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tho Bpinnl column. Tfi cascH of injury to the optic nerve some authors have advised the application of th(^ galvanic (current best place to buy proscar online constant current can not be said to promise either positive improvement or an arrest of the degenerative process. In most of the cases in which an improvement of vision has been noted it proved to be merely temporary ; and the same may be said of the apparent retardation of the degenerative process. best price proscar 4. In cases of injury to the optic nerve, galvanism proscar price philippines has not proved of the slightest permanent value. 5. In traumatic anfesthesia of the optic nerve and retina, uncomplicated by any laceration of nerve tissue or rupture of nerve fibers, galvanism carefully and persistently applied has been known to produce a proscar prescription drug rapid and permanent im- provement of proscar cost ireland vision, when applied directly to the closed lids, and the current passed through the eyeball. Foreign Medical Practitioners in Turkey. — According to the " Brit- ish Medical Journal," "it is announced that a regulation has been issued requiring all foreign medical practitioners practicing in Turkey to undergo an examination for a degree at the medical school in Con- stantinople. All the ambassadors have proscar online prescription refused, it buy proscar online uk is said, to sanction the rule, with the single proscar 10mg exception of Sir William White. proscar price compare That British best place buy proscar online physicians alone should have to undergo the ordeal of examination, whatever it may be, necessary to obtain a Turkish diploma, seems price proscar rather invidious." Diagnosis of Pericarditis. — "M. Puis, of Vienna (cited in 'La France medicate,' No. 27), has drawn attention to the presence in peri- carditis (with effusion V) of a limited strip of dullness posteriorly ex- tending from two 0.5 mg proscar fingers' breadth above the angle of the scapula lowest price proscar to two fingers' breadth below the inferior border of the lung, and limited by the spinal column on the right. Bronchial breathing, bronchophony, and increased vocal vibration occur over this area. But when the pa- tient is in the prone or knee-elbow position, the dullness is replaced by a tympanitic note, the bronchial breathing proscar rxlist disappears, and friction be- comes audible." — Lancet. April 27, 18«9.] LEADING ARTICLES. 459 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, A Weekly Review of Medicine. Published by D. Appleton & Co. Edited by Frank P. Foster, M. 1). NEW YORK, SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 1889. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY IN ENGLAND AND THE UNITED STATES. About thirty-fivo years ago, when orthopaedic surgery in

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