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to assume that there was a molecular change or some fine dis- turbance of nutrition in the nerves of a part sufficient to alter its functional activities and yet Purchase Salmeterol not recognizable by our i)re.sent methods of investigation. Tbis view was sustained clinically by the fact that many of the so-called functional affections were temporary and evanescent. They might become chronic — that is, habitual — but even then they might after years of continu- ance entirely disappear, as was seen in idiopathic epilepsy, neurasthenia, hysteria, melancholia, etc. When we considered the function of tbe nervous system, with its cells and conducting fibers, in controlling tbe growth and nutrition of every part of the body, it would seem probable that Generic Serevent a constant and natural nerve current existed, or, as Foster termed it, "a Purchase Serevent Online molecular disturbance traveling along a nerve fiber in tbe Buy Cheap Serevent form of Buy Salmeterol Online a wave." In electricity we had a force which acted upon nerve fibers and muscles, arousing or increas- ing their physiological action by some alteration of tbis " molec- ular disturbance." When tbis force was applied directly to the nerve in its peripheral distribution or in its course in the cord and brain, either a stimulant or a depressive effect re- sulted, one or the other resulting according to the condition of the nerve or the strength and direction of the current. As compared with other parts of the body, the nervous system was composed of elements particularly well adapted to the conduc- tion of tbe electrical current. The sympathetic system was re- sponsive to tbe electrical current, and therein we possessed a means of controlling the circulation and nutrition. We knew that at the point of diffusion of tbe galvanic current byperiemia of the part was induced by a dilatation of its blood-vessels. This must lead to a change in tbe nutrition of the part affected. He believed that much could be accomplished in functional affections in tbis way. To establish the true place and value of electricity as a thera- peutic agent be preferred to turn to the records Buy Cheap Salmeterol of careful and qualified observers. In the hands of Munk, Stein, Charcot, and especially Benedikt, the static current had been found to give excellent results in many of the so-called functional diseases, such as cerebral and spinal neurasthenia, spinal irritation, chorea, epilepsy, cephalalgia, neuralgia, etc. The irritant or stimulant effects of the faradaic current were useful as such, but they were Order Salmeterol Online not confined to the parts to which the apfjlications were directly made. Rurapf had found that faradization of the skin produced hyperaeraia of the hemisphere of the brain opposite to the side of the body to which the application of the current was made, while faradization of the abdominal walls caused abdomi- nal plethora and cerebral anfemia. Statements as to the clinical effects of general faradization or Buy Serevent the use of the faradaic brush thus received confirmation when we considered their physio- logical action. It was, however, in galvanism that we Order Serevent Online found the greatest remedial agent in the class of diseases just men- April 27, 1889. PROOEEDINOS OF SOCIETIES. 467 tioned. Here chemical and electrolytic effects gave added power Buy Serevent Online in controlling bodily processes. Experiments had shown that it could be made to affect Purchase Serevent the circulation (and consequently the nutrition) of the cerebro-spinal system. On the whole, Purchase Salmeterol Online physiological, borne out by clinical, data would seem to sustain the title of electricity to a high place in the therapeutics of functional nervous diseases. Dr. M. Pdtnam Jaoobi said that exact statistics as to the success of the Apostoli method in the treatment of uterine fibro- mata might have an interesting bearing on the discussion. They were rather difficult to find, considering the widespread reputa- tion of the method. Oarlet's thesis, which embodied Apostoli's only detailed re- port, contained accounts of ninety -four cases. In five of these the tumors had been very large, rising nearly to the xiphoid cartilage, and had been treated partly by galvano-puncture. In one of these treatment had not lasted long, and no result liad been reached ; in four of them, after from a month to a year of treatment, the relief obtained had been very considerable, at least as regarded symptoms, and the tumor in one case had diminished three fingers' breadths, but much less in the tliree others. Eighty-nine cases had been treated exclusively by intra- uterine cauterization with both positive and negative poles. In two of these pregnancy Order Serevent had been unrecognized and abortion had resulted, in one the Generic Salmeterol condition had proved to be subinvolu- tion following confinement, and in one incipient cancer. Four cases of subperitoneal fibroid had been treated ; in the first of these relief had been obtained after a month and the length of the uterine cavity had been reduced from 13 to 12 centimetres. In the second the tumor had risen above the um- bilicus. Order Salmeterol Single cauterizations had been followed by an abscess which had been opened through the abdominal wall, but also by some diminution in the size of the tumor. In the third the tumor had reached nearly to the xiphoid cartilage and the cavity of the uterus Buy Salmeterol had measured 21 centimetres. Fifty-tv\ o cauteri- zations, given during a year and a half, had been followed by entire relief of symptoms and reduction of the cavity to 12 centi- metres. In the fourth the tumor had risen above the umbilicus. The symptoms of the patient had been entirely relieved, but without diminution in the size of the tumor.

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