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come, and the remedies, to those of a mechanical order, are many and various. The appetite appears to be good, and there is absence of acute manifestations. These facts are to most people positive evidences of good health, and this idea is therefore insisted on in spite of the evidence to the contrary afforded by another order of symptoms. Is not the body a plastic object, capable of being molded to a more desirable form ? Will not even bones yield to sufficient prolonged mechanical force ? Concealment of the obtrusive prominence is particularly desirable. This is secured by the covering afforded by an apparatus. Practical medicine does not much encourage the study of fundamental principles ; it seeks, rather, agreeable im- mediate consequences ; it is too apt to sacrifice the future to the present. In this case visible, tangible consequences are just what would seem to be the promise of properly em- ployed mechanical force through the medium of apparatus. The outer or mechanical misshape of the spinal column, and the mechanism adapted to its rectification, appear to the physician questions quite distinct from medical considera- tions. Neither by nature, habit, experience, nor study has he the desirable degree of competency for dealing with me- chanical problems. He therefore readily and unquestioning- ly consigns cases of irregularity of form to those professing themselves competent to deal with these cases promptly and thoroughly — the orthopaedic specialist. The latter may be an excellent mechanical expert ; he, in general, does not feel called upon to manifest remarkable competency in pa- thology and aetiology ; he may not Vigora Oil even be quite at home on very simple questions of physiology. Indeed, the ideal orthopaedist seldom appears quite to know whether the reali- zation of his endeavors would promote or supersede and stifle physiological activities and manifestations. The function of the specialist is strictly limited to the exterior features of the case. This lack of breadth of view of the specialist in angular curvature effectually conceals from him its most important part. He practically ignores the existence of a potential — an aetiological factor. Vigora 100 Tablets Spite of observation and experience, he deems the mechanical problem, with the help of his favorite apparatus, an easy conquest, and he inspires his patrons with a similar confidence. By cautiously parrying too impertinent questions relating to physiology and aetiolo- gy, he is able to dominate his case for an indefinite period. It is too troublesome for persons engaged in the ordinary duties, pleasures, and ambitions of Vigora Online life to acquire correct knowledge of principles relating to their own physiological well-being. Mechanical Considerations Subordinate. — The change of Vigora 100 the exterior line of the spinal column to an abnormal form is not self-caused, spontaneous, or fortuitous. It is a result or product of adequate antecedent conditions or causes. Nothing else could happen under the circumstances. But the exterior appearance Generic Vigora reveals Order Vigora nothing of the processes engaged in its production. Neither does the study of the mechanical principles of straightening cast a ray of light on its source, or afford any suggestion regarding the conditions which render its development impossible. Injuries Vigora Price to the spinal column from mechanical causes have been said to produce local disease and deformity of the column. This cause Cheap Vigora has been so pertinaciously insisted on, especially by those in the interest Vigora 5000 of mechanical appa- ratus, as to demand examination. This statement results from an inadequate conception of the fundamental sources of the affection, for local injuries have little or no power to restrain the physiological physics which are Buy Vigora the neces- sary precursors of vertebral disease and its effects on the shape of the column. Besides, injuries to this part of the organism are amenable to the same laws respecting repara- tion as are those of its other portions, the probability and the rapidity of the act depending on the general vital ca- pacities and powers more than on its location. This state- ment is confirmed by experience, which shows that thou- sands of instances of recovery occur to one of deformity of the column after local injuries received by it. Instances are exceedingly rare in which the memory or actual knowl- edge are able to connect angular curvature with local injury in the relation of cause and effect. It hence becomes evident that the mechanical view and estimate of the pathology of disease of the vertebrae and its consequences as revealed in the exterior form of the column are inadequate. They are too restricted to afford a practical basis for remedies. The mechanical considerations fail to include the dominating facts involved in Vigora Tablets these cases. They exclude the obscure antecedent processes, occurring locally, beneath the visible manifestation, and also those' occurring throughout the general organism, through which the visible consequences are produced. The mechanical conception omits to provide for these potential antecedent morbid processes, but allows their uninterrupted Vigora 50 continu- ance, content only to conceal the outward manifestation which depends thereon. Such measures are, in fact, well calculated to perpetuate indefinitely the deformity, because they serve to perpetuate its constantly operating causes. Angular deformity of the column is therefore not only incorrectly understood, but the understanding is fraught with pernicious consequences, when regarded as a mere mechanical problem. The deformation is, in fact, but an outward expression of the morbid process from Buy Vigora Online which it proceeds. No remedial means can be worthy the name which fails to consider the nature of its sources, and to apply

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