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price for the French excursion is three hundred francs and for the German excursion five pounds sterling. Physicians who intend accompanying the excursion should notify the secretary some time in advance. The Order Zantac Online secretary of the German excursion Where To Buy Zantac is Dr. W. A. Gilbert, Baden Baden, and of the French. M. Carron de la Carriere, 2, Rue Lincoln, Paris. The Canadian Medical Association. — The thirty-fourth annual meeting of the Canadian Medi- cal Association will be held at Winnipeg. Manitoba, from the 28th to the 31st of Zantac Coupon August. Persons at- tending the meeting should purchase tickets from the Purchase Zantac Online local ticket agents to Winnipeg and secure a receipt therefor on a standard certificate blank. When registered at the meeting, this certificate should be left with the treasurer, and after having been signed, entitles the bearer to a ticket to his destination free of charge, if the route travelled is an all-rail route. The return ticket, however, will cost $8.50 if the lake route has been covered. Persons who have gone by rail and desire to return by the lake route can secure a ticket by payment of S4.25, which includes meals and berths on the lake. Tick- ets to points in Alanitoba, the Pacific coast, and inter- mediate territory on the Canadian Pacific Railroad will be issued Order Zantac after the meeting at the rate of one fare for the round trip to delegates. The special rates are good going from August 20th to August 28th and returning to September 30th. Special rates, ranging from $1 to $3.50, have been granted by the hotels, details of which can be learned from Dr. James Patterson, of Winnipeg. The fee for membership is S2. which should be paid to the treas- urer. Dr. H. P. Small, of Ottawa, at the opening meeting. Saturday, .\ugust 31st, will be devoted to a trip through the finest wheat growing section of the province. Following is a provisional list of papers promised for the meeting: The .\ddress in Zantac 150 Mg Medicine, by Dr. J. R. Jones, of Winnipeg ; The .Address in Surgerv. bv Dr. O. M. Jones, of Victoria 300 Mg Zantac : The .Address in Gynrecology, by Dr. Thomas S. Cullen. of Tolins Hopkins University, Baltimore: The Early Diag- nosis and Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, by Dr. D. Gilbert Gordon, of Toronto : The Nose and Throat in General Practice, by Dr. John Hunter, of Toronto : Remarks on Some Interesting Diseases of the Eye. by Dr. G. H. Burnham. of Toronto : Ortho- paedic Treatment of Deformities and Disabilities Resulting from Parahsis. by Dr. B. E. McKenzie. of Toronto: A Practical A\^ay of Distinguishing between FTuman and .-Xnimal Blood, bv Dr. G. Augujt 3. loci.] NEWS ITEMS. Silverthoni, of Toronto ; Infectious Pneumonia, by Dr. Zantac 75 Mg W. S. Muir, of Truro, N. S.; Sclerotic Ovaries, by Dr. A. L. Smith, of Montreal ; Re- moval of a Large Tumor from the Os Uteri after Labor had Set In, by Dr. A. Armstrong, of Arn- prior; Tuberculosis in Milk, by Professor Rus- sell, of the University of Wisconsin, Madison ; The Present Outbreak of Small-pox in Amer- ica, Purchase Zantac by Dr. H. M. Bracken, Health Officer of Minnesota ; Hsematology of the Blood, by Dr. L. H. Zantac Buy Warner, of New York ; Skin Diseases, Lan- tern Zantac 150mg Demonstration, and Rupture of Axillary Vein in Reducing an Old Dislocation of the Shoulder, by Dr. F. J. Shepherd, of Montreal ; The Treat- Buy Zantac Online ment of Consumption in Special Institutions, by Dr. A. J. Richer, of Montreal ; Disposal of Tuber- culous Sputum, by Dr. J. H. Elliot, of Graven- hurst ; Chronic Zantac Mg Ulceration of the Stomach Simu- lating Cancerous Disease and Relation of a Case of Gastro-enterostomy with Murphy Button, Re- covery, by Dr. J. F. W. Ross, of Toronto ; Report of Cases Treated with the Hot-air Bath, by Dr. W. H. Pepler, of Toronto ; The Development of the Race, by Zantac 300 Mg Dr. J. N. Hutchison, of Winnipeg; Some Forms of Gastric Hyperacidity and their Treatment, by Dr. C. F. Martin, of Montreal; Cheap Zantac Syphilis as Seen by the Ophthalmic Surgeon, by Dr. F. Buller, of Montreal ; On the Necessity of a Better Recognition and Isolation of Trachoma- tous Zantac 150 Patients Online Zantac in Canada, by Dr. W. Gordon M. B}-ers, of Montreal ; Epidemic Cerebro-spinal Meningitis, a History of some Cases, by Dr. James McKenty, of Gretna, Man. ; Pulmonary Tuberculosis, its Treatment and Prevention, Zantac Online by Dr. .\. P. Proctor, of Kamloops, B. C. ; Mild Small-pox, by Dr. G. A. Kennedy, of Macleod, Alta : Hyperchlorhydria, by Dr. A. J. Macdonell, of Winnipeg; The Question of Medical Defence, by Dr. Russell Thomas, of Lennoxville, P. Q.'; Surgical Treatment of Cancer, by Sir Wm. Hing- ston, of Montreal. (Jther papers, the titles of which have not yet been announced, to be pre- sented by Dr. G. Chambers, of Toronto; Dr. D. J. Gibb Buy Zantac Wishart, of Toronto; Dr. J. L. Bray, of Chatham, Out.; Dr. C. J. Fagan, of Victoria, B. C, and Dr. F. T. Westbrook, of the University

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