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.A TACK IN THE VERMIF0R:M APPENDIX. At a recent meeting of the Nizagara Tablets Paris Anatomical So- ciety, which is what we should call a pathological society {Gazette hebdomadaire de medecine et de chirnrgic. July i8th), a case of foreign body in the vermiform appendix was related, and the appendix shown, which rather casts the grape-stone findings into the shade, although it is several classes behind the case of the Order Nizagara old fowler (recounted, if we remem- ber right, by Buy Nizagara Dr. John W. S. Gouley, of New York) whose appendix, after his death from some disease having no connection with that structure, was found 2t8 NliiyS ITEMS. [N. Y. Me0 Jour., crammed with bird-shot. In the French case a tack about a third of an inch long occupied the distal por- tion of the appendix, which was removed from a young man at the time of his third attack of appen- dicular inflammation. iiUtos v^tcms. A NOTABLE BREACH OF PROFESSIONAL SECRECY. In the Revue mcdicale de Normandie for June 25th a writer who signs himself R. S. properly re- bukes Dr. Caulet, who, having been engaged to at- tend the Queen of Servia in confinement, made a physical examination and a diagnosis of pregnancy. As everybody knows, the confinement never came to pass, and, to excuse his error (a very pardonable one). Dr. Caulet has seen fit to publish in a news- paper a detailed account of his examination, describ- ing the condition of the Queen's abdomen, the size of her breasts, her pelvic hyperaesthesia, the size of her uterus, etc. As "R. S." well says, to publish such things in a medical journal, calling the patient *'Mrs. X." is allowable, but to give the patient's name in connection with them, especially in a newspaper. is unpardonable. MENSURATION IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF OVARIAN TUMORS. A Paris journal, not mentioned by its title, is quoted in the Lyon medical for July 14th as saying : *'AI1 the classical treatises teach that a good way of distinguishing ascites from an ovarian cyst is by measuring the distances between the umbilicus, the pubes, and the xiphoid cartilage. In ascites the dis- tances remain normal, the umbilicus being nearer to the pubes than to the sternum, while in the case of an ovarian cyst the relation is reversed." This re- markable statement is said Nizagara Online to have been made apropos of a case in which, in Guy's Hospital, a diag- nosis of ovarian cyst was made solely on the strength of the fact that the distance between the umbilicus . and the pubes was greater than that between the um- bilicus and the sternum, although there was a cardiac murmur which made the existence of ascites prob- able. Abdominal section was performed, but Buy Nizagara Online there was no cyst, only ascites. Thereupon, the account goes on to say, the physicians of the hospital began to measure every woman's abdomen at their disposal, including those that were ascitic, and concluded that the "classical rule" was a grave error. We can hardly credit the story; certainly at the present time nobody would rest a diagnosis on such a datum. A Medical Dramatist. — The Gazette mcdicale de Paris for June j(>th states that Dr. Pierre Corneille. in collaboration with I\I. Jacques Landau, has just finished a dramatization, in five acts, of Tolstoi's Resxtrrection. Marine-Hospital Service Health Reports: 'f/ie following cases of stnallpox , Ytllow fever , cholera, and plague were reported to the sjtrgeon-generai, during the week ending July .37, igoi : Alaska. ■ . .

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