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Experiment No. 16. — Same case. Application by Dr. Seguin. Ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine, fifteen milliamperes current strength, twenty Generic Plendil minutes' contact moving slowly over different parts of right supra-orbital region. Very great relief for five hours. Experiment No. 17. — Same case. Sixteen to twenty cells, ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine, five to seven milliamperes cur- rent strength, nine minutes. Same relief. In this case aconitine pushed to its toxic effects did not relieve pain. The cataphoric application is still in use in this case, and always with the Felodipine 5 Mg marked results mentioned. Latterly several applications of the anode with a twenty-per-cent. solution of cocaine have been still more distinctly beneficial. On one occasion Cheap Plendil she had eleven hours of perfect freedom from pain, the longest interval of re- lief in a year and a Plendil Mg half. AVhether any actual curative effect will Amlodipine Felodipine be produced it Order Plendil Online is now too early to Order Plendil determine. The patient herself is so convinced of the efficacy of this method that she will now try nothing else. Experiment No. 18. — Successful Use of Cocaine Cataphoresis in another Case of Chronic Supra-orhital Neuralgia. — This sec- ond case was also placed at my disposition by Dr. Seguin. J. F., male, aged sixty, extreme suffering from right supra-orbital neu- ralgia for twelve years. Internal administration of aconitine is gradually relieving him, but pains every few moments exceed- ingly Plendil Online severe. Same electrodes and application as in No. 12. Ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine. Five cells, six minutes. An- aesthesia slight. Pain relieved. Can not endure so much cur- rent as No. 12. Experiment No. Buy Plendil 19. — Same case. Felodipine Amlodipine Ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine. Nine cells of Grenet battery. Three milliamperes and 152 PfiTKh'SON: h'Lh'CTHIC CA TM'IIOHHSIS. [N. Y. Mki). Joui{., a lialf current HtrenKth. Six minutoH and u quarter. Great re- liof and considortihlu anaBuy Cheap Plendil ill liit'tiior MiixiUiiry Xriirnfijid. — TrieFelodipine Tablets performed several experiments upon myself witb the same apparatus as before, but substituting an alcoholic solution of aconitino (gr. iv to § j) for the cocaine on the anode. Result: In two or three minutes deep-seated unal- iresia but tactile bypera>sthesia, a painful burninji sensation, the area covered by anode whitened and Plendil Tablets elevated. The analgesia to pricking and the burning .sensation continued for an hour. The Felodipine 10 Mg pallor disappeared after a quarter of an hour, giving place to redness. There was no excoriation. Experiment No. 25. — Relief of Dorsal Netiralgic Pains in Locomotor Ataxia hy Aconitine Cntaphoresis. — S. B., male; a case of locomotor ataxia suffering from intense neuralgic pains in the back at mid-dorsal region. Cathode on left side of abdo- men. Anode one centimeter in diameter with aconitine as in No. 24 to region of greatest pain. Fourteen Leclancb6 cells, five to six milliamperes current strength, four minutes applica- tion. A white elevated disc larger than the area of anode was produced which was completely analgesic and anajstlietic for an hour, but in which there was a burning sensation for an equal length of time. The neuralgic pains were relieved for eight or nine hours. This was tried again a few weeks later with ten minims of tincture of aconite on the anode, with equal effect. Experiment No. 26. — Belief in a Case of Double Trigeminal Neuralgia from Cataphoric Use of a Mixture of Cocaine Buy Plendil Online and Aconitine. — E. B., female, aged thirty ; excruciating double tri- geminal neuralgia of a year's standing, upper two branches. Purchase Plendil Had tried blisters, electricity, and aconitine internally, and once had morphine liabit. N"o day without pain. Twenty-eight chloride- of-silver cells. AVater rheostat. Plendil Price Twenty-per-cent. solution of cocaine on anode one centimetre in diameter to right temple over painful spot for twelve minutes. Cathode six by ten centi- metres in right palm. Complete anaesthesia and analgesia and relief in that side. Same for live minutes to Felodipine 5mg left temple with like beneficial result. Then four minutes over main trunk of

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