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Whiting, J. R., Assistant Surgeon. His resignation ac- cepted to take effect from August 3, 1901. Purchase Trental Online A Virchow Haus, -similar to the Hoffmann Haus and the Langenbeck Haus, will probably be founded at Berlin on the occasion of the celebra- tion of Virchow's eisfhtieth birthday. A Sanatorium for Tuberculous Children in Rome. — On the occasion of the birth of the daughter of the King of Italy, he donated 200,000 lire ($40,000) toward a fund for the erection of a sanatorium for tuberculous children. Dr. Rina Monti, a young Italian lady, who gained a university gold medal and who has pub- lished several scientific papers, has been appoint- ed a Buy Trental lecturer in anatomy at the University of Pavia. Information Wanted Concerning Joseph Dyas, who was last heard from at Dayton, Ohio, on June 22d. Any one who has seen him since this date will confer a Trental 100 Mg favor on his family by communicat- ing with the New York Medical Journal. Medical Explorer Arrives in San Buy Trental Online Francisco. — Dr. A. W. Nieuwenhuis, a medical commissioner of the Dutch army, arrived in San Francisco on his way to Holland. He has been exploring the wilds of Borneo, and in travelling Trental Mg from the west to the east Pentoxifylline Trental coast of that country he says he has done what no white man has ever done before. Tuberculosis to be Notified in Jersey City. — The physicians of Jersey City have been notified that henceforth cases of tuberculosis must be included in their reports of contagious disease. This is taken to be the beginning of a movement in the direction Purchase Trental of isolation of such cases. The Study of Malaria Order Trental Online in India. — The director general of the Indian Medical Service has directed the distribution among the medical officers and surgeons of copies of the work by Professor An- gelo Celli on Malaria According to Nczv Researches, which was trans-lated into English by Dr. A. J. Evre. A Valuable Pathological Library for Cornell University. — It is stated that the Trental Generic library of the late Dr. Felix V. Birch-Hirschfeld, professor of pathology and pathological anatomy at the Uni- versity of Leipzig and director of the Leipzig Pathological Institute, has been acquired by Generic Trental Cor- nell University. The library includes about 5,000 volumes and is one of the most valuable in exist- ence in this particular field. A Laboratory for the Marine-Hospital Service. — Surgeon-General Wyman, of the Marine-Hos- pital Service, has sent to James Knox Taylor, supervising Buy Cheap Trental architect of the treasury, a request that plans, estimates, and specifications be pre- pared for the erection of buildings for a labora- tory Order Trental for the marine-hospital service. Congress, by the act approved March 3, 1901, appropriated $35,000 for the buildings. A Thousand-dollar Reward Offered for Evi- dence of a Deformity Cured by Christian Science. — Dr. Oscar Carrabine, of Chicago, in a lecture given at Tremont Temple, on July 24th, for the purpose of exposing the methods of Christian Scientists, announced that he had been author- ized by a Chicago physician, whose name he did not mention, to offer a reward of $1,000 for any case of deformity healed by Christian .Science treatment. The Spitting Nuisance in Germany. — At the re- cent meeting of the German Society for Popular Hygiene the practice of spitting in public places was vigorously inveighed against and Trental 400 the unsani- tary feature of the wearing of long trains by women was also made the subject of vigorous de- nunciation. Resolutions were finally adopted petitioning the government to prohibit spitting in public conveyances and urging women to do away with dress trains for street wear. A Brazilian Bacteriologist Attacks the Yellow Fever Problem. — Dr. P'elipe Caldas, the Brazilian bacteriologist who has prepared a yellow fever serum, has sailed for Cuba, accompanied by his assistant. Dr. Bellinzaghi. Dr. Caldas goes to Cuba Trental Cost to direct experiments with his serum Trental Tablets with a view to stamping out the disease in the island. Santiago de las Vegas, where the fever Trental Indications is now prevalent, will be the first place visited. The yellow fever experts Trental Price have Trental Injection \yith Trental Online them 1,000 bottles of the serum, with which successful work has been done in Brazil.

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