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" Lancet," 1887, vol. ii, p. Prilosec Purchase 1168. ^ Brunton, " Pharmacology," p. 653. () " Jour, de med.," t. vii, p. 284. :f Flint, "Med. News," Nov. 28,1885, p. 605; Loomis, Pepper's " Syst. of Med.," vol. iii. $ Brunton, "Pharmacology," Philadelphia, 1885, p. 914; Chomel, "Pneumonie," Leipzig, 1841, S. 393; Jacquet, "Blbliot. med.," t. lix, p. 19; Lebert, "Berliner k. Wochenschr.," Oct. 2, 1871; Recamier, "Gaz. med.," 1830, p. 36; Trousseau et Pidoux, "Traite de therap.," t. i, p. 31. J It is also a respiratory stimulant. it in inadequate doscR, and for the diHpenaer to furninb light weight or an inferior or iidiilterated article, and failure to ol)- tain Prilosec Buy HiitiHlactory remiitH may be often attributed to tiiose circuni- stances. When there is failing vitality, turpentine * and its de- rivatives, terebene f and hydrate of tc^rpine, have been, in my hands, valuable stimulants, both general and local. Tlie carbonate of amiiioiruiiii lias been long and largely I uni|)]oye(l in this (liseasc as ii Htinnilant, a solvent of fibriiie in the blood, and a direct antipneunionic remedy. In former years I frc(Hiently j)rescribeOtc Prilosec there is a rheumatic complication, jj Prilosec Otc In 1K()2 IJeiinett"'' published his well-know n pajier on the " Restorative Treatment of Pneumonia," which, al- though it embodied no new principle, attracted universal attention and has remained a landmark to this day. His system was essentially Coupon Prilosec the treatment advocated by Brown. ^ the "supporting" treatment of various writers, | and the stimulating treatment of Cunning, | Todd, J and others. In the main it consisted in dispensing with phlebotomy, anti- Omeprazole Prilosec mony, and other "lowering" measures, except in the most sthenic cases, and in the administration of wine, beef-tea, and other stimulants and nourishing foods — paths already well trodden. The system rapidly grew in favor and was adopted by a Purchase Prilosec majority of subsequent systematic writers.** Online Prilosec The treatment above mentioned, modified according to the individual peculiarities of the patient and the stage of the disease, is appropriate from the beginning of the attack to the end of the exudative process. If Order Prilosec it has been early * Baruch, "Med. Rec.," Dec. 24, 1887, p. 787; Huss, " Prilosec 20 Brit, and For. Med.-chir. Rev.," Oct., 1846; McAldowie, "Brit. Med. Jour.," What Is Prilosec May 29, 1886. f Cammann, "Med. Rec," Oct. 8, 1887, p. 476; "Cin. Lan. and Clin.," Jan. Cheap Prilosec 15, 1887, p. 90; D'Estrees, "Bull. gen. de therap.," 1884; Guelpa, ibid., April 30, 1885; Lepine, "Med. Rec," July 18, 1885, p. 68; McAldowie, op. cit.\ Murrell, "Brit. Med. .Tour.," Dec. 12, 1885, and July 26, 1886; Wood, "Therap. Gaz.," Sept. 15, 1886, p. 605. \ Brunton, op. cit., p. 543 ; Cunning, op. cit. ; Gerhard, " Dis. of the Chest," 1860, p. 217; Patten, "Therap. Gaz.," 1885, p. 234; Paton, "Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," Oct., 1887, p. 374; Richardson, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Prilosec Cheap Assoc," Dec 11, 1886, p. 661 ; Rochester, ibid., Nov. 28, Prilosec Mg 1885, p. Prilosec 20 Mg 614; Waters, "Dis. of the Chest," 1868, p. 50; Watson, "Prac of Phys.," Philadelphia, 1845, p. 586. * Barnett, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," Dec 11, 1886, p. 654; Jackson, "Trans, of the Va. Med. Soc," 1888; Wick, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Ass.," Feb. 11, 1888, p. 169. II Salicylic acid and other salicylates are also useful. See Buckler, "Med. News," June 17, 1882, p. 652; Deplatz, "Bull, de I'acad. de med.," Sept. 7, 1880; Drzewiscki, "Med. Rec," Aug. 28, 1888, p. 205; Herrlich, "London Med. Rec," July 15, 1887; "Medycyna," 1887, Nos. 44, 45, 46. ^ " Lancet," New York, 1862, vol. ii, p. 302. See, also, " Prilosec Online Lancet," 1865, vol. i, p. 195. ^ "Elements of Medicine," Portsmouth, 1803. X Fincham, "Lancet," New York, 1858, vol. i, p. 524, et al. ^ " Trans, of the Dublin Col," vol. v. J 20 Mg Prilosec Op. cit. ** Bristowe, "Prac of Med.," London, 1884; Chambers, "Lancet," New York, 1862, vol. ii, p. 260; Flint, "Prac of Med.," Philadelphia, 1868 ; Waters, " Liverpool and Manchester Reports," vol. iv ; et al. It was formally objected to Prilosec Omeprazole by Copland, "Lancet," April 8, 1865, p. 382. April 27, 1889.] BULL: ELECTRO-THERAPEUTICS IN OPTIC-NERVE LESIONS. 457

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