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hardly be instanced as types of sterilized localities, and it is not quite correct to use the expression order suprax " saved as by fire " in its literal sense when relating the successful result of a laparotomy for perforating wounds of the intestine. Grave objections to such procedures are so apparent that further comment is un- necessary. With this single exception, we have nothing but the highest praise to offer, and our congratulations to both the au- thor and suprax tablets his readers are hearty as we lay down the book. Intestinal Surgery. By N. Senn, M. D., Ph.D., Attending Surgeon, Milwaukee Hospital ; Professor of Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology, Rush Medical College, Chi- cago, 111. Chicago: W. T. Keener, 1889. Pp. vii-269. [Price, $2.50.] This book consists of three papers which were published separately last year. The first, on the " Surgical Treatment of Intestinal Obstruction," was read before the Congress suprax cefixime 400 mg of Ameri- can Physicians and Surgeons at Washington; the second, "An Experimental Contribution to Intestinal Surgery, with Special Reference to the Treatment of Intestinal Obstruction," appeared in the " Annals of Surgery " ; and the third, " Rectal Insufflation of Hydrogen Gas, an Infallible Test in the Diagnosis of Visceral Injury of the Gastro-intestinal Canal in Penetrating Wounds suprax cefixime tablets of the Abdomen," was read before the American Medical Associa- tion. The first contains a resume of buy suprax online the best literature on the generic suprax sur- gical treatment of intestinal obstruction, together with some account of the author's experience, both clinical and experi- mental. The second is, as the title indicates, entirely experi- mental, and relates to artificial obstruction, enterectomy, enter- orrhaphy, intestinal anastomosis, and the adhesion of serous surfaces. The third atti-acted an amount of attention when first published which was perhaps the greatest accorded any one paper suprax antibiotics last year, and met with such free and widespread dis- cussion that further mention of it than we have already made is unnecessary. All suprax injections of Dr. Senn's work is original and valuable, whether all of his conclusions are correct or not. He is one of the pioneers in this branch of surgery, and suprax 400 mg tablet his opinions are worthy of care- ful consideration by all who may ever be called upon to per- form operations on the intestines. Surgical Bacteriology. By Nicholas Senn, M. D., Ph. D., Pro- fessor of Principles of Surgery and Surgical Pathology, Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1889. Pp. 17 to 270. This work is a suprax 400mg careful and concise resume of the results ob- tained by bacteriologists in their investigations as to the mi- crobic character of surgical diseases, giving in condensed form what is now known on this subject. It will prove a great boon to the practitioner who has neither the time nor the inclination purchase suprax to wade through the voluminous original literature, but who has a desire to gain some idea as to the demonstrated facts which support the theory. The work is a valuable book of reference, and is well deserving of wide distribution. A Manual of Instruction in the Princijiles of Prompt Aid to the Injured, designed for Military and Civil Use. By Alvah H. Doty, M. D., Major and Surgeon, Ninth Regiment, N. G. S. N. Y. ; Attending Surgeon to Bellevue Hospital Dis- pensary, New York. New York : D. Appleton & Co., 1889. Pp. xiii-224. [Price, $1.25.] It is truly antibiotic suprax refreshing to meet with a treatise on a medical subject which, written mainly for the benefit of the laity, is at the same time accurate, concise, and practical. Dr. Doty has well accomplished a very difficult task — that of explaining the why and wherefore of the various measures to be adopted in the temporary care of the injured without the use of avoidable BOOK ^OTlCI-y inroliTS on TLIL PUOGUI^SS of MKDIUINE. [N. v. Mku. Join., liflininil torniH or mention of iibcIi'hs dcluiU. 1 ho clmptor on I'liiidanin^' i-* II moHt I'xrolloiit om-, ami tlu' tlos«Ti|>lioiiti ••!" iiii- prDvisotl »lio>siiij,'s suprax mg aro «loar and oniinontlv iisisuprax cefixime is ulsit ciiliancoil in utility l»y tlio inciir|»f Ti-HnH|>«>rtalion " t)f tlie Unitinl States army. As suprax antibiotic for children to its slmrtcominns, it would lie im|>r(ivi(l !)y a liltio moro troatment of the nupitivo nido ol I lie i|ii(>ti cHpicially in till' nnittor of llio nuinaKomont of liu-moriliani', wliicdi is, lii'rha|is, tlie most suprax 100 trying of all onuTKencii-s to tlio nerves of tlio layman. That is, a tow " don'ts " in the diseussion of the use of the various ha«nn>statie measures deserihed would Ito more tirmly tixed in the memtvry than suprax generation any numlier of positive diree- tions; as, t"or instanee, the layman always remenil)ers the fact that eonstriction of a limb will arrest Inemorrhage from any jioint helow, but can not, as a rule, remomber the fact that it should only be nsed when direct pressure on the bleodinf^ point is impt»ssible or insutVicieut. One or two insijrniticant inaccuracies, such as "• perch lor id e of iron (Monsel's solution)," are buy suprax to bo noted, but on the whole the work is most suprax injection creditable to the author, and is by far the best

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