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AccoEDiXG to the " British Medical Journal," official statis- tics show that there are only 118 homoeopathists in Austria out of the whole number of medical men, 7,183, and that only 44 of those where can i buy renova profess to practice homoeopathy exclusively. There are none at all in the Italian districts, and but 19 in Vienna, They are said, renova cost too, to be decreasing in number. THE ST. LOUIS POST-GRADUATE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. The activity of this school for practitioners is shown by the fact that a monthly journal, the "St. Louis Polyclinic," has been started in connection with it, i. e., is edited by Dr. L. A. Turnbull in conjunction with the faculty. The first number of the *' Polyclinic," renova uk for April, contains a well-arranged table of contents, and the matter itself is of interest and well presented. THE CINCINNATI HOSPITAL. The twenty-eighth annual report of this hospital, for the year 1888, gives abundant proof of its character as a progres- sive institution. A training school for nurses was opened dur- ing the year, and the growth of the library and of the pntho- logi(!al tiiUNoum was (piito decided. It is gratifying to see that three of the Koven inomburs of the board of trustees are medi- cal men. A NEW (;i:hm.\n miidk ai, .ioi i;nai, in nkw yokk. TiiicKK an- many (iernian practitioners in this country whoso ac(iuaintance with the Knglish language is still imperfect, and it is not strange that tiiey discount renova should purchase renova online feel the want of accounts in thoir own tcmgue of what is going on in American medicine. There are several creditable (Jermaii medical and pharmaceu- tical journals i)ublished here. Tho yoimgest of them is the " Medicinisclie .Moiiatsschrift," edited by Dr. A. Seibert and cheap renova published in New York. With the A[)ril number it reached the fourth monthly issue of its (irst volume. Its communicated articles, society reports, and abstracts are of a high order, and its editorial articles are very readable. Tho editor renova price makes renova canada a spirited answer to a recent criticism price of renova of tho course pursued by the German Hospital in seeking to import a house officer from Germany. FALSE ECONOMY IX LONDON. The London "Spectator" comments very properly ui)on the penny-wise economy disi)layed by tho now County Council of the English metropolis in the matter of fixing upon the amount of annual buy renova online salary to be paid to the medical officer of health. The sanitary committee had recommended that it should be fixed at £1,250, but it order renova was cut down to £1,000, and the attempt was made to reduce it to half that sum, one of the advocates of the latter proposal making the remark that he had never in his life seen a man whose services were worth more than £500 a year. As the " Spectator " justly says, the Council seemed wholly unaware that an incompetent sanitary adviser might cost them thousands a year renova purchase in wasted precautions, while a man of high ability nught enable them to diminish not only the death-rate but renova online the sick-rate of London, and thus save millions annually to the population. buy renova cream THE NEW YORK COLLEGE OF PHARMACY. The newspapers have lately spoken of an alleged state of discord in the governing body of the college, growing out of race antipathy. It is said that renova prices the American members object to the tendency shown to make the methods of teaching buy renova conform to German practices. Our impression is that whatever antago- nism may really exist is not at all commensurate with the ac- counts given in the newspapers. There is doubtless a certain degree of emulation between the American and German gentle- men in the board, but that is wholesome so long as cost of renova it is not al- lowed to degenerate into so-called politics. Pharmacy is cer- renova coupon tainly well taught in Germany, and we do not see why evil should be apprehended from the application of like teacliing in New York. But it is suggested that the contention may reach beyond the field renova cream of what concerns the ordinary fupctions of the college and affect the course pursued by its representatives in the approaching revision of the pharmacopoeia. The pharma- copoeia of 1880 is said to have been " Germanized," and thereby damaged, and the fear seems to be entertained that further " Germanization " will be carried out in the new edition if the Germans get full control of the college. In this direction, too, we see little to apprehend, for, whether it was "Germanized " or not, the pharmacopoeia of 1880 was immensely superior to any of its predecessors in all respects save one — that of placing the names of preparations in continuous alphabetical order with those of the drugs. This backward step ought to be retraced in I April 27; 1889.] ITEMS.— LETTERS 2 THE EDITOR.

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