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plied. The blister finds its most appropriate place in those cases in which pain continues long past the time in which premarin mg it usually *Bemis, "N. 0. Med. Jour.," July, 1878; Hilton, generic conjugated estrogens "Lancet," New York, 1852, vol. i, p. 350; Mitchell, " Therap. Gaz.," Nov., 1885, p. 721. f Gehrung, "Am. Prac," Aug., 1877, p. 73, and "St. Louis Clin. Rec," June 17, 1874 ; Hartshorne, " Essen, of the Prac. of Med.," 1874, p. 167; Roberts, " Practitioner," June, 1874. X Alford, "Med. World," 1888, p. 230; Brunton, "Therapeutics," 1885, p. 926; Luckie, "Am. premarin price .Tour, of the Med. Sci.," vol. viii, p. 354. 454 WELLS: TREATMENT OF PNEUMONIC FEVER. [N. Y. Med. Jock.. ooftsos, with dolny in the nppoftrnnoo of tlio crisis. Under Burli ciroiiinstancos 1 liiivc> so ofloii soon bonolit promptly follow tlio iipplifntion of a l)listor as premarin cost to rondor it lii^lily iiiiprolialilo that tho iiii|)r()vomoiit was merely a coiiioidoiici'.'*' Tlu- loi-;itioii of the blisttT siioiihl lie, as a matter of coti- sisteiioy, over tho looal losioii, althoiiLth this lias hccii a mat- tor of anuisiiii; «lispiito. Tims Hajjlivit applied thorn to tho lo^js, Aiulral \ to tho lo^'s and arms, C'liimiiij,'" to tho shonldors, while Cullon,|| i'ringlo,'' cheap premarin and others gravely argued that thoy should he ai)plied to the oh est. For tho relief of tlic soreness reniuining after the sub- sidence of buy premarin online the acute pain, and which often continues loiifj; into convalescence, nothing is so useful as a terebintliinate lininuMit.^ Tmloed, it may be employed witli advantage throughout the attack. Morphine should purchase premarin be given ^ in small doses, repeated as frequently as necessary to allay the pain,| anxiety, and har- assing cough. If the pain is very severe, generic premarin it may be used hypodormatically. Opium, which is a royal remedy in the early stages of pneu- monic fever, was eitlier condemned or awarded only the scanti- est praise by the older authors. J It was, however, used by Hamilton ** with results so satisfactory as to "fill him with astonishment." It seems strange that so long a time was re- quired to premarin online make its virtues widely and fully known, yet so learned a physician as Laennec ft was not aware that it had been recom- mended alone before his day, and Armstrong |J deemed it neces- sary to refer very particularly to it. Although entertaining an exalted opinion of the usefulness premarin tablets of this drug in the very earliest stages of properly selected cases, yet I deem it a duty to enter my emphatic protest against the reckless practice which keeps the patient profoundly narcotized from the time he is first seen by his attendant until he is ready * For further information see Chomel, "Pneumonie," Leipzig, 1841, S. 383; Cunning, "Dublin Hosp. Reports," vol. v; Gerhard, "Diseases of the Chest," Philadelphia, 1860, p. 205; Hart, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc.," Oct. 10, 1885; Lepine, "Pneumonie," Wien, 1883, S. 171 buy cheap premarin ; Watson, "Prac. of Phys.," Philadelphia, 1845, p. 586. They are objected to by Bettelheim, Lepine's "Pneumonie," S. 171 ; Chambers, "Lancet," New York, 1862, vol. ii, p. 260; Dauvergne, "Med. Rec," May 16, 1885, p. 546; Dejean, "Bull. gen. de therap.," 1885; Flint, " Prac. of Med.," Philadelphia, 1868 ; Fox, " Reynolds's Syst. of Med.," Philadelphia, 1880, vol. ii, p. 213; Goldmann, "Med. Rec," Jan., 1884; Louis, " Mem. sur la saignee " ; Wyss, " Fortschr. d. Med.," Jan. 5, 1887; Ziemssen, "Pneumonie," Berlin, 1862, S. 282. f "Prax. med.," 1751. X "Med. Clin.," order premarin Philadelphia, 1843, vol. ii, p. 208. * Op. cif., and "Am. Jour, of the Med. Sci.," vol. ii, p. 432. II "Prac. of Phys.," Philadelphia, 1792, vol. i. ^ " Dis. of the Army," London, 1768. See, also, Todd, "Lancet," New York, 1855, vol. ii, p. 498. % Even to infants. See HoU, " Med. Rec," Feb. 21, 1885, p. 203. $ Objected to by many. See McBride, op. cit. buy premarin buy conjugated estrogens online ; Raven, " Practi- tioner," vol. xxxi, buy conjugated estrogens p. 42; Loomis, "Prac. of Med.," New York, 1884; etai. % Borsieri, " Med. Prac," vol. iv ; Chomel, op. «/., S. 383 ; Frank, "Cur. hom. morb.," order premarin online lib. ii; Lieutaud, "Med. prat.," Paris, 1761 ; Prin- gle, "o/>. eU.\ Storck, "Feb. irreg. hist.," 1766; Sydenham, "Works," London, 1788, vol. i ; Willis, " De med.," S. i, cap. viii purchase premarin online ; et al ** " Med. Com.," 1785, vol. ix, p. 196. ft " Med. Auscult.," New York, 1830, p. 252.

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