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is tetracycline mail order changed in consequence of a chronic inflammation which produces changes in the muscular stroma. 7. The treatment, therefore, should be aimed to combat (1) recent erosions, (2) secondary erosions, (3) cervices which are not eroded, but have been diseased for a long time and in which the work of cicatriza- tion has been accomplished. 8. The tetracycline 250 mg acne use of the cautery and of tetracycline mgd caustics favors superficial cicatriza- tion of the openings of the glandules and the tissues between these openings. An antiseptic anodyne treatment which tetracycline hydrochloride capsules usp 500mg gives opportunity for spontaneous repair is preferable, such as doxycycline tetracycline might be afforded by ap- plications of glycerin and iodoform, by irrigations, etc. 9. The actual cautery may cure with greater certainty, since it de- stroys all with which it comes in contact. It is not free from danger, however, and is apt to remove the capacity for impregnation. 10. Secondary erosions, as well as the voluminous, deformed, hy- pertrophied, and cicatrized cervices of which they form a part, are sus- ceptible of cure by plastic or mixed methods of surgery, by means which imply the ablation online tetracycline of the diseased portion and the restoration of the normal form. The Post-mortem Appearance of a Phlegmon of the Broad Ligament (Lewes, " Aiialcs do Obst., (iinecop. y Pediat.," Aug., 1HK8). — The patient in question came to the author's attention suffering from mania and parametritis. Bronchitis supervened and terminated fatally. At buying tetracycline online the autopsy the peritoneal folds forming the broad ligament were found separated by exudate. The external surface of the peritonseum generic version of tetracycline was somewhat tetracycline 500mg capsules for acne granular. The swelling had the appearance of a sponge, and from the cavities a sero-sanguinolent fluid exuded, but no pus. The right ovary was adhere«it to the adjacent surface of the broad ligament by recent exudate, and contained an abscess holding two grains of pus. This case illustrates a phase of parametritis which is rarely ob- served, and has great interest with reference to the pathology of oophori- tis. From this it would seem to be difficult to conceive of oophoritis as a primary affection, rather than as a secondary. Perioophoritis is pro- duced by the propagation of the inflammatory process to the Falloppian tube and pelvic peritoneum, pelvic peritonitis, including the ovary, being the result. Interstitial oophoritis may be produced by the propagation of the inflammatory process from the connective tissue between the folds of the broad ligament, along the tissue of the hilum of the ovary to the parenchyma of tetracycline hcl bp 250 mg the ovary. Interstitial oophoritis would, therefore, buy tetracycline seem to be secondary to parametritis. In the given case the inflammation of the broad ligament had reached the period of phlegmon, while that of the ovary had continued to the formation of abscess. Ninety Cases of Sterility following a Single Parturition in each Case (Ansell, " Anales de Obstetricia, Ginecopatia, y Pediatria," June 1888). — This author believes that sterility follows a single parturition once in thirteen times. Kleinwachter analyzed 1,081 cases of patients who had required gymecological attention, and found among them 90, or 8'32 per cent., of sterile ones after a single parturition — a result which coincided with 500 mg tetracycline rosacea Ansell's statement. The causes of sterility in the 90 cases were as follows : Per cent. Inflammatory processes consecutive to the puerperal state IVW Catarrhal endometritis ll'll Inflammatory processes independent of the puerperal state 12-22 Displacements of the uterus 12*22 Neoplasms of the uterus 8-88 Constitutional conditions ^-^Y Sexual debility of cheap tetracycline the husband 7-77 Atrophy of the uterus 5-55 Neoplasms of the ovaries 3-33 Unknown factors 6-66 The age at which matrimony was contracted had no apparent bear- tetracycline 250mg tablets ing in the given cases. Marriage began between the ages of 14 and 17 years in 24-04 per cent. ; 18 and 20 years in 48-78 per cent. ; 21 and 25 years in 21-9.5 per cent. ; 26 and 27 years in 1-21 per cent. In this form of sterility the same a^tiological factors, excepting congenital imperfec- tions which render conception impossible, are present as in cases in which there is absolute sterility. Disturbances of the General Condition of Menstrual Origin ((Jrat- tery, " Gaz. mod. de Paris," Sept. 15, 1888). — Almost all the organs of the economy may become the seat of morbid phenomena more or less accentuated under the influence of menstrual disorders, whether these are connected where to buy tetracycline with difficult establishment of the function or abrupt suspension of it. The morbid phenomena are to be considered as either complementary or supplementary to menstruation. Most frequently there is limited congestion in an organ or a portion of an organ. The symptoms gradually become less marked and finally disappear when the menses are established anew. Less frequently the congestive phenom- 500 mg tetracycline acne ena become inflammatory in character, and in such cases the menstrual flow may disappear entirely. The .etiology of the symptoms in these cases where can i buy tetracycline is often very obscure. A preliminary or provisional diagnosis may be made of typhoid fever, tubercular meningitis, or nephritis, but tetracycline 500mg capsules it may happen that in three or four days the buy tetracycline 500mg patient will appear quite well again. The treatment should consist, first, in combating the vis-

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