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HOWE: THE PURULENT CONJUNCTIVITIS OF INFANTS. 489 THE PURULENT CONJUNCTIVITIS OF INFANTS, AND BLINDNESS IN NEW YORK STATE.* By LUCIEN HOWE, Mincreased 140-78 per cent. Such, in a word, are the figures concerning the increase in the entire country. As for the State of New York, more exact examination of the statistics is equally instructive. According to the United States Census reports, the population of New York in 1870 was 4,302,759, and in 1880 it was 5,082,871, being an increase of 15'9 per buy xenical online no prescription uk cent. ; whereas the xenical online no prescription uk number of blind in New York State in 1870 was 2,213, and in 1880 was 4,981, being an increase of 125-07 per cent. In a similar way, if we compare the State Census of 1875 with the United States Census of 1880, we find the population in 1875 was 4,698,958, and in 1880 was 5,082,- 871, being an increase of buy xenical uk only 8-1 per cent. ; while the much does xenical cost new zealand number of blind in 1875 was 2,256, and in 1880 was 4,981, being an increase of 111-03 per cent. In cost xenical diet pill other words, official reports show that during the ten years preceding 1880 blindness in the State of New York increased eight and two tenths times as rapidly as the popu- lation, and during the last five years of that decade it in- creased thirteen and seven tenths times as rapidly. xenical no prescription uk It is not improbable that there were imperfections in these statistics — the United States Census of 1880 being very complete, the others incomplete — but it is hardly possible that those differences in the manner of enumeration would account for more than a part of the increase as is here shown. And when the facts are taken up in detail and carefully weighed, one can not but arrive at the conclusion that certain causes have tended to produce an increase of blindness out of pro- portion to the increase in population, and much greater than there is any necessity for. In the second place, I wish to show that one of the most important factors in the production of blindness is the oph- thalmia of infants, or, as it is otherwise called, the purulent ophthalmia or purulent conjunctivitis of children, or oph- thalmia neonatorum. In this country, unfortunately, very * Read before the Medical buy xenical online australia no prescription Society of the State of New York at its eigchty-third annual meeting. few systematic investigations have been made as yet into orlistat xenical quanto costa the causes of blindness. It is probable, however, that the same diseases here produce the same results as elsewhere, and there is no reason to suppose that there is any less pro- portion of the ophthalmia xenical prescription weight loss of infants in America than i)i Europe. For our present study, therefore, we are entirely warranted in drawing conclusions from data obtained there. On examining any statistics concerning the causes of blind- ness, the results found will vary somewhat according to the age of the individuals, certain diseases, like cataract, glau- coma, etc., belonging particularly to advanced life, and the one we are considering, of course, to early life. In a list of 2,528 blind of all ages collected by Magnus, it was found that the ophthalmia of infants was more destructive to vision than any other disease or form of accident, that causing 10-87 per cent, of the unfortunates. To appreciate its true importance, we should see how large a portion of the blind- ness among children is due to that disease. Thus Fuchs found do i need a prescription for xenical in australia that among 3,204 cases of blindness collected cheapest generic xenical where can i buy xenical in uk from asylums in different parts of Europe, 23-5 per cent, or nearly a quarter of the entire number, are doomed cheapest xenical australia to lifelong darkness because of the ophthalmia in infancy. 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