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Dr. 11. L. Tayi.ou agreed with i)rovioiis speakers that tho «loformitiesof tlie leet and logs resulting from inhmtile paralysis could always be prevented by proper ineehnnical protection to the limb. After the oeeurrenoe of distortions they could nearly always ho Purchase Slimfast Online removed or greatly relieved by mechanical moans, ami, if not excessive, in perhaps a Order Slimfast tow weeks. I'rotective and rotoMtivea[)paratus would still ho needed. Just as after operative iutorforence. In nearly all these cases, even the severer one.s, the patients could Slimfast Meals ho put upon their feet by the aid of i)ro[)or su[)port, and enabled to walk very fairly or even well without crutches. This could always be done if there was power of ex- tension at the knee, and sometimes where this power was ab- sent. The vascular i)iirosis present in these withered limbs, result- ing in i)oorly nourished and cold Cheap Slimfast Products oxtroinities, was favorably af- fected by restoring the limbs to their natural, and also by thrusting them daily for ten or twenty minutes into a box the air in which was heated to a temperature of 120° or 130° F. The brace used should in winter be worn between Slimfast Cost two pairs of woolen stockings ; very cold legs Slimfast Shaker could sometimes be kept warm in tiiis way. When tho indications and limitations in those cases were appreciated their ortbopsedic treatment was very satisfactory. Dr. Samuel Ketch remarked that of late years everybody who had been associated with orthopaedic institutions saw many cases of muscular deformities of nervous origin. As a rule, these cases were sent at a very late stage of the disease which caused the The Slimfast Diet deformity, and many of them at a time when an ap- paratus was the onlj^ resource left, the erroneous idea being a common one, in the minds of both the profession and the laity, that a child could always be made to walk with the help of "a brace." Of the peripheral paralyses, torticollis was the most frequent one presented to the orthopaedic surgeon. Without discussing some interesting points in its fetiology and diagnosis, he would state that very good results had been obtained in its treatment by the use of Taylor's chin piece as modified by Shaffer, where the ball-imd-socket arrangement allowed of the placing and re- taining of the head in any position desired, and was especially efficacious after operative measures. Of all the deformities of muscular origin which presented, the largest number of cases were of club-foot following anterior poliomyelitis. Here, not as in the congenital cases (whose aeti- ology was still somewhat obscure and, contrary to what was usu- ally taught in the text-books, which were not of paralytic origin), we had to deal Buy Cheap Slimfast with a paralysis, partial or complete, the direct result of the spinal lesion. The deformity in these cases was caused by purely mechanical laws, as shown by Yolkmann. In the treatment of these cases it would seem wise to try to secure Order Slimfast Online proper warmth and improved nutrition of the limb, and at the same time to attempt Slimfast Canada the removal of the deformity. For the lat- ter purpose no fixed plan, either operative or mechanical, was to be adhered to, but means must be selected to suit individual cases. Exercise of the part was very important, and, in the speaker's judgment, this coiild Buy Slimfast Online best be accomplished by means of ShatFer's shoe. Here the action was an intermittent one, and, while tend- ino- to the removal of the deformity, also distinctly improved the nutrition of the muscles. The prolonged use of electricity was of great value, as shown in a case verbally reported by Dr. Sayre, where repeated applications of a current which caused contrac- tions which were hardly perceptible and quickly disappeared brought about u |)ennanont iin])rovomunt. Ilypoderinutic injec- tions of strychnine wore also of sorvico at times. Ilo had i)oon glad to hoar Dr. (tibney H[)uak of hiu nttem])tH toward the relief of that dirflrcssing class of cases which re- sulted from spaHti<' |)aralysis; he wouhl have liked to hear more Mpecincttlly Slimfast Tablets the results of tenotomy and reposition. Itupprecht, of Dresilon, had reported marked improvement in his vnnaH treated by these moans, not only in tho deformity, but in tho mental states of his patients. These results had Slimfast Price not as yet been verified in the speaker's own experience. Slimfast 123 AVith regard to the treatment of the paraplegia of Pott'sdis- easo, ho could agree with Dr. liidlon that iodide of potassium did not shorten its duration. Absolute rest was, in his oi)inion, of most value in this condition. It was of especial importance that, where possible, the patient should have head support dur- ing this time. He ditlered witii Dr. Judson in regard to the moderation of the opinion expressed by him that there were some cases tho treatment of which could be left to an instrument maker. In his own opinion, no case could be well treated by any one but by him whose education had specially fitted him for this purpose. Dr. Ingraham asked how soon in the course of the disease Slimfast Cheap it was well to call in the orthopaidist, and also what appliance Dr. Gibney used in Charcot's joint disease. Dr. Field asked if contraction Slimfast Australia of the prepuce was to be re- garded as a cause of any of the deformities under considera- tion. A case had been referred to him in which neglect to treat a phimosis had apparently been the cause of a deformity of the limbs. Dr. J. F. Teruibekry thought a brace should be applied as soon as a child became old enough to begin learning to walk. The orthoptedist could very often assist the neurologist, and vice versa. Slimfast Snack Bars The two should be more intimately Purchase Slimfast associated than they were. Dr. E. D. Fisher thought that mechanical appliances had far better chances of giving lasting aid in deformities resulting from poliomyelitis than in those due Slimfast 123 Plan to spastic hemiplegia, where the

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