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fectious diseases. The reg^ilations also provide for fines for breach or non-observance of the rules. The annual meeting Suhagra In India of the Western Hospital, Montreal, was held on the afternoon of the 28th of May, when Dr. J. B. McConnell read the medical report. It showed that the debt of the institution had been reduced from $10,000 to $8,000 during the year, that improvements had been made in the build- ings, and that new operating rooms had been fitted up with electricity and all modem appliances. New and improved quarters had also been provided for the nurses. At the outdoor department 3,500 patients received treatment, compared with 2,457 during the previous year ; in the indoor department, 396 were treated, against 380, and 133 private patients, against 162 in the preceding year. The treasurer's report showed that the receipts had Suhagra Tablet Suhagra Online amounted to $9,381.91, and the expenditure to $8,944.79. Twenty-four deaths occurred in the institution during the year, eight within forty-eight hours of the patients' ad- mission. The annual meeting of the Montreal General Hos- pital was Generic Suhagra held about three weeks ago. Dr. John McCrae was appointed resident assistant patholo- gist, and the engagement of Dr. Suhagra 100 Cipla von Eberts was ex- tended to the 1st Suhagra 100 of May, 1902, as medical superin- tendent. Dr. Finley, the secretary, reported that the expenditure had been $84,280, and the receipts $75,- 994. This hospital now has a Suhagra 50 Mg deficit of $25,000. The report of the medical work showed that the Suhagra 100mg number of indoor patients treated to a conclusion had been 2,823, ^ decrease of one as compared with the pre- vious year. Two hundred and fifty had died in the hospital, 105 deaths occurring within three days of the patients' admission. Suhagra 50 In the outdoor depart- ment there were 41,606 consultations, being an in- crease of 4,233 over the previous year. The average daily costs for a patient had been $1.37, against $1.35 Cipla Suhagra for the preceding twelve months. Word comes from Ottawa that Sir James Grant, president of the Canadian Order Suhagra Tuberculosis Association, has expressed concurrence Buy Suhagra in the action of Superin- tendent Powderly, of the United States Immigration Department, in refusing admittance into the Repub- lic of immigrants affected with tuberculosis. It is understood that, as president of the association. Sir James has brought the matter to the attention of the Canadian government and recommendations have been made along the same lines. All good hospitals in Canada which have not provided a special depart- ment for the treatment of patients suffering from this disease have adopted Buy Suhagra Online the policy of declining such patients ; and it is thought that the government will accede to the recommendations of the Tuberculosis Association. The animal convocation of the Medical Faculty of McGill University took place on the afternoon of the 14th of May in Windsor Hall; and in the pres- ence of a large audience upwards of ninety-one grad- Cipla Suhagra 100 uates presented themselves for the degree of M. D., C. M., the present being one of the largest classes in the history of the Cheap Suhagra faculty. The address Suhagra Price to the graduating class was delivered by Dr. William Gardner, while Dr. Harold Kar, B. A., read the vale- dictory on behalf of the graduates. Mr. James Bruce, B. A., was the winner of the prize for the best examination, written and oral, while H. M. Little, B. A., and L. F. Robertson, B. A., were the winners of the McGill Medical Society's prize, and the Clem- ensha prize, respectively, the two latter being grad- uates in arts of Toronto University. Dean Craik presented a lengthy annual report, carefully review- ing the year's work, and making special reference to the establishment at McKill Suhagra Cipla of research work in con- nection with the Rockefeller Institute, at the same time expressing the opinion that it would result in untold good. On the evening of convocation day, the members of the graduating class held their an- nual banquet. July 6, 1901] CORRESPONDENCE.— THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 35 At a meeting of the medical board of Notre Dame Hospital, Montreal, held last week. Dr. F. Fleury was appointed medical superintendent to replace Dr. A. Suhagra Tablets Ethier, who, after a service of five years in the hospital, has resigned to pursue post-graduate work in Europe. Dr. A. Brosseau and Dr. V. Chapde- laine, of last year's staff, were reappointed. Dr. A. St. Pierre and Dr. J. Edouard Grenier, who gradu- ated from Laval University last week, were Suhagra For Women ap- pointed to the vacant positions on the staff.

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