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of its kiml we have as yet seen. llitinl-liodk for thf llospitdl Cor fix of the United States Army and State Military Forces. By Charles Smaut, Major and Surjieon, United States Army. Approved by the Surgeon- (Jeneral of the Army. New York: William Wood & Co. Pp. viii-577. Tnis book is the outcome of the strattera 40 mg street price necessity for "a higher in- telligence and more extended knowledge on the part of the non-commissioned officers" of the medical corps of the army tlum have heretofore been required. Dr. Smart's duties in con- nection with the much does strattera cost canada Surgeon-General's office have given him an opportunity to discover the deticioncies of this class of men, and in the volume before us they are fully and intelligently met. It will undonbtedly find much favor in the regular army, to the wants of the medical department of which it is especially adapted. The needs of the State military forces call, we think, for a less comprehensive volume, in which routine hospital Avork, such as is required in the regular army, monthly returns, meteorological reports, etc., are not included. The work is divided into three strattera price australia parts. Part I deals with the service of the post hospital, the ambulance drill, active service in the field, and general strattera 25 mg street price hospital service. Part II treats of elementary anatomy and physiology, including the strattera costs without insurance anatomy of bones, joints, and muscles, the physiology of the circulation, alimentation, respi- ration, excretion and secretion, and the nervous system'. This portion of cheaper alternative strattera the work prepares the reader for a clear understand- ing of Part 111, which instructs him in the elements of first aid to and intelligent nursing of the injured, and in the super- vision of hospital wards. In the portion of this section of the book which deals with haemorrhage, cuts illustrating the method of checking haemorrhage by digital compression of certain ar- teries would, we think, be of great assistance to the non-medical reader. Illustrations in the work are numerous and, in the main, fair, but the mechanical part of the book is not very creditable, particularly the binding, which gives evidence of haste or carelessness. The book has a green cover, bearing the hos- pital steward's chevron, and fastened with a clasp, and is of the same size as cheap generic strattera the works on tactics used in the army, to which it is intended to be a companion volume. BOOKS cheapest place buy strattera AND PAMPHLETS RECEIVED. The Illustrated Optical Manual ; or. Hand-book of Instructions for the Guidance of Surgeons in testing Quality and Range of Vision, cheapest strattera and in strattera cost 40 mg distinguishing and deaUng with Optical Defects in General. Bv SurKoon-denernl Sir T. Longniore, ('. B., F. R. C. 8., Honorary Surneou to tlic Queen, etc. Fourth Kdition. Kaliir^ed und Ilhmtruted by Sev- enty-four Kiguri's from Drawings and DiiigraniH by lnspeetor-(ien. Ivliii., Fellow of the Royal College of IMiysliiatiH, fiOiidon, etc. W'itli I'lflv llliistnilioiis. New York: K. H. Treat, IHH. Pp. vi-'>i)o. Lelirliucli der pniktisclieii Ohreiilicilkiiiidc. Von Dr. I). B, Kl. .John Koosa, Professor der (Miren- und .Vugcnlieilkiinde an d(!r inedieinischen Faeultiit der New Yorker llniversiliil. .\acli der 6. Auflage des Origi- nals. Bearbeitet von Dr. Ludwig Weiss, in New York. .Mil 77 Holz- .sehnitten. Berlin: August Hirsehwald, cheapest price strattera 1889. Pp. xii-a90. Kleclricit6 in6dicale. I'k-lairage et galvanocaUHtique. Par le Dr J. Garcl, M6deoin des lir)pitaux de Lyon. [Extrait du journal " La Province ni6dicale." | ('ollege Botany, iiuluding <)iganogia])liy, Vegetable Histology, Vege- table Physiology, and Vegetal)le Taxonomy, with a Brief Account of the Succession of Plants in (Jeologic Time, and a (Jlossary of Botanical Terms; being a Revised and Enlarged Edition of the cheapest strattera online "Elements of Botany." With nearly Six Hundred Illustrations, cheaper alternatives to strattera largely from Draw- ings by the Author. By Edson S. Bastin, A. M., F. R. M. S., Professor of Botany, Materia Mediea, and Microscopy in the Chicago College of Pharmacy. Chicago: G. P. Engelhard & Company, 1889. Pp. 1.5- 461. [Price, *3.] Tenth Annual Report of the Trustees of the Binghamton Asylum for the Chronic Insane. For the Year 1888. The Disorders of Menstruation. By Andrew V. Currier, M. D., of New York. [Reprinted from the " Medical News."] On Diabetes and its Connection with Heart Di.sease. By Jacques Mayer, M. D. Blennorrho'a of the Sexual Organs and its Complications. Dr. Ernest F'inger. [Wood's " Medical and Surgical Monographs."] Seventy-fifth Annual Report of the Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Asylum, 1888. A Text-book of Patholog)', Systematic and can i buy strattera online Practical. By D. J. Hamilton, M. B., F. R. C. S. E., F. R. S. E., Professor of Pathological Anatomy, University of Aberdeen. Copiously Illustrated. Vol. I. London and New York: Macmillan k Co., 1889. Pp. xx-736. Suggestions on the Treatment and Influence of Diet in the Manage- ment of Rheumatic Diseases. By Morris H. Henry, M. A., M. D., LL. D., of New York. [Reprinted buy strattera online cheap from the " Dietetic Gazette."] The Insanity of Oscar Hugo Webber. By .James Hendric Lloyd, M. D., etc. Read before the Medical Jurisprudence do you need prescription strattera Society of order strattera online canada Phila- delphia, November 13, 1888. [Reprinted from the " Proceedings of the Medical strattera prescription price .lurisprudence Society of Philadelphia."] Second Annual Report of the Training School for Nurses connected with the New Y'ork Post-graduate School and Hospital, May 31, 1888. The Annual Report get strattera cheaper on the Health, Sanitary Condition, etc., of the Borough of Hastings. For the Y'ear 1888. By C. Knox Shaw,

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