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Benedikt considered that most of the lesions of the op- tic nerves were due to disturbances of the sympathetic or vaso-motor nervous system. He professed great success in the treatment of pathological propecia cost without insurance processes in the brain propecia cost per month by galvanization of the sympathetic, and this success bethought depended upon the influence exerted upon the neurosis of the sympathetic nerve which accompanies the pathological process in the brain. Hence he maintained propecia price uk that the neuro- retinitis, symptomatic of certain forms of brain disease, might be cured by this galvanic treatment. Benedikt alleged most brilliant results from electro- therapy in cases of propecia cost with insurance neuro-retinitis, but admitted that they were discount propecia very negative in actual atrophy, whether the latter were primary — as in tabes dorsalis — or secondary to inflamma- propecia discount card tion and infiltration of the tissue of the optic nerves. He reports one case of atrophy of the optic nerve due to tabes, in which an improvement in the vision followed galvaniza- tion of the entire length of the vertebral column without any local treatment of the optic nerves ; but he propecia cost comparison says noth- ing concerning the ultimate result in this case. His plan of treatment consisted in placing the negative pole on the fore- head, and passing the positive pole gently to and fro over the temple or inner canthus, the current being of suflBcient intensity to. produce phosphenes or subjective light-sensa- tions, A temporary improvement in the vision he met with very frequently. He considered that the mechanism of this method of treatment was not through a direct irritation of the optic nerve, but rather by a reflex irritation through the fifth nerve. The proof of this explanation he thought lay in * Read before the New York Academy of Medicine, March 21, 1889. 458 BULL: ELEtynW Tlll'niAl'KUTlCS IN Ol'TIU-NERV E LESIONS. [N. Y. Mku. Jouu. ? the fact tliat the siihjootive Hj^ht-percoptioii did not, dopond iiUsolutely rai)clu's of the trij^t'iiiiiitis. Bt'iUMliUt also professed i^ood results in papillitis, due to intracranial tmnor, hv ^^^'ilvani/iiiLT tlie sviiipal lietie ner\t' discount propecia australia in tlie neek. Anotlier oKservor who allei;(>s the most siirpris- inn" results from tho t'mployn)eut of {galvanism as a thera- peutic asjiMit in inllammatory processi-s in tho optic nerve is Driver, of Chemnitz (see " Andi. ofOphthal. and Otol.," iii, 1, p. li'iC). He advises tlie application of the constant current in three ways — viz.: 1. Throutjh the head, either lonijitudinallv witli the anode on the nucha and the cathode on one frontal protuberance ; or transversely, with the anode and cathode on each temple or both mastoid reniotis. 'J. (lalvanization of the sympathetic on one or both sides, with the anode on the nucha and the cathode on the region «>f the upper cervical oanglion. M. Locally on the eye, with the anode on the nucha and the cathode on the closed lids. He employs the positive pole always fixed and the negative pole movable, and a sitting should last from one to two minutes. He uses from six to fourteen elements of a Stoh- rer's battery, how much does propecia cost uk and is careful to avoid inducing vertigo. He Adopts Benedikt's theory of the causation of choked disc, namely, a disordered innervation of the sympathetic. In what he calls propecia discount program neuro-retinitis symptomatica, or neuro- reti- nitis in discount propecia online discount generic propecia consequence of cerebral lesions, he claims that galvanization of the sympathetic sometimes produces brill- iant results in both central and propecia cost in india peripheral acuity of vis- ion. The dizziness, headache, attacks of sudden blind- ness, and occasional paralysis of the ocular muscles usu- ally cease. The galvanization should be done daily on both sides. In congenital amblyopia and in the various forms of toxic amblyopia, Driver admits that the results of gal- vanization are less encouraging. These brilliant results, transient though they are, have not been met with by more recent observers among the ranks of the ophthal- mologists. Leber has professed some moderate successes in optic neuritis due to heredity or congenital tendency. In sim- ple, uncomplicated optic nerve atrophy he recommends aaa discount propecia the constant current as promising either positive propecia discount pharmacy improvement or an arrest of the process of degeneration. It very often, however, does neither. There are no rigid rules laid down bv Leber as to how the electrical treatment is to be em- ployed. He buy discount propecia sometimes recommends direct irritation with the cathode placed on the closed lids or the supra-orbital region, while the anode is placed on the neck, the sessions lasting for but a few minutes. Soelberg Wells advised the placing of the positive pole on propecia tablets cost in india the nape of the neck and the negative pole on the closed lids. He used from four propecia cost to fourteen cells, and passed the current for from one to three minutes every day- Other observers recommend that the current be trans- mitted through the head from before propecia cost uk backward, or oblique- ly. In case the atrophy of the optic nerve is due to some spinal lesion, as in tabes, Schmidt-Rimpler has advised the application of the constant current to the entire length of

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