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of paralyzed muscles, but also — even if he can not say how — lead the patient along the only road that ends in regeneration Buy Cheap Remeron of the diseased spinal cord; if he has seen the cautery wire bury itself bloodlessly in parts that he would not have dared attack with a knife ; or even if he has seen faradization give comfort in a few minutes to a person suffering with muscular rheumatism. There ought to be no doubt entertained of the great therapeutic Mirtazapine Mg value of electricity ; what is wanted is more precise knowledge as to when and how to use it. That knowl- edge must be obtained by experimental work guided by correct notions of physiology and pathology. MINOR PARAGRAPHS. THE BACILLUS OF TUBERCULOSIS. Dr. Geoege M. Sternberg recently delivered a lecture in the Hoagland Course, at Brooklyn, which presents in compact shape our latest knowledge concerning the bacillus of tubercle. The discovery that tuberculosis was contagious, he said, was made in 1868, and was demonstrated to the Remeron Online satisfaction of the scientific world in 1874, but the agent of infection was not dis- covered till 1882, when Koch demonstrated conclusively Cheap Remeron that it was a bacillus. Koch first demonstrated by an original Purchase Remeron Online method that the bacillus existed, but other experimenters who followed his methods could not produce such good results. Erich, using an Mirtazapine 15 Mg aqueous Mirtazapine 30 solution of 15 Mg Mirtazapine aniline and a solution of fuchsine, im- proved considerably on the facility with which the bacillus could be demonstrated. Some microscopists had maintained that the so-called tubercular bacillus consisted really of chains of micro- cocci. Koch not only showed in his first demonstration that the bacillus was present in all tuberculous material, but also succeeded in cultivating it in solidified bloed serum. The speak- er was, perhaps, the first one in this country to Order Remeron attempt to cul- tivate the tubercle bacillus. He prepared blood serum accord- ing to Koch's directions and introduced upon its surface a Purchase Remeron frag- ment of a lymphatic Generic Remeron gland of a Buy Remeron rabbit which had previously been inoculated with tuberculous Buy Remeron Online sputum. His first experiment was not successful, owing to the fact that the tuberculous material Remeron Cost was not properly broken up, as directed. Koch's demonstra- tions had been entirely successful, and not to admit now that tuberculosis was infectious would argue an unfamiliarity with the evidence. The growth on blood serum began after the lapse of fourteen days. Koch cultivated the bacillus from forty-three separate sources, and the cultivations that had been maintained since that date were as virulent to-day as at first. Koch had also shown that the inhalation of his cultivated tubercle bacillus 462 MINOIi PARA (J h' A /'//s. [N. Y. Mki.. Jodr., in vaporized form prodaoed tuberoolosis. The statement had l»oi niul |>iilvt>ri/o(l j^liiss prddiu'oil tulnTciilosis, luit in oxju riiiu'iils wliicli the s|)t>Hki'r liml coiului'ti'd, at which fho invi-sti^'ator in qiios- tion had booii prosoiit, Remeron Price ho had di>iii(iii«trafi>d that tliis was not. t ho 01180. Tho piirtiolos of glasH woro simply oncystod and the animals prosontod no ovidonoo of tuborculosis. Tho dried spu- tiini ini;;ht bo kept for a lon^ timo it' ninintainod at a low tom- poraturo. Tho virulonoo of tnhorciilous sputum was dcstroyod l)y putrofaotiun and also by a boiling' tompointuio. If suspondod in wator, tho Iidiorcle baoilliis would ri'taiu its sitiilily fur ovor a liundrod days. Till-; SYMS Ol'KUATlNO TllKATKK. Order Remeron Online It is roportod that tho Roosevelt Hospital is likely to receive by boqnest from tho estate of the late Mr. William J. Syms the largo sum of $;150,000 for building and maintaining a new op- orating theatre. It is said that the building, together, we pre- sume, with its equipment, is to Remeron Tablets cost $2.50,000, and that the re- mainder of tho legacy is to be invested, and the income applied to the maintenance of the theatre. This is truly a superb Mirtazapine 15 en- dowment, and we are glad that it is to pertain to so well man- aged an institution as the Roosevelt Hospital. With this enor- mous sum of money at their command, the trustees of the fund, who are not likely to waste anything in mere adornment, may be expected to build an operating theatre in which no essential or even desirable feature will be lacking, and one that will be not only a notable addition to New York's resources in surgical teaching, but also, owing to the proximity of the two institu- tions, of special benefit to the students of the College of Phy- sicians and Surgeons. A MEDICAL EDITOR'S MISFORTUNE. Dr. R. C. Word, the editor of the " Southern Medical Rec- ord," of Atlanta, Georgia, is reported to have suffered griev- ously by the burning of his home and all its contents. He loses his scieutitic papers, his lecture notes, and the manuscript of a book nearly ready for Remeron Mg publication, none of which can be re- placed. This peculiarly hard fate will be best appreciated by Dr. AVord's brethren, the medical editors of the country at large. He has our sincere sympathy. HOMCEOPATHY" IN AUSTRIA.

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