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which, under the circumstances, results in loss of substance or absorption. Solid matters of the column gradually dis- appear, allowing remaining portions to occupy less space, causing diminished length of column. This process begins in the anterior portions of the affected vertebraj and carti- lages, thus causing the column to bend more or less sharply forward, and necessitating a posterior convexity or promi- nence proportionate to the absorption at the diseased parts. In advanced stages the whole column becomes shortened and the stature diminished. The diseases of the columnar tissues depend directly upon — 3. Local columnar Vytorin Gel hyperajmia or congestion. Blood and other fluids in excess and without motion are disposed to Is Vytorin A Statin chemical changes of deterioration and the consequent de- velopment of obnoxious chemical products, thus displacing the physiological chemistry essential to health, both as re- lates to local fluids and the local tissues depending thereotj. The health of columnar tissues is maintained by a free cir- culation of blood throughout their substance, conveying away all superfluous, waste, deteriorating matters, and re- supplying the local tissues with oxygen and such materials as may be Vytorin Generic Name demanded by vital uses. The progressively mor- bid states supervening on hypersemia or congestion of the column are due to — 4. Suspension of the elastic Generic Vytorin 10 40 function of the Vytorin Generic Equivalent spinal col- umn. Vytorin Discount Card The circulation of the blood in the column by which its health is maintained is effected by the exercise of its elasticity and flexibility. By this means Cost Of Vytorin the fluids of the column are urged from it and fresh fluids drawn in — that is, the circulation and healthy nutrition of its tissues are maintained. In the absence of the exercise of its elasticity the fluids of the vertebral, cartilaginous, and other local tissues are indefinitely retained and exposed to spontaneous morbid changes. These local fluids necessarily become sur- charged with unstable suboxides and Vytorin Cholesterol strongly tend to reso- lution into Generic For Vytorin simpler chemical forms of matter. Vertebral congestion and the restricted elasticity Vytorin 10 Mg of columnar tissues which invite this condition are therefore due to — 5. Failure of the muscles on which elasticity of the col- umn depends. The spinal, aided by other muscles, physio- logically sustain the column in all its positions, and also effect all its changes of position and form. They thus be- come the Buy Vytorin indirect motor source of the spinal circulation. The mechanism of the Generic For Vytorin 10 40 column and its muscles has a fit re- semblance to a pump in respect to the control of the fluids of its Vytorin Online tissues. Defective power Vytorin Price of the spinal muscles, and the liability of its more impervious tissues to become the seat of local disease, are due to — 6. Defective functioning of the general muscular sys- tem. A certain amount and intensity of muscular function- ing are required to secure the Vytorin Statin necessary physiological degree of oxidation of the more resisting of the ingredients of the vital system. The final dismissal from the organism of ma- terials designed for its uses depends on securing the proper degree of oxidation. The condition supervening on such failure is — V, The continued retention by the organism of ingre- dients which become obstructive and noxious from insuffi- ciency of the chemical physics of the vital system, promi- nent among which is a surplus of unfunctioned and unre- I duced albuminoids. These morbid ingredients become a 488 TAYLOIi: ANrl>i(l y conslitiititui, an*', Is There A Generic For Vytorin and (•irtiiiiistaiiccs ciiii- iin'iati'tl ill pn-ci'diiitj |)ara};ra|>lis. Aiii^iilar ciirvatiin' is, tlicrcforo, a iiialatly as well as a (K'f'ormity, ami, fioiii the natiiro of tlio malady imd llio cir- tiimstam't's undiT Generic Name For Vytorin wliicli it is dovelopcd, rcmcdios ai»|)lical)le onlv to ()'Merck Vytorin amples of those who have made and are continuing the Lest possible use of the remedial principles which Vytorin Cost find ex- pression in devices for mechanical support of the column.

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