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the proper correction thereto. \S{] TAYLOIi: AtJQULAR CURVATURE OF THE SPINE. |N. V. Mki.. voltaren xr 100 mg Juuk., Rational Su/ns of Incipient Vertebral Diacase, — I'roba- Mv 111) aj^o or voltaren 50mg diclofenac social coixlition is iMitiri'ly cxcinpt from lia- l>ility to alTiM'tioiis voltaren ec 75 mg of tlu- vertcbnc wliicli porttMul a morbid moditicution of form, hiit oxpcrienco proves tlic far j^roatcr lialtilitv of rliil(ln>ii and yoiilh. The coiilriNiitivt! caiisi's iimsi oxist ill sullicic'iit dct^rcc and for a snllicifiit period. 'I'lio ordinary sullii-it'iicy of tiio voltaren sr 75 mg tablet aiitomalic sclf-icctil yiiii; voltaren xr 100mg powi'rs of the ori^anism will tlu'ii have hccoiiu' |)('rmaiuMitly im|)aircd, and these powers will reipiire assistance. The nature of these anteeodent conditions will he explained fiir- voltaren topical tluT on. In more ageneric for voltaren however, the marked results hec.nuc manifest, in ^[eneral, in other ways. .\ cursory mention of some of the generic name for voltaren less noticeable and often nejileeted evidences of approachinjr vertebral disease nmy be here made. The subject usually voltaren for sale manifests an irre:, appetite. This condition is often re- i^fardod as a natural and healthful need tor food. On the contrary, this may be a eonsecpience either of a morbid nervous irritability of the dii>;estivc organs due to the pres- ence of undigested food, or from morbid and acrid digestive ■secretions, or from incipient decomposition of previous in- gesta, or from a feeling of lack of strength, vvhich is mis- interpreted to indicate need of food, but which physiological facts show to be due to defective use by the functioning organs of nutritive material abundantly present. A proper study of the appetite in connection with the physiological activities may often atford a key to the pathological situa- tion. The feeling of need of food is often kept up by ha- voltaren generic name bitual looseness of the bowels. This symptom voltaren ec requires, not restraint of voltaren rapid 25mg the bowels, but such measures as insure the appropriation and consequent absorption of digestive ali- ment. Subjects of vertebral disease prefer such kinds of food as possess piquancy or are highly sweetened or voltaren ec tablets 50mg seasoned, or food in a fluid state. This is because the sense of taste, being blunted by foul secretions, is more readily excited by these qualities in food. The skin is ashen and dull, but in periods of excitement puts on an unwholesome temporary flush. The abdomen is tumid, soft, and doughy to the touch. The limbs are thin and nnmuscular. In some cases an unnatural plumpness indicates sluggishness of vital pro- cesses and undue retention of residuals of nutrition. A peculiar languor of temperament further characterizes persons thus affected. They manifest an indisposition to take the initiative, as though fettered both in will and in physical ability. The powers of the vital system evidently fail to properly support its expenditures. What does voltaren in usa this imply ? We shall see. The most significant characteristic of the morbid condi- tions foreshadowing vertebral consequences is shown in the muscular department of the vital system. Whatever that appearance to the voltaren 100 mg retard eye may be, the muscles are soft, flabby, shrunken, and feeble. They are defective in persistency or power of sustained action. There is a manifest tendency to a decline, rather than to a recuperation of power. Volun- tary action is followed by depression and weakness, and rest fails to restore vigor. The actual qualities of muscle are denoted by the ener- gieH they manifest. TIichc are not obvious in a cuPHory physical examination. The real test of the physiological value of muKculur ti.ssues consistH of the amount and degree of the service they render the vital organism, whether they perfectly or only imperfectly accomplish the tasks with which they are charged. The inllueiice of the muschis in the vital organism cul- minates, not ill motor energy as such, nor in the transmis- sion of motor impulses to exterior objects, but in the proper utilization by the vital system of tlix; energy developed co- incident therewith. The dynamic energy of muscles pre- vents the column from falling into angular and other curves, but the voltaren sr 100mg parallel function they exercise is e(|ually indispensa- ble. Mechanical substitutes are attempted for their me- chanical function, but none are available or hardly thought of for voltaren in canada their chennail function. The chemical phase of mus- cular energy engages the ingredients of the organism in their atomic character, and, voltaren xr 100 like the motor phase, extends beyond the tissues immediately engaged. voltaren 75 sr The chemical form of energy corresponds in scope and degree of intensity with the motor form, coincidently developed — that is, when- ever motor manifestations are restricted and feeble, the chemical consequences, consisting in the preparation of or- ganic matters for exit from the organisms, are insufficient and incomplete. These consequences are concealed from direct observation, but become manifest .through accumula- tion by their tendency to assume morbid localized forms.

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