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the State Society, I was informed by a medical gentleman from Boston that the question of invoking the aid of the Legislature for the suppression of the dangerous excesses of the faith-healers had been agitated by members of the Massachusetts Medical Society. Whether the Legislature of the State of New York shall be petitioned for the same purpose remains for the profes- sion to decide. If I have rendered any service to my colleagues in the profession by a simple statement of the more prominent issues involved in this question, I shall feel quite satisfied. ANCUTLATi CUKVATITKE OF THE SPINE; ('HAJtACTKIUSTlCS AND CAUSES. Vibramycin Antibiotic Hv GEOKCJE li. TAYLOIl, M. D. 'I'liE (lilliculfies preseiited by deftirnuties characterized by a posterior c(tnvexity or angle of the spinal column are among the most pcirplexing atid serious the physician en- count(;rs. 'i'hc (-(piivocal and, at best, impcrfec^t results se. cured by remedies in this class of cases strongly suggest possible Vibramycin Syrup misa[)prehension touching their nature, and indi- cate the propriety of further inquiries. The struggle of therapeutists Vibramycin Mg has generally been confined to the mechanical appearance Buy Vibramycin Online or |)haHe of the affection, and to adapt remedies to this outward manifestation. The constitutional side of the aflection, the causes operating to deteriorate Vibramycin For Acne the nutri- tive processes through Vibramycin Indications which all phases of vital existence are sustained, whether perfectly or iniperfcctly, have been sadly neglected. There are, therefore, room and need for further investigation. Let us hope, through inquiries into the fundamental nature and sources of affections of this general class, to bring to light remedial principles of Vibramycin Suspension some service to these unfortunate sufferers. A proper understanding of angular curvature requires that the attention be first given to the more obvious and ex- ternal features of the affection ; that the connection of these with the more obscure concomitants be traced, and that the more tangible facts be so employed as to develop the hid- den rational sources of this class of affections. In this way it is probable that the nature of the remedies required to cover the demands of these cases will be developed. The morbidly changed exterior line of the spinal column is conceded to be due to alterations of shape of anatomical parts or segments, the vertebrae and intervertebral cartilages. These acquire- a shape comparable to a wedge, the thinner part being Vibramycin Tablets forward. The Vibramycin Hyclate inner portions Vibramycin Antibiotics of certain verte- brae become diminished in perpendicular measurement, while, foT a time Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate at least, the posterior portion remains of the original or proper thickness. The loss of vertebral sub- stance at a restricted locality breaks the axial line of the column into upper and lower portions, which meet at the affected point. This gives the angle from which the affec- tion is named, and affords the ordinary remedial indication. The spinous process of this particular bone is, in con- sequence, thrust outward and backward, thus giving an ex- aggerated prominence to the angle and an unsightly form to the back. The breast bone curves forward, the shoulders are projected upward and the head sinks between them, the back bends sharply back, the ribs are displaced, the stature is shortened, while the limbs appear to have become dispro- portionately lengthened. The organs of the chest and of the abdomen are displaced by the invasion of these cavities by their exterior walls, often greatly to the disadvantage of their functions. These mechanical consequences of vertebral disease ap- peal to the Vibramycin 50mg eye and to the understanding with such force and intensity as practically to obscure the reflective facul- ties of those most interested. The patient's friends are Generic Vibramycin startled by a suspicion of prospective increase of size of the prominence, and of its possible permanent character, May 4, 1889.] TAYLOR: ANGULAR CURVATURE OF THE 8PINE. tt85 with the consequent restriction of physical power and deprivation of grace of form and of social advantages. The very Purchase Vibramycin Online existence of other factors than the mechanical is prac- tically ignored in the concern Buy Cheap Vibramycin felt for the latter. There is usually a marked absence of pain or other symp- toms demanding ordinary medicinal interference. The friends of the invalid are cognizant of the deviation of co- lumnar form, and of little or nothing besides ; the physi- cian gives his sympathy, and Order Vibramycin this controls Vibramycin Acne his action. The remedial requirements are considered only from a mechanic- al point of view. The column should be forcibly rectified and maintained for an uncertain period. To execute this purpose, Order Vibramycin Online mechanism is required similar to that demanded for straightening Vibramycin Cost an obstinate inanimate object of similar form. The circumstances which have contributed to restrict the conception of vertebral disease to its mere mechanical out-

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