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L. R. C. P. Lond., etc. Biniodide of Mercury. Its Antiseptic Use. By Eugene P. Ber- nardy, stromectol price M. D. [Reprinted from the " Transactions of the Philadel- phia County Medical Society."] The Resuscitation of Asphyxiated New-born Infants buy cheap stromectol by the Sus- pension Method. By Llewellyn Eliot, M. D., Washington, D. C. [Re- printed from the " Transactions of the American stromectol purchase Association of Ob- stetricians and Gynsecologists."] Reports stromectol for scabies on (be Progress of ^ebicine. I GYNECOLOGY'. Bt stromectol uk ANDREW F. CURRIER. M. D. The stromectol canada Use of Certain Medicaments with or without Precedent Dilata- tion in the Treatment of Endometritis, Metritis, Fibromyomata, and Fltixions of the Uterus (Jouin, " El Prog. Gin. y Ped.," March 25, 1888). April 27, 1889.J REPORTS 0:N the stromectol online PROGRESS OF MEDICINE. 473 — After four years' experience the autlior feels warranted in recommend- ing the intra-uterine use of pencils of iodoform, resorcin, opium, bella- donna, order stromectol and sulphate of quinine for the treatment of the affections men- tioned in the title of his paper. These pencils are dissolved within the uterine canal, exert a topical influence in modifying the condition of generic stromectol scabies stromectol the mucous membrane, provoke uterine contractions, and so influence the activity of the circulation and favor the absorption of exudates which may have infiltrated the order stromectol online tissues of the uterus. Before the insertion of the pencils the uterus should be dilated with bougies, or with antiseptic laminaria tents. One great advantage of this treatment is the ready exit which is thereby afforded for the stromectol buy dis- charges of the uterus ; in other words, good drainage is accomplished. The treatment is also to be recommended because it is unaccompanied with danger. This treatment was originated by Becquerel, though he introduced his applications only within the cervical canal. Fritsch's objections to the treatment are that the pencils will cause uterine con- tractions, and that they will be expelled before they have accomphshed the desired result. Other writers insist that the pencil becomes covered with mucus, and that very little of the medicinal substance is absorbed. Such a statement may be true concerning nitrate of silver, but it is not concerning iodoform, which is readily diffused. The pencils may cause pain, however, and hence induce uterine contractions, but the advan- tages which are to be obtained more than compensate for the pain. In twenty-five cases of fibroid tumor in which this treatment was used there was decided improvement, which was probably due to the concomi- tant metritis. The treatment should be cheap stromectol efficient buy stromectol online in dysmenorrhoea. It is understood that it is to be associated with suitable general treat- ment. The Electrical Treatment of Hydrosalpinx (Apostoli, stromectol 3 mg ibid.). — The conclusions which the author has reached from the ivermectin stromectol treatment of a case of hydrosalpinx by electricity and the study of others are as follows : 1. Fever and the inflammatory state buy cheap ivermectin are not an absolute contra-indi- cation to the methodical and appropriate application of the galvanic cur- rent. 2. Non-suppurative inflammations of the annexa of the uterus may be advantageously treated by the faradaic current, which, though favor- able in congestion and in the first stage of inflammation, is contra-indi- cated in confirmed suppuration. Those cases are excluded in which electrical cauterization may open a free passage for pus into the va- gina. 3. Galvano-puncture is a valuable method for attaining two ends : 1st, the abortion of an initial phlegmasia, and the encouragement to dis- appearance of a progressing inflammatory process ; 2d, the ready evacu- ation of collections of fluids. 4. Every inflammatory exudate which manifests buy ivermectin itself at the fornices vac/ince should be treated by galvano-puncture, under suitable precau- tions. 5. This method will be useful iu certain cases of salpingitis or hy- drosalpinx, especially if it is likely to release attachments to the abdomi- nal wall. 6. In all operations rigid antiseptic precautions must stromectol for lice be observed as to patients and instruments. 7. Two galvano-punctures per vaginam with the negative pole into an acute hydrosalpinx will cause a rapid diminution in the intensity of the process, and produce a complete symptomatic cure. The Treatment of Eljrtritis and Blennorrhoeal Endometritis (Fritsch, ibid.). — The author makes a mixture containing equal parts of chloride of zinc and water. Twenty grammes of this mixture are combined with a litre of water. This is heated to a temperature of 30° R. and is used

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