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ment by splints, without suture, it was necessary to keep the knee joint quiet for six months. Four weeks Nizoral Oral on a posterior splint. in bed, was time enough in which to secure a good union of the rnptnrod tendon. Aftor that Nizoral 200mg time he would allow a patient to walk, wearing a Hhort pOHtorior Hplint for pcrha|>H two weekH more, and then l(Oral Nizoral — This method is recom- mended by Nizoral Price Marshall, of Nottingham, Eng. (" Lancet," Jan. 12, 1889, fo. 73). He uses a Hair Loss Nizoral needle attached to the positive pole, and says that the negative pole leaves a brown and disfiguring scar, causes more sloughing, and is more apt to be followed by ha,'morrhage. [In quite an extensive experience we have not met with the production of a brown scar from the use of the negative pole.] The Treatment of Rosacea. — Unna, in answer to a correspondent, says ("Mouatsheft f. jirkt. Dermat.," 1888, No. 22, p. 1162) that most cases of rosacea are associated with seborrhoeal eczema, and yield to the treat- ment appropriate to Nizoral 200 the latter. There are some cases of pure rosacea that are due to a congenital abnormity of the cutaneous vessels, as shown not only by the redness of the nose, but also by the bluish-red color of the hands, disposition to frost-bite, and the like. This is ex- cited by freezing of the nose, exposure to the sun, hyperaemlc affections of neighboring parts, as of the nose in rhinitis, sharp Nizoral Tablet changes of tem- perature, working before an Nizoral Hairloss open fire, alcoholism, sluggish circula- tion in the portal system, and the like. In the treatment of this pure rosacea, besides relieving any of the exciting causes, he recommends the internal administration of ichthyol for a long time in doses of fifteen to thirty grains a day, and the application to the nose during the night of a watery solution of ichthyol, or of a sulphur paste with Nizoral Ketoconazole ten per cent, Nizoral Buy of sulphur. When the diffuse redness is overcome the large vessels are to 2 Nizoral be treated by multiple punctures, followed by Nizoral Hair lay- ing on Nizoral Hair Loss of a damp cloth. For slight cases, and as an after-treatment if there is no great irritability of the skin, washing with ichthyol soap and warm water will render good service. Lupus Miliaris, or acne lupus, is a rare disease of the skin, and very apt to be mistaken for a simple acne. It occurs upon the cheeks in the form of discrete, pinhead-sized, deep red, slightly raised papules, which do not tend to suppurate. Von During (" Monatsheft f. prkt. Dermat.," Nizoral Hair Growth 1888, No. 22, p. 1131) has met with such a case and cured it by the following treatment Ketoconazole Nizoral : He appHed a plaster muslin containing forty Nizoral 1 grains each of salicylic acid and creasote to a square yard of plaster mass. After three or four applications of this all the papules fell out, and the skin April 20, 1889.] MISCELLANY. 447 healed rapidly under a plaster muslin of zinc oxide and ichthyol worn during the nig;ht, and a resorein-zinc paste during the day. Some papules that appeared later were destroyed by the salicyl-creasote plaster, and the galvano-eautery. The Nizoral Tablets Treatment of Lupus. — Dr. Schiitz, of Frankfort (" Miinch. med. Woch.," Nov. 6, 1888) believes that the reason why the resulting scar from the treatment of lupus is so deforming is that the disease is seated in so many different layers of the skin, and that when the various foci are destroyed the different layers of the skin will heal at different rates. The deforming cicatrix is to be prevented by the regulation of the effort of repair on the part of nature. Various plans have been adopted for this, such as that of Lassar, given in the " Berl. klin. Woch.," 1887, No. 37; the use of antiseptic dressings, like that of corrosive sublimate proposed by Doutrelpont ; or of mercurial ointment, as advo-

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