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enlargement on the questions of the modification of the special senses by the intellect, or, Vasotec Iv if a more exact form of statement be desired, by cortical function. I will merely add, therefore, that during the hypnotic or mesmeric state the most astounding exaltation and depression of the special senses may be induced by suggestion. These facts have long been known to the profession, and I have repeatedly Vasotec 2.5 Mg had the opportunity of making interesting demonstrations on persons susceptible of being hypnotized. It has also long been known that the Vasotec 2.5 involuntary mus- cles may bft influenced by the intellect; the heart's action mav be rendered irregular by concentrating the thoughts May 4, 1889.1 CORNING: INFLUENCE OF THE MIND UPON THE BODY. 483 upon it ; the blood-vessels may be made to expand or con- tract, as seen in blushing or the pallor from fear ; nausea, vomiting, and even peristaltic action of the intestines, may be induced by imaginary causes. I know a lady who suf- fered from nausea at the mere sight of a dead cat. A large number of cases are also on record where vomiting has been caused in persons who had taken inert substances which they falsely imagined to be endowed with emetic properties ; and even evacuations of the bowels have been induced over and over again by leading the subject Vasotec 5mg to be- lieve that he had taken a purgative, while in reality a bread pill Vasotec Mg or some other inert substance had been administered. The secretory functions and general nutrition are much influenced by mental phenomena ; hence, a mass of evi- dence is Iv Vasotec forthcoming which shows conclusively that the salivary glands, the kidneys, the skin, and probably even the intestinal glands, may be functionally affected through the Vasotec 20 Mg imagination, precisely as we have seen in the case of the stomach. As regards the influence of the mind upon gen- eral nutrition, the facts are so notorious as hardly to require mention. Pleasant emotions, when not accompanied by excesses, promote nutrition, while disagreeable feelings, such as anxiety and protracted worry, often cause a rapid loss in weight, besides imparting the emaciated, haunted appearance to the physiognomy which bears such unmis- takable evidence of the conflict within. Such, Vasotec Hctz then, are Vasotec 5 Mg the more tangible effects of the psychi- cal mechanism upon the physical economy ; or, if a more technical statement be demanded, such are the effects of certain cortical states upon the remainder of the economy. An analysis of these effects reveals, in the first place, the important fact that they are largely evanescent in character and liable to disappear with the cessation of the emotion or conception to which they owe their origin. The second important point to be borne in mind is Order Vasotec the fact that the ef- fects are functional in character and represent modifications in degree rather than in kind. These two facts taken to- gether — to wit, the evanescence of mental effects upon the body plus their purely functional character — would of them- selves lead us to the inference that changes in the tissues in- volving such immense perversions of histological processes f as those seen Vasotec Enalapril in cancer and other neoplasms could not be alone attributed to mental influence. And in this inference we should without doubt be borne out Vasotec Iv Push by facts. But if we can not produce tumors and other profound changes in healthy persons by acting upon their intellectual mechanism, how can it be supposed that we can remove such :, gigantic histological perversions, when they have once be- Buy Vasotec Online come established, simply by acting upon the patient's mind through the medium of suggestion and the expectant atten- tion thereby engendered ? The supposition is simply pre- posterous. But there are reasons other than a mere redactio ad ahsurdum why we must place the stamp of infamy and fraud upon the pretensions of the mind-healer et hoc genus omne. The most cogent of these reasons is the fact that not only during Buy Vasotec bygone centuries but throughout Purchase Vasotec modern times up to the present day scientific physicians throughout the world have striven to act upon the minds of their patients Vasotec 10 Mg suffering from incurable maladies, if for no other reason than to conceal the advent of death from the sufferer, with a view to postponing the agony of the spirit incident to protracted waiting for the inevitable end. While encouraging the pa- tient Generic Vasotec by suggestion and arousing in him that hopefulness which is called expectant attention in the psychological jar- gon of our day, the ancient doctor, all unbeknown to himself perhaps, did more than mind-healer or other charlatan ever could, save that his actions were characterized by that scien- tific Vasotec Uses honesty which is the mark of the true physician. IIo made no false pretenses of imaginary cures. He informed friends and kindred of the inevitably fatal termination, and sought to postpone the end by every resource of surgery and medicine, meanwhile smoothing the pillow of the dying by fostering hope to the last. Here we have a gigantic Enalapril Vasotec fund of experimental data ready at hand with which to disprove the fraudulent assertions of mind-healers that they are able to cure organic disease

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