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Women are to be vermox otc Admitted at the Rush Medi- cal College, Chicago, after October vermox australia ist, for the first two j-ears' work. This action is said to be due to the fact that the first two years of the medical work will be done hereafter at the Uni- versity of Chicago, and the university insists that equal freedom be given to women and men. That woinen will be permitted to enter the last two years of the college work and receive a degree is said to be the next step which will be taken in the near future, or so soon as the women who now enter are ready for the two last years. NEH^S ITEMS. vermox worms [N. Y. Med. Jour., Ward 13 Abolished in the Binghamton State Hospital. — For medical reasons the State Hospi- tal authorities have found it necessary order vermox to abolish ward 13 in the Binghamton State Hospital. It was found that this number had a depressing effect on many vermox tablets patients whose superstitions were increased by their mental infirmities. There is now no No. 13 in the hospital, the wards jumping *roin 12 to 14 for the benefit of the patients. It is the first time that the unlucky number buy vermox has re- ceived oflicial recognition by State authorities. Mr. Carnegie's Gift to the Scotch Universities, of vermox syrup which so much has been said in the public press, is in the form of a trust, the funds donated being invested and the earnings applied mebendazole vermox by the executive committee of the trust in accordance with the provisions of the trust deed, which pro- vides that "one half of the net annual income will be applied toward the improvement and expan- sion of the universities of Scotland in the faculties of science and medicine, also for improving and extending the opportunities for study and re- search, and for increasing the facilities for acquir- ing a knowledge of history, economics, and Eng- lish literature." Divided Examinations Authorized by the Board of Regents vermox for sale of the State of New York. — The board of regents of the University of the State of New York has instructed the board of medical examiners that hereafter medical generic vermox students or graduates who wish to be purchase vermox registered may be ex- amined, after two years of study at an approved medical school in hygiene, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry, leaving the remainder of the ex- amination to be taken at the conclusion of the course of study. This change has long been de- sired and will leave the students free to devote more time to clinical work during the last two years of the course than has vermox online heretofore been pos- sible. Precautions against Contagion through In- sects. — Surgeon-General Wyman, vermox 100mg of the U. S. Marine-Hospital Service, has vermox suspension issued a general vermox oral suspension circular from Washington to medical officers of the service, calling special attention to the im- portance of insects as factors in conveying dis- eases. The circular says that there is no longer any doubt as to the relation of the mosquito to malarial diseases. Medical officers are directed to place mosquito nettings over the beds of com- municable diseased patients. Hospitals are to be protected by fly screens at all openings, particu- lar attention being paid to the kitchen and dining- room and to the protection of food. Dr. Wyman recommends sulphur fumigation as the best means vermox tablet to kill insects and germs in a large room. Medical Excursions to Watering Places. — Some years ago arrangements were made by which 1 party of physicians visited the principal watering liaces in France, with the view to learning for them- selves something as to the advantages offered bv the various watering places. On these vermox for worms excursions spe- :ial advantages are offered through the vermox for children courtesy of :he various spring owners, and lectures given by competent teachers upon the different places visited, and the hydro-lherapeutic values of the various springs. Special rates of fare are granted by the railways, a reduction of 50 per cent, being made in the price of tickets. Each tour generally lasts about ten or twelve days, the expedition this year begin- ning on September ist and terminating on Septem- ber 1 2th, the districts visited being those comprised in Dauphiny and Savoy. The scientific head of this trip will be Dr. Landouzy, professor at the Paris Faculty of Medicine. A similar excursion, covering the various health resorts and islands of the North .Sea, has been arranged to start from Hamburg, Germany, during the last week of September for a trip of eleven days' duration. The subscription vermox price

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