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LEADING ARTICLES. [N. Y. Mri). Jouit., iiiiiiiobili/iitioii of till' Jniiil, ami wi- (loiilil if llu- ii|)|iiirutii.s can 1)0 matlo to sotiiro it. Till' Aiiiorioaii iiu'tliod maki-H direct tractimi ii|)oii tiic dis- ensod joint ii fiiiidaiiiciital principle of treat mciil. 'I'lic appara- tus is so ati.justi'd to tlic distal part provera online of the Joint purchase medroxyprogesterone lliat the ovor- presout retlex muscular spasm that accomi)anies chronic (ostei- tic) joint intiammation is directly antajxonized, and, instead of incrensirifj the pressure of the diseased joint surfaces upon each other hy usinorder provera and frequently with an entire restoration of mobility and function. A few months ago, at the request of the medical board of a liospital in New York, one of our orthopsedic surgeons gave in writing his opinions upon certain questions that had been pro- pounded to him by the board. In the course of his remarks he pointed out what he deemed to be the defects of the Thomas splint in the treatment of chronic joint disease, and stated his reasons for purchase provera approving of the traction method. An abstract of his remarks, with statements on other matters pertaining to the questions under consideration, was made the subject of a report, and the paper was printed by the hospital authorities. A copy of the report seems to have reached Mr. Thomas, and to have led him to attack the American method and its up- holders. Ilis pamphlet, "An Argument with the Censor at St. Luke's Hospital, New Y^ork," has been widely distributed in New York, both among the profession and among the laity. It appears that buy provera online Mr. Thomas thinks he has discovered a cer- tain and a very ready means of diagnosticating hip-joint dis- ease, and he even declines to place any value upon the pub- lished results of the work of others, because he infers that his "Hexion test" in the diagnosis of hip disease was not used bv the reporters in the cases which form the basis of an extensive analysis of the results obtained by a certain method of treat- ment. It will be of service to quote Mr. Thomas's own words buy cheap provera in describing this "flexion-test" method of diagnosis, of which he says in the pamphlet referred to: "As soon as American sur- geons master the detail of the simple flexion test . . . the American method of treating hip-joint affections will be order medroxyprogesterone rele- gated to the history of by-gone surgery." In the third edition of cheap provera his " Diseases of the Hip, Knee, and Ankle Joints," on page 17, Mr. Thomas says: "Plate 3 illus- trates the manipulation in this buy medroxyprogesterone diagnostic method. Having un- dressed the patient and laid him on his back upon a table or other hard plane Burfaco, the surgeon takes tlio sound limb and flexes it, HO that the knee joint is in contacit with the chest. Thus ho makes corlain that the spine and back of the pelvis are lying tlat on the table; an aHsitttant maintains the aonnd limb in this flexed position ; the patient is then urged to extend, as far as ho is able, tlio diseased limb, and this he will be able to do in a degree varying with the [irevious duration of the affec- tion. While the patient is retained in tliis position, the opera- tor will be able to make out a rigid cord correH[)onding to the origin of the adductors, which are invariably the flrst to shorten." It is no wonder that Mr. Thomas is able to cure "hip dis- ease " by his own or indeed by any other form of apparatus, if he relies upon this as his guide in the diagnosis of liip-joint disease. We think that Mr. Thomas nuiy learn, from further study of the writings of those who are familiar with the clinical aspects of hip-joint disease and affections that mimic provera mg it, and especially the provera tablets intricate sulyoct of diagnosis, that the diagno- sis is attended with great difficulty in many instances, and that there are many conditions other than hip disease and those named by Mr. Tliomas in the chapter from which the provera price foregoing quotation is made that will produce flexion of the thigh under the conditions order provera online named in the description of his "flexion test." As to the Thomas apparatus and mode of treatment, and the statements made for them, there is no commentary so fitting as buy provera Mr. Thomas's confessed inability to make any report upon his cases or upon generic provera the results buy cheap medroxyprogesterone he has obtained. He appears to dis- regard the pathology of the disease, and to treat it only as a mechanician. He sees the deformity rather provera cost than the purchase provera online disease which produces it. He seems to think that when he has re- moved the defoi'mity he has gone a long way toward curing the disease — or, at any rate, that the deformity is something which must be corrected at once, without regard to the injury that may be inflicted upon the diseased articulation by the lever ac- tion of his apparatus.

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