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While, therefore, the physiological psychology of the day has done much 500 Mg Valtrex to clear away superstition and that crude generalization which is equally disastrous to sane thinking, it must be confessed that much that is barbarous, much that is quixotic, still abides with us. A striking exemplification of the intellectual vandalism which periodically breaks out in societies, even the most civilized, is at present afforded by that Purchase Valtrex curious conglomeration of superstition and grotesque fallacy known variously as the "mind-cure" and the "faith- cure." Armed with a spavined logic, founded upon half truths, a horde of fanatics, ignorant of the most rudiment- ary principles of medical science, has swept down upon * Read before the Medical Society of tlie State of New York at its eighty-tliird annual meeting. civilized society, which it Buy Valtrex threatens to overwhelm with a mode of treating disease as quixotic as it is dangerous to the weak-minded votaries of this modern phase of humbug. The expressed belief of these mind-healers, or whatever else they may call themselves, is to the effect that all physical ailments, whatever their gravity Valtrex Order may be, originate in an un- healthy condition of the mind itself, and that hence all dis- eases may be prevented or cured through the mind ; for, they add, do not all educated physicians admit the close relationship existing between mind and Online Valtrex body; (?o they not grant that the former exerts a prodigious effect upon the latter? Here is the key which reveals to us the manner in which Cheap Valtrex these impostors gain ascendancy over other dupes. Laying hold upon the recognized fact that the mind does really exert a circumscribed influence upon the body, the faith-healing charlatan ignores all limit, and declares that because emotional excitement may cause a person to grow pale or to become suffused with blushes, therefore an appeal to the mind must bring about a cure of the most incurable phases of organic disease. As a further support to their specious pretensions, they appeal to a fund of well-worn stories of how headaches, hysterical imitations of organic disease, or hypochondriacal delusions, or, in short, minor functional conditions, have been relieved by addressing the therapeutic appeal to the mind. When such evidence has not been enough to convince the incredulous, they have not hesitated to resort to limitless mendacity — a mendacity Valtrex Buy which, though but a grotesque exhibition of depravity in the eyes of thoughtful people, has been sufficient to dupe the shallow reasoner, and to minister to that thirst for sen- sationalism which is the true birth-work of mental shallow- ness. Valtrex Purchase Such, I conceive, is a fair exposition of Order Valtrex that outbreak of charlatanism Valacyclovir Valtrex — half knavery, half fanaticism — which has invaded our cities, and particularly our large cities, within the last few years. Before leaving New York for Albany, to How To Order Valtrex attend the meeting of the State Medical Society this year, I was requested by a number of medical gentlemen, for whose distinguished talents I have the highest respect, to deal with this latest abomination. How well I shall have acquitted myself of the task is for your honorable Valtrex Online body Valtrex Mg to decide. Certain it is that my motives are those of patriot- ism — a patriotism which, for that matter, concerns the pro- fession as a body quite as much as individuals. To avoid the possibility of an imputation of unfairness, let us proceed with calmness. The first question that naturally suggests itself is this : What are the limits of the action of the mind upon the body ? This question may be answered by experience some- what as follows : We know, in the first place, that ordinary sensation may be temporarily evoked, diminished, exalted, Get Valtrex or perverted. In his remarkable little book on hypnotism, Mr. Braid gives the account of an experiment which admirably illus- trates the influence of the intellect on sensation. Four gentlemen, some of whom occupied exalted positions in Valtrex Buy Online the scientific Valtrex 500mg world, were requested to place their arms on a table with the palms of Buying Valtrex their hands turned upward. Silence having been enjoined, each was requested to look at the palms of bis hands for a short time, his whole attention being at the ^ 483 CORN I NO: INFLUENOE OF THE MIND UJ'ON THE BODY. [N. Y. Mbd. Joor., wnmo timy fooiilizod upon tliic Biini»lc not. "Wliat, liapponod is most iuteri'stiiiti from n psyrli()-]>liyKiolofiifiil Htarulpoiiit. In tlio lirHt pliu'c, live mimitos liud scarct-ly I'lapsod beforo ono of tho fjcutlt'iiicii complained of a Hcnsation of intense cold in his iiand; anotlior soon afterward Valtrex On Line declared tliat lie felt a pricl^inK sensation in the palms of the hands, as thon^h electric sparks Valtrex To Buy were emitted from them; a third !elt a disaf?reeai>le sensation of heat in his hand, while the fourth had ln'como atVeded by cata- leptic rigidity.

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