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. . . Average per cent, without any precaution, 8-66 ; average per cent, by Credo's method, 0-656. If any further evidence were required to show the ad- vantages of these Buy Zaditor Online Zaditor Drops steps for preventing the wholesale blind- ing of children, I would cite the example of certain govern- ments Buy Zaditor Zaditor Price in their enactment Zaditor Eye Drop of laws requiring such precau- tions. These are referred to in Fuchs's " Verhutung der Blindheit." In December of 1882 Austria recognized the advantages of Crede's method by its official recommendation to physi- cians in the state service, and, according to section seventh of the directions for nurses in Austria, every midwife is re- quired to call a physician to the patient whenever she finds that the child under her care develops the ophthalmia of infants. The Hungarian Secretary of the Interior issued a pamphlet on the subject of the ophthalmia of infants, de- signed for distribution among all the nurses of the country. In Switzerland it is also obligatory upon them to give no- tice to the physician of the existence of any such disease. This was established as far back as 1865, and, according to Professor Horner, of Zurich, not a single case of blindness in an individual born since then had entered the large blind asylum in that city up to the time of his death. The Prus- sian regulations for nurses for 1878 give particular direc- tions and instructions concerning this important point, and in Purchase Zaditor Online the French official directions for 1880auote was Alaway Or Zaditor inserted also calling attention to it. In view of this, Zaditor Cost we may ask ourselves what has been done or what is being Zaditor Tablets done in the country, or particularly in the State of Xew York, for the prevention of this disease I The answer to this (pieHtion can be lirief: IJy individual effort, very little ; by eoml)ineZaditor Eye Drops lessening the elVects of this terrible s('ourge. 1 think we are safe in speakingof blindness as a scourge, no matter from what standpoint it is viewed, whetlierof the economist or of the Generic Zaditor philanthropist. From the report of the committee to which I have re- ferred, it will be seen that the blind cost the State of New York, directly Cheap Zaditor and indirectly, each year, considerably over a million and a half of dollars, or exactly $1,701,1(^9; and as it is .safe to say that at least one fifth of the cases are due to ophthalmia of infants, we can consider at a moderate estimate that simply the effects of this disease cost New York State three hundred thousand dollars every year. If any tnother were to decide the question for her child between lifelong blindness and death, she would in most cases prefer the latter. Order Zaditor Now, if a remedy were known where- by the death-rate of those who suffer from Zaditor Coupon a certain disease could be lessened 20 or 25 per cent., there is no question but that physicians would avail themselves of it immediate- ly. I do not make a plea for Crede's method as the only one ; it is possible that in a short time some .still better treatment may be found. But I do say that as long as there is such a means of preventing misery at our command, and one which can be so simply and efficaciously employed, it is next to criminal negligence for any practitioner to omit the use of nitrate of silver in every case without exception which he attends. Perhaps there are those who think such a rule very good for Buy Cheap Zaditor obstetricians in charge of large institutions but unnecessary in private practice, surely Order Zaditor Online not for those whose patients are scattered over a large territory. It must be re" membered, however, that only a very small part of the births occur in institutions, and the profession is quite as responsi- ble for the health of patients outside of such places as it is for those inside. There are other practitioners, men of keen perception and large experience, who have told me that they could not believe that the ophthalmia of infants was so fre- quent. In a country practice extending over a considerable territory they see such cases only at rare intervals. It is true we are often surprised at the aggregate when the separate parts seem small. But if the mother and child are, at a dis- tance, the physician may frequently have ceased his visits. When the disease in the child's eyes begins to make its ap- pearance, the nurse imagines she can take charge of the rest, and the physician may not hear of the child again until blindness Zaditor Coupons occurs. In just such a practice should Crede's precaution be the invariable rule, and the necessity of it is shown by the fact that, as a rule, even more blindness ex- ists in the sparsely settled counties than near the large cities in this State. There itis that the nurses have full control at an early stage of the affection. In view of these facts, I think it proper to submit the following as the course which we should pursue in combating the disease and attempting to lessen its effects : First. Eye Drops Zaditor To call Purchase Zaditor the attention of the profession in general May 4, 1889.] M ABBOTT: AN ANENGEPIIALIC FCETUS.

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