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in care of the publishers. All communications relating to the business of the journal should be ad- dressed to the publishers. THE yEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, April 27, 1889. ►nginal Commxtmnations. ELECTRIC CATAPHORESIS AS A THERAPEUTIC MEASURE.* By FREDERICK PETERSON, M. D., CHIEF OF CLINIC, NERVOUS DEPARTMENT OP THE VANDERBILT CLINIC OF THE COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. If two compartments separated by a membrane are filled with a fluid and in each an electrode is placed, there is a streaming of the fluid Generic Norvasc Price through the septum in the direction of the galvanic current — that is, from the positive to the negative pole ; so Norvasc 5mg Price that in the course of time there is an in- crease of fluid in the negative compartment. This osmosis, as is well known, occurs naturally without the use of elec- tricity between two Norvasc 2 Mg dissimilar liquids, the direction of Norvasc Cmi the osmotic current being from the lighter to the denser liquid. But if the anode is placed in the denser liquid and the cathode in the lighter, this natural osmotic current is not only overcome but reversed. Du Bois-Reymond termed this the cataphoric action Norvasc 7 Mg of the constant current. This streaming movement is analogous to that taking place in the semisolid sarcous substance of muscle when subjected to the constant current and observed under the microscope — a visible flowing of the contents of the muscular fiber from the positive to the negative pole causing a swelling of the fiber at the negative end. This is called Porret's phenome- non in living muscle. Now, it has been found that the skin of animals is perme- able to drugs. The degree of absorption varies in different Norvasc 5mg Generic animals and depends upon the quality of drug employed and the manner of its application to the skin. Thus the skin of the frog absorbs water or watery solutions rapidly (Guttman), while that of man does Norvasc 50 Mg not do so at all because of the fat normally present upon the epidermis and in the Norvasc Patent pores. So- lutions containing alcohol, ether, or chloroform, by remov- ing the fat, render Norvasc 7.5 Mg absorption easy (Parisot). All substances Avhich are volatile and corrode the epidermis, like carbolic acid, are readily absorbed (Rohrig). Watery solutions strik- ing the human skin in a finely disseminated spray may reach the interior of the body, probably by penetrating the inter- Norvasc Coupon stices of the epidermis (Juhl). Massage in connection with cutaneous medicaments causes easy absorption by forcing the particles into the pores. Norvasc Other Names Wherever the epidermis is removed, as by an abra- sion, burn, or blister, the transference of substances through the skin is rapid. The cataphoric action of electricity has often been made use of experimentally to introduce drugs into the system through the skin. The anode moistened with a solution Norvasc Coupons of strychnine has been applied to the skin of a rabbit, the cath- ode being placed upon any indifferent spot, and in a few Norvasc 100 Mg minutes the animal has died from strychnine poisoning (H. * Read before the Section in Theory and Practice of the New York Academy of Medicine, February Norvasc Canada 19, 1889, and before the Alumni Asso- ciation of the Buffalo Medical College, March 26, 1889 Munk). In man Norvasc Logo quinine and potassium iodide have been thus introduced and subsequently detected in the urine (Landois and Sterling, " Physiology," p. 489). Efforts have been made more particularly, however, for the purpose of producing a local anaesthesia by the use of electro-chemical osmosis. As far as I can Generic Norvasc 10mg learn, the first investigator in this direction was Dr. B. W. Richardson, who wrote two articles on " Voltaic Narcotism " in 18.59.* He began experimenting in October, 1858, by producing a local anaesthesia with a solution of morphine on the anode. Then with a simple galvanic current and with tincture of aconite on the positive Buy Norvasc 5mg pole he brought about complete anaesthesia of a rabbit's ear, after trying in vain to do Cheap Norvasc Online so with the current alone. After this he made the following solution : I^ Tinct. aconiti 3 iij ; Ext. aconiti ale 3 j ; Chloroformi 3 iij. M. One third of this was put on a sponge which was wrapped around the upper part of the hind leg of a dog, after shav- ing it, and attached to the positive pole, the other pole be- ing applied to the ankle. In eleven minutes there was com- plete anaesthesia to transfixion with pins anywhere between the electrodes. A minute later a subcutaneous section of the tendo Achillis was made without pain. Norvasc Pi At the end of an hour the limb was amputated about an inch below the knee without a wince until the bone was sawed, when the animal screamed once, but it was not known whether this

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