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[N. Y. Mbu. Jouk., (fO\vi>r!4 luul been the first writer of nnthority on nervous diw- I'lisfs to say timt ho was (liMa|>|ictrioity. Ill ri'pinl ti) i>nr lack of kimwlodf^o iolo>rical dilToroiicos oheorvaMo in tlioir otTi'cts, tlio only roncltision to Ito drawn was that those clTeots were very uncer- tain, or else tliat our know!od>;o was very incomplete. Witii regard to Dr. (fray's statonient that electricity was of use it) cases of hcniiplopa without contractures, it was enou{,'li to say that |)ers(>ns with these forms of hemi])lenia always re- covered. If there were no contractures, then evidence was wantinjr of the presence of any descending degeneration, and hence of any organic disease. Diphtheritic paralysis was well known to end in recovery spontaneonsly ; hence, order silagra online while elec- tricity would preserve the nutrition or motility of the part while paraly/ed, it could nuike no difference as to the outcome of the disease. With the statement of Dr. Fisher, that the nerves conducted easily and that the sympathetic nervous .system could readily he brought under the influence of electricity, he could not agree. The nervous structures were known to resist silagra 50 the passage of a current more than the muscles, or the vessels, or the bones, and the central nervous organs, being surrounded by fluid, were thereby s|)ecially insulated. As to passing a galvanic current through the sympathetic, ho seriously doubted its possibility. cheapest silagra It was certainly very difKcult to excite the cervical ganglia judging by the fact that it took very cheap silagra strong currents silagra 100 mg to produce changes in the size of the pupil. lie took exception to the statement of Dr. Rockwell that the faradaic current acted on tlie intramuscular nerves, and lience failed to produce a contraction in a muscle whose nerves were degenerated. order silagra It failed to do so because the alternative electrotonic state produced by that silagra tablet current was formed too ra|)idly to buy silagra uk atTect the low tension and slow contractility of a muscle whose nerves were degenerated. If a single faradaic shock was given, the muscle would contract in just such cases, since force enough was present to respond to a single applica- tion of a stimulus, although not present if the stimulus was repeated too frequently. It was in this way that galvanic and faradaic currents were really alike; at least they did not affect different paits of a muscle. NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. SECTION IN NETTEOLOGY. Meeting of March 8, 1889. Dr. L. C. Gray in the Chair. Muscular Deformities of Nervous Origin and their Treatment. — Dr. V. P. Gibxey read a paper with this title, lie included among muscular deformities those due buy cheap silagra to changes in the tendons. They might be peripheral or central in origin. Among peripheral nervous diseases giving rise to deformities he inchided neuritis and neuralgia, and among central diseases any affection, either primary or secondary, affecting the brain and spinal cord. Taking up the deformities due to peripheral nerve lesions, the speaker first discussed torticollis. There was considerable doubt in the case of -this affection whether we had to deal with hyperkinesis or akinesis. Congenital torti- collis was usually not dependent on a nervous lesion, and manifestly it was not so where it silagra online was the result of a hema- toma of the sterno-mastoid. The most frequent cause of wry- neck was rheumatism depending silagra 50 mg on a cold. Though here usu- ally self-limited, it might become permanent, and structural shortening of the muscles take place. Here, after constitutional treatment had failed, forcible correction under nn annt>Hthetic should be made, or myotomy done, and an appliance adjusted. He had usiudly relied U[)oii the head spring called the jury uuist, su])plemeMted by constitutiomd renuidies, and had seen the most obstinate cases yield within a few months. Still, in a certain number of cases the u'tiology remained obscure, rheuimitism, malaria. Pott's disease, and hysteria all buy silagra having been buy silagra online exoluded. Here myotomy had given prompt relief. In the treatment of hysterical torticollis the orthopiedic surgeon found quite as many difliculties to encounter as the general practitioner did. He would admit that he hasilagra uk 10, 1889, who had shown that the circumflex nerve in passing through purchase silagra the cpiadrilateral space was by that circum- stance rendered liable to injury, and even strangulation, such as could not occur in the case of any other nerve. Either irrita- tion and hypenesthesia, or comi)leto interruption of the nerve current and paralysis, might result. As a means of restoring the normal positions of the teretes muscles and the long head of the triceps and freeing the nerve from constrictions caused by inflammatory products matted together, generic silagra this writer had, in a series of six cases, [)racticed passive circumduction of the limb, with marked immediate relief, which had become permanent after silagra tablets a few repetitions of these manipulations. In drop-wrist, Thompson, of Liverpool, had found it of silagra cipla ad- vantage to add to medical treatment a mechanical appliance which fixed the hand in a position of the greatest possible su-

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