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between the positive and the negative pole was in generic robaxin itself not known, except that these poles represented two different forms of electrical state. The speaker then defined and compared static, galvanic, and induced or faradaic electricity, and showed that all were forms of the same force, only differing in the mode and conditions of their production. Static electricity had this pecuUarity, that the change of electrical state was limited to the surface of the body charged. He thought it strange that it had so long held a place in the minds of physicians (to say nothing of the popular ideas concerning it), as if it had some peculiar and mysterious power. Any effects derived from it must be due to stimulation of the surface of the body and the peripheral cutaneous nerves. It was possible that certain reflex effects in deeper parts might in this way be brought about. Another matter in this connection he would speak of with which a popular fallacy was robaxin euphoria bound up. The state on the sur- face of a body so charged was communicated to the adjoining air or to the hair of the head, and these, being in the same state of electrification, were repelled. The air so charged constantly moved away from the body, and this produced what had been called the electrical breeze; and in no possible way could it differ from air put in motion in any robaxin high other way, or have any therapeutic action. To sum up what there robaxin 500 mg was to say about the therapeutical value of static electricity, it was the equivalent of any other mild form of counter-irritation, such as switching the surface of the robaxin canada body with bundles of fine twigs, massage, the needle bath, or the faradaic brush, etc. It could have no inher- ent or peculiar curative effects, unless through an action of the mind or from pure expectation. Galvanic electricity had a much more definite and far-reach- ing eftect, but he thought t'aw who had used it extensively robaxin 750 would be likely to say that it could be compared with such a drug as opium in certainty of action. We recognized clinically three varieties in the effects obtainable, called catalytic, cata- phoric, and electrotonic. The catalytic effect of a galvanic current was a state in which separate molecules were caused to fly apart from each other. It was tlierefore a disintegrating force and robaxin mg produced chemical changes in compound bodies. The two poles being applied to points on the tongue, a sour taste would be noticed at one pole and a salt taste at the other. It liad a robaxin 550 mg limited robaxin generic name number of uses in medicine, such as removing hairs from the face, and perhaps in causing the absorption robaxin 750 mg of tumors, but there had robaxin 500mg tablets hardly been time, as yet, to form a defi- nite judgment as to its advisability in the latter employment. In urethral strictures all the best authorities now condenmed its use. Its results were less satisfactory robaxin generic than those of most sur- gical operations ; it was apt to produce ulcers which healed slowly, and gave much pain. When a milder current was used, certain effects in the way of increasing the chemical changes in the body were obtained which were an aid to nutrition, and actual growth could be induced in muscular fiber. In a case of diphtheritic multiple neuritis, reported by Professor Macher, of Yale, in which robaxin 75 mg both arms were paralyzed, the galvanic current, applied to either arm successively for a week at a time, had pro- duced hypertrophy of its muscles and increased its size and strength. Faradism had produced no change, and massage had been followed by actual loss. He had never seen any good effects obtained from galvan- ism in organic diseases of the brain and spinal cord. Sometimes the patient would improve and then grow worse ; sometimes he would not improve at all. In all forms of insanity it was use- less. In diseases of the cord it was usually recommended, and was often apphed. He had never known a spinal disease asso- ciated with degenerative changes of tissue in which the least permanent benefit had been obtained. In destructive inflam- matory diseases it could not reduce the congestion even tem- porarily, and hence was purchase robaxin contra-indicated. Id the period of con- valescence it was often used, but he doubted if with any actual benefit. In spastic rigidity or in locomotor ataxia galvanism had not, in his experience, given good results. Its analgesic effects were often not obtainable; on the whole, he had been disappointed in trials that he had made of its power to relieve pain. The speaker ended this branch of his subject by quoting the opinions of Gowers and Striimpell, according to whom little could be said in favor of the employment of galvanism in cen- tral nervous diseases. In the local treatment of paralyzed mus- cles he approved of its use. We had no definite knowledge of the extent to which changes robaxin brand name could be induced in the deep viscera of the body, since we had no means of proving how much of a current passed through them. Muscles conducted electricity easily, bones less easily, and nervous structures very badly. The current was not uniformly diflused through the body as the diagrams in text- books would lead one to suppose. Applied to the periphery, galvanism did unquestionably in- crease the circulation and the chemical changes going on robaxin 1000 mg in a part, and here had a certain value. However, in many cases of lead palsy, facial paralysis, and neuralgia in which he had employed it, the results had been decidedly disappointing. In these local applications he had found Dr. Gibney's rule a good one— that the strength of the current must be in- creased until there was a distinct sensation in the peripheral distribution robaxin 500 of the nerve to which the application w^as being made. The cataphoric action generic for robaxin of galvanism by which the absorption robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer of substances in solution through the unbroken skin could be increased had a certain value, especially in the use of cocaine and aconitine, in producing local anaesthesia and relieving neu- ralgic pains in nerves superficially placed. The objection to medicated baths was that the amount of the drug absorbed could not be accurately determined.

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