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Fig. 2. —A simple cataphoric electrode with rubber cap to prevent evaporation. A, sponge-covered metal electrode ; B, soft-rubber bell-shaped cap. Cocaine cataphoresis is particularly of benefit in neural- gias of the trigeminus and its branches. If volatile solutions are used, evaporation may be pre- vented by the employment of a tight-fitting, bell-shaped, soft-rubber cap, adjusted over the end of the electrode, as in Fig. 2. This is quite sufficient for all thera- peutic purposes. For more e.xact physiological experiment purchase prednisone or dosage, it would be better to employ the cataphoric electrode I have devised buy prednisone (illus- trated in Fig, 3), which corrects the imperfections of that of Adam- kiewicz.* The law should not be lost sight of that the amount of elec- trical osmosis grows with the re- sistance of the fluid acted upon. Hence the enormous resistance of chloroform adds to its cataphoric power. The electrode of Adam- kiewicz doubtless did carry chloro- form into the tissues, notwithstanding the criticisms of Wagner and Hoffman, for the bottom, when in use, is covered with moist linen, and no doubt a thin layer of Fig. .3.— a perfected diffusion or cataphoric electrode. A, glass holder for fluid ; B, membrane prednisone mg bottom of cavity ; C, carbon con- ductor in a cork. * I have had these electrodes made for me by Messrs. Waite & Bart- lett, of this city. chloroform would get between the circular metallic rim and the skin. Hence both Adamkiewicz and Hoffman are right in some of their statements and wrong in others. My own experiments with chloroform sufficiently attest this. In none of the experiments prednisone cost with cocaine or aconitine did any excoriation or other injury to the skin follow, but occa- sionally there was slight scaling of the epidermis. There were, of course, no constitutional effects. I would suggest the use of electric cataphoresis for other purposes than that of producing topical anaesthesia. Wher- ever, for instance, iodine is used as a local application over swellings or tumors, the cheap prednisone galvanic anode will greatly add to the efficacy of the medicament. TEEATMENT OE PNEUMONIC EEYEK. By EDWARD F. WELLS, M. D., LATE PROFESSOR OF MATERIA MEDICA, COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, CHICAGO. ( Concluded from page 378.) In the beginning of the attack the pain is usually severe, and occasionally excruciating. It is generally limited in buy prednisone online duration to the first three or prednisone price four prednisone 10mg days, declining and ceas- ing spontaneously. It is the opinion of all writers that pain should be relieved, and the only difference in their views is as to the means most useful and least detrimental in the attainment of this end. Early in the attack sinapisms and dry or wet cups are beneficial, and later stimulating liniments and blisters, ac- cording to the exigencies of the case, are useful. Hot ap- plications are grateful and beneficial prednisone tablets throughout the entire course of the disease. These measures not only relieve pain and dyspnoea, but they also tend to limit the deposit and promote the absorption of the exudate. The sinapism should be large and more or less energetic ac- cording order prednisone online to the age and nervousness of the patient. It should be placed generic prednisone over tlie local seat of disease and allowed to remain only sufficiently long to cause decided redness of the surface. It may be repeated at intervals until purchase prednisone online pain is no longer complained of. If the pulmonary inflammation is unilateral, the affected side may be immobilized by careful strapping,* buy cheap prednisone or if it is bilateral, a thoracic bandage f may be applied. These must be promply order prednisone removed if there is inability to expel the bron- chial secretions, and prednisone 20mg they are only useful in the early stages of the attack. A blister often relieves pain almost immediately, J and, if milder measures fail to afford relief, one should be ap- prednisone online

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