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ble stupidity. phenergan mg As the electric current travels where there is least resistance, it is evident to the merest tyro that the whole current will traverse the metallic part of this electrode, and not a vestige pass through the fluid and carbon disc, when it is applied closely to the skin.* The resistance of chloroform amounts to billions of ohms. I consequently abandoned any further use of this instrument. Experiment No. 6. — No purchase phenergan Ancesthesia with Cocaine alone. — This experiment was undertaken for the purpose of ascertaining if the electric current really had any effect in hastening anaos- thesia. A four-per-cent. solution of cocaine was applied to the skin of the dorsal surface of my left hand for twelve minutes by holding the open mouth of the bottle containing the solu- tion against it. The skin surface in contact with the solution was one ctm. and a half in diameter. No anaesthesia of any kind was produced. Experiment No. 7. — None with Ten-per-cent. Solution. — For same purpose as No. 6. Soaked a metal sponge-covered electrode, two ctm. square, in a ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine and applied to skin over first interosseous of phenergan 25 my left hand for ten minutes without phenergan cream current. No anaesthesia whatever pro- duced. Experiment No. 8. — No Anmsthesia with Current alone. — Same electrode as in No. 7 to same place. A large sponge- covered wire-netting cathode, some eight by twelve ctm. square, in the palm of same hand. Sixteen cells of a Grenet battery for six minutes without cocaine. No anaesthesia whatever. Experiment No. 9. — Current and Cocaine together phenergan online cause Marked Anmsthesia. — Same electrodes and application as in No. 8, but with ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine on the anode. Con- tact for five minutes with sixteen cells of Grenet battery. Com- plete anaesthesia to touch, pain and temperature lasting over an hour in surface in contact with anode. It is known that the anode normally paralyzes the vaso-motor nerves, producing congestion and oedema, while cocaine has the opposite effect, contracting the capillaries; but when applied together, the nor- mal electric effect outbalances 25 mg phenergan that of cocaine, and the part phenergan buy under the anode remains congested. The current itself with this strength is somewhat painful at first at the anode, but as anjesthesia appears the pain gradually diminishes and ultimately disappears. Experiment No. 10. — Exactly same details in every respect as in No. 9, but applied to the hand of Dr. J. A. Booth instead of my own. Same anaesthesia as on myself. Repeated this the next day on Dr. Booth for seven minutes, with same result. The anaesthesia in these short applications is always limited to the area of the anode. Experiment No. 11. — No Effect with Cathode. — Exactly same electrodes and application as in No. 9. Same number of cells, but commutator reversed so that the ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine was on the cathode. Contact of current for five minutes. Result : Continual increase of pain at spot under ca- thode and no anaesthesia whatever, the phenergan syrup very opposite effects produced by the anode. I had now satisfied myself that a watery solution phenergan dm syrup of cocaine alone, applied to the skin, or upon the cathode with a strong continuous current, and that the current alone without cocaine, could produce no cutaneous anaesthesia, but that there Avas an actual phenergan iv cataphoresis of the cocaine solution and consequent aniesthesia of considerable duration * I see that this has also been quite recently pointed out by J. Hoffman ("Neurolog. Ctrlbl.," Nov. 1, 1888). with the anode. I then proceeded to make therapeutic use of this method. Experiment No. 12. — Successful Use of Cocaine ; order phenergan Catapho- resis in a Case of Supra-orMtal Neuralgia. phenergan use — Dr. E. C. Seguin. kindly placed cheap phenergan at my disposal an obstinate and severe case of right supra-orbital neuralgia. L. E., female, aged forty. Dura- tion of neuralgia, a year and phenergan and codeine a half. Everything tried unavail- ingly. Suffering every few minutes with the usual agonizing pains of the disease. There was slight analgesia over right half of the forehead and right side of the nose, but exquisite hyper- aesthesia of the tactile sense in the same areas, so that a slight touch or breath of air was exceedingly painful. There was great tenderness on pressure. The two-ctm. square anode with a ten- per-cent. solution of cocaine was placed in the right supra-orbital region over a painful spot, and the eight by phenergan with codeine twelve phenergan codeine syrup ctm. sponge and wire cathode in the right palm. Nine Grenet cells were used for three minutes, then raised to eleven cells for two min- utes longer, which caused phenergan codeine prickling but no pain ; and then raised to thirteen cells, which was too painful, and was reduced to twelve cells and continued for five minutes. phenergan vc The whole appli- cation lasted ten minutes without phenergan dm break of current. There was no neuralgic pain during this time and the hyperaesthesia had disappeared. There was the expected anaesthesia. The pa- tient was completely relieved from pain for from four to five hours. Experiment No. 13. — A second similar application was made the next day in the same case by Dr. Seguin at his office with equally gratifying results. Experiment No. 14. — Same case and same electrodes as in No. 12. Seven Grenet cells, five milliamperes current strength, ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine, six minutes' application. Equal relief. Experiment No. 15. — Same case and details. Eleven cells, ten-per-cent. solution of cocaine, six minutes. Equal relief.

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