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XX " On Fevers," 2d ed., p. 244. for tho \mdortftkor, or, perchance, oscnping both the diKoase and its more formidable remedy, (?) rocovers.* S()lanino,f hyoHcyamus, | nnclcpiaH tuberosa,* the bro- mides, II etc., have boon ottered as substitutes for opium,^ but thoy are almost worthless when relief is really roprevacid naprapac 500 suitable intervals, is a most useful remedy. It may be often advatdageously com- bined with chloroform, dissolved in a palatable syruj). Other articles of the materia medica — e. //., codeine,^ bella- donna, ^ prevacid 24hr coupon oxalate of cerium, prevacid for sale | cocaine, J etc.** — form useful additions or substitutes under certain circumstances. If the cough seems aggravated by dryness of the bronchial mu- cous membrane, apomorphine, prevacid savings card pilocarpine, or ipecacuanha may be added to the cough-mixture. If, however, there is excessive secretion, atropine is the proper adjuvant. Dyspna^a is a symptom which is very distressing to the patient. It depends upon various causes, most of which are dangerous conditions, and it should be relieved if it is possible to do so. If it is due to an overfull right side of the heart and the accompaniments of this state, free bleed- ing is the remedy to be relied upon, Veratrum viride and other arterial sedatives are useful, but they do not compare favorably in promptness and efficiency with venesection in severe cases. When there is joined to generic name for prevacid the dyspnoea irregularity of breathing, with great nervous excitement, gelseraium acts very nicely, ff It diminishes the frequency of the respira- tions, obtunds prevacid sale nervous sensibility, and acts upon the sym- pathetic nerve. JJ If the prevacid discount card difficulty in breathing depends upon a filling of the air-passages generic prevacid otc with bronchial secretions, an emetic,** espe- prevacid 42 count cially in infantile cases, is indicated, * Gadbury, " Abortive Treat, of Pneumonia." f Brunton, op. cit., p. 835. X Tribolet, " Allg. med. Ann.," 1816. * Sawyer, " Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," July 31, 1886, p. 123. II prevacid generic equivalent Porteous, ibid., Aug. 7, 1886, p. 154. ^ cheap prevacid online Gilbertson, "Lancet," 1884, vol. i, p. 129; Swett, "Dis. of the Chest," p. 112. Garrod, " prevacid chewable tablets Med. Times and Gaz.," March 26, 1864, p. 333 ; Moham- med, "Birmingham Med. Rev.," August, 1885. J Hart, op. cit. 1 Smith, " N. Y. Med. Rec," May 1, 1880. J Brunton, op. cit., p. prevacid ac 222; Grapfer, "Allgem. Cent.-Zeit.,"' June, 1885; Schneider, "Therap. Gaz.," March, 1885, p. 774. ** Ergotine, see Allan, "Brit. Med. Jour.," 1884, vol. ii; vapor of glycerin, see Trastour, " N. Y. Med. Jour.," Jan. 3, 1885, p. 28 ; phy- sostigma, see Eraser, "Edinb. Med. Jour.," prevacid en espanol August, 1863, p. 123; free prevacid coupons ele- nine, see Valenzuola, "Med. Rec," May 31, 1884; general, see Fother- giil, "Med. Rec," Sept. 5, 1885, p. 253; Peruvian bark, see Wesley (Rev. John), " Primitive Physic, or an Early and Natural Method of Curing all Diseases," 1747. ff Davis, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," vol. ii, p. 129. XX Bartholow, " Mat. Med.," New York, 1876, et "Prac of Med.," New York, 1880. *» Prettyman, "Med. Rec," May 21, 1887, p. 579, et al. April 27, 1889.] WELLS: TREATMENl OF PNEUMONIC FEVER. 455 Jilrgensen * speaks very highly of hypodermatic injections of apoinorphine in these cases, but I must confess that my experi- ence with this drug has not been such as to lead me to entertain a favorable opinion of it under these circumstances. In the four cases in which I employed it the eraesis was prompt and efficient, but there followed a depressed state of the system, with a lessened disposition to get rid of the increased secretion by coughing, so that the patients were eventually coupons for prevacid 24 hour made worse by the prevacid otc 30mg treatment, and all died. In some of the cases prevacid otc coupon in which apnoea is threatened by the prevacid 24 hour coupon retention in the bronchi of abundant mucous and serous secretions, the patient may be relieved by placing him in

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