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opening in the cranium, due to the absence of a large portion of the calvarium. During the foregoing examinatiori the foetal heart-sounds had Generic Zestoretic been carefully listened for without success, and, as no spon- taneous movements of the foetus had been recognized after the examination by the nurse, above recorded, the life of the foetus was considered extinct at the commencement of the second stage of labor. My examination was confirmed before the birth of the child by my assistant, Dr. Bratenahl, and by Dr. \. H. Hance, to whom I Zestoretic Strengths had sent a note inviting him to see the case. When the head was in sight at the vulva it became possible to feel the left scapula of the foetus, the shoulders being Zestoretic Generic situated almost laterally in the vagina, the left somewhat posterior to the right. Descent was slow in the second stage of labor on account of the resistance offered to the comparatively large di- mensions of the shoulders, the passage not having been Cheap Zestoretic suffi- ciently dilated by the anencephalic Order Zestoretic Online head. Digital traction was therefore made in the left axilla, aided at the same time by pressure upon the fundus Buy Cheap Zestoretic uteri through the abdominal wall by an assistant. The left shoulder rotated posteriorly and was de- livered first, while the right engaged under the symphysis pubis. The Purchase Zestoretic Online rest of the body followed without difliculty. The duration of the second stage of labor was two hours and ten minutes, and the third stage was normal and of tw-elve minutes' dura- tion. The foetus was still-born and weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. The placenta was rather dry and fibrous, but practically normal. THE ANTROPHOKE. Lisinopril 20 By M. NEUMANN, M. D., SAN FRANCISCO. GoNORRHCEA and its treatment have been a source of an- noyance for many years, and it is only now (that is, in my opinion) that wc have in the antrophore a sj)ecifi()/»^7»', " to carry " — a carrier into Purchase Zestoretic a cavity, or a conlrivanc*' to convey medicaments in sohdih' form into canals Ilk*- the niah' nrethra, the rectum, the vajjfina, etc. 'I'lie instrument i-onsists of a spiral or skeleton made of closely wound wire of tuhe shape and covered with a thin film of rid>l»er and shellac to prevent oxidation and the cor- rosive action of chemicals. They are coated with various remedies dissolved in a com|iound of trelatin and Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg intlainniation and pain had somewhat subsided. On the fourth (lay I gave him the antrophore, No. 24 (containing 2 per cent, of thalline sulphate), one to be Zestoretic 20 used morning and evening for three days, and allowed it to remain in half an hour. On the seventh day I gave him No. 23 (containing 5 percent, of thalline), one to be used on going to bed, allowing it to re- main half an hour. On Zestoretic 20 25 Mg the ninth day the discharge was very thin and watery and greatly decreased. On the tenth day I still continued No. 23, and there was but little discharge. On the thirteenth day there was very Buy Zestoretic Online little to be seen. On the tifteenth day, still using No. 23, there was little or no discharge. On the seventeenth day he was entirely cured. Zestoretic Tablets Case II.— Mr. S., subacute gonorrhoea. Contracted it thir- teen days prior to coming to my otfice. Had used internal remedies and Gnyon's injector, but he said when I saw him that he Zestoretic Online was Order Zestoretic " Buy Zestoretic worse now than when he Zestoretic Price first got the ' Zestoretic Cost clap.' " I immediately gave him No. 13 (containing zinc acetate, gr. I ; lead acetate, gr. j). He used one each evening upon going to bed. After using four, gave him No. 14 (containing lead ace- tate, gr. ij ; zinc acetate, gr. |). He continued using these for about two weeks, when the discharge was thoroughly dried up.

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