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Mr. Thomas's comments upon the statistics of the surgeon whom he principally attacks in his pamphlet are neither fair nor just. We feel at liberty to speak with emphasis on this point, prozac cost per pill because tlie paper referred to, "The Ultimate Results of the Mechanical Treatment of Hip-joint Disease, generic prozac price an Analysis of Fifty-one Cases occurring in the Service of the New Y^ork Ortho- psedic Dispensary and Hospital," impressed us at the time of its publication as l)eing a scientific essay of importance, and after it was published we called attention to its merits and value. Mr. Thomas probably overlooked the exacting conditions under which this essay was prepared, and for that reason we purchase prozac may be pardoned for mentioning them here. The exclusive conditions under which the report above referred to was made were as fol- buy prozac online no prescription canada lows: 1. No case was to be prozac price ireland considered in which the patient had not been under the care of the institution from the time of discount prozac its entry until its final discharge. 2. No case was to be considered in which the patient had not been finally reported upon as buy prozac online no prescription " dis- charged cured" after a final examination. 3. No case was to to be considered in which the patient had not been " discharged cured" at least /bw?- years prior to the investigation. 4. No April 27, 1889.] prozac discount coupons LEADING ARTICLES.— buy prozac canada MINOR PARAGRAPHS. 461 case was to be considered except those of patients who had pre- sented unmistakable signs of the disease at the time of the tirst examination. 5. None were to be considered which had not been at least two years under treatment. 6. None were to be considered in which the patient had not been seen or examined after the investigation was begun. 7. All cases coming within these exclusive conditions were to be classified and reported upon. . It seems unnecessary to make any comment upon these con- ditions. The effort was an honest one and represented years of labor. Whether buy prozac online no prescription needed the results reported are satisfactory to Mr. Thomas generic prozac or not, it is safe to say that a far more rigid diagnostic test than that depended on by him was adopted — otherwise there might have been a larger number of "cures." ELECTRICITY IN THERAPEUTICS. The discussion that took place on the value of electricity as a therapeutic agent, at a meeting of the New York Academy of Medicine held on the purchase generic prozac 21st of March, brought out the views of a number of well-known men. The ground covered was far from including all even of the chief applications of electricity in medicine, but it was extensive enough to show a remarkable diversity of opinion, generic prozac no prescription ranging almost from absolute "therapeutic nihilism" up to a degree of trustfulness hardly exceeded by the laity. About the same difference of opinion is probably to be found among the profession at large. There are those who rival the advertising "medical electrician" in the display that they make of electrical treatment, whether from genuine prozac cost uk en- thusiasm or as a means of impressing buy generic prozac no prescription the multitude ; and there are others who have "tried electricity " more or less blindly and will have no more of it. There are some who will not be satisfied till prozac purchase uk they have dived into the lowest depths of electro- physics, and there are still a few, we fear, who are content to go on applying what they indiscriminately term "galvanism" without regard to details that they look upon as frivolous and prozac price per pill vexations. With some modification, these extreme ideas, or lack of ideas, will doubtless continue to be held until the time comes when medical education draws near to perfection and when we have learned to make electrical appliances behave better than they are wont to behave at present. Touching this last point, it is not unlikely that storage batteries will soon come into general use in medicine, and that physicians will thus be enabled to confine prozac price without insurance their attention more closely to pure electro-therapeutics, and be no longer distracted with the mul- ishness of the ordinary medical battery. The costliness of an adequate electrical outfit and the care and special knowledge needed to keep it in good working order are probably at the bottom of the diversity with which men estimate the value of electricity as a therapeutic agent. However one may have been led into doubt by his own mis- takes or by his bad fortune in the matter of apparatus, it is almost inconceivable that anybody should fail to recognize the possibilities of therapeutic action in an agent of such unmis- takable potency as electricity, whether for good or for evil. If we were acquainted with no other example of the action of electricity on the animal organism than its power to destroy life instantaneously, we should still be naturally inclined to the supposition that, properly curbed and modified, it might be made remedial. But there are facts equally obvious and quite as striking that lead directly to a belief in its curative power. Whoever, for example, has seen a little pocket faradization ma- chine start the breathing of an asphyxiated new-born babe will not listen to the pessimism that calls up cases of death from blundering electrization of the heart as an offset. Little less can any man's confidence in the therapeutic usefulness of elec- tricity be undermined if he has seen the same little machine stop a post-partum haemorrhage that buy prozac uk had proved rebellious to all other safe measures known; if he has seen galvanism fol- lowed by faradization not only bring back the lost plumpness

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