have also tried the antrophore in impotence and sper- matorrhcBa with very good results. To recapitulate: 1. The antrophore is flexible and read- ily soluble. 2. It enters the urethra or any cavity very easily. 3. In most cases but one a day is needed. 4. Nothing unpleasant ever follows from their use, as from that of suppositories and injections (cystitis, orchitis, etc.). 5. It is not necessary to use internal remedies. Anthrax at Horsehair Factories. — " An inquest was lately held at Sudbury, Suffolk," says the " Lancet," " on the body of a horsehair dresser of Long Melford, who had died at the Sudbury Hospital. From the evidence it seems that the deceased first fell ill on February 9th, and that on Zetia Coupon the' 1 1th he complained of a pimple on the back of the neck near the left ear. Xext day it was more inflamed, but he per- sisted in going Cost Of Zetia to work, and did not consult a doctor until the 15th, when he was seen by Mr. Horsford, who forthwith sent him to Dr. Holden at Sudbury, by whom he was admitted into hospital, and shortly after Dr. Holden excised the malignant pustule. The excision was, however, too late to avert death, which took place early on the 17th, just about a week after the patient first complained of feeling ill. Dr. Holden testified that death was due to anthrax, and stated that this was the foujth case which has occurred in the district during the last two years in connection with horsehair factories. This is important testimony, and demonstrates the need of inquiry Zetia Hair Loss into the conditions and nature of the work at such factories, which might profitably be undertaken by the Local Government Board." The Diagnosis of Hernia. — " Dr. Multanovski suggests the addition of a new diagnostic sign to the classical method of diagnosticating ab- dominal hernia. Having made observations on one hundred and fifty- two cases of hernia in Professor Bogdanovski's wards, he states that in all these, when the finger was passed up into the What Is Zetia abdomen, a more or less tightly stretched strap-like band could be detected connecting the contents of the sac with those of the abdomen." — Lancet. May 4, 1889.] LEADING ARTICLES. 493 NEW YORK Cholesterol Zetia MEDICAL JOURNAL,

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