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cough, and emaciation from which he had till then been suft'er- ing had been for a time entirely suspended, and the man was now working at his trade again. In the case of the patient from whom he had removed the solitary tubercular tumor (which was shown), the dysphasia, dyspnoea, and pain from which he had suffered had all been re- lieved, and so the pulmonary trouble markedly helped. Life had been prolonged for a time, and neurontin price streets much suffering had been prevented. Tracheotomy could not have accomplished the same i-esult. The cannula which he placed in the trachea when operating on the larynx had neurontin mg an attachment by which the por- tion of the tube which passed within the trachea could be in- creased in size at a certain point after its insertion. At the point in quoHtion the tul)o waa (^ompoHod of u framework of Hnt HpringH covered with rubber. The entrance of blood or ho- crotiouH from tho wound into tho trachea waH thuH entirely jireventcd. it was true that thoHO Kecoiidary deposits of tuberculous matter were often found in patients who presented not tho (tlightest signs (if a lesion in the lungs. In such (taseH if Homo strain was brought to bear on the vital neurontin discount card forces, it would often happen that dullno^H would soon become i)ercoptibIo at one or both apicoH of tho lung. Thus within a few woekH after removal of a testicle alTected with tubercular disease from a sto>,it patient wliose lungs were apparently normal, ho had seen pulmoiuiry signs (levelo|)ed, the confinement and the shock of the; operation having reduced the strength so that the "hoof" showed, 'i'he bronchial neurontin 300 mg pain glands were in many cases tho first tissues in the body to become the seat of tubercular deposits, and when the process had gone on until they had become choosy, neurontin 300 mg for nerve pain they became active sowers of the seed in either near or distant parts. His main neurontin price comparison object in coming before the meeting was to place before the profession the value of o})eration8 for the removal of secondary deposits of tubercle. Such operations were not per- formed often enough. The only question which ought to be kept before the mind when a physician took charge of a case was as to how ultimate cure was to be effected. Thus, in the case presented, no other procedure, such as intubation of the larynx, could possibly have effected a cure. Dr. Dillon Brown, in reviewing some neurontin price without insurance of the uses and neurontin price ad- vantages of intubation of the larynx, referred to the case of the patient upon whom Dr. Gerster had operated in December, 1886, for the removal of a (supposed) tubercular growth of the larynx, and who had afterward come under his own care. Although the operation had been apparently successful, it generic neurontin manufacturers had appeared as time went on that the patient could not remove the tracheotomy tube without being choked neurontin 800mg at once, and neurontin prices generic he had continued wear- ing the cannula until March, 1887, another operation having been done in the mean time for the removal of a deeply imbedded piece of match without relieving the tendency to generic neurontin gabapentin neurontin discounts choking as soon as the cannula was generic neurontin available taken out. The larynx had then been intubated, generic neurontin solution and, although much pain and irritation had resulted (a thing which had never happened before in his experience), he had re- moved the tube after a neurontin 200 mg week and the dyspnoea and dysphasia had not again appeared. There was a brilliant field for the employment of intubation in gummata and oedema of the larynx. In syphilitic cicatrization relief could be obtained for a considerable time. neurontin price increase He thought if the tube should be worn long enough, a permanent cure would result, and in every case there was a chance afforded to try the effects of constitutional treatment. Dr. Gerster explained that the irritation caused by the in- tubation in the case which both he and Dr. Brown had had in charge had been due to the sequestra which had still been pres- ent, and that the recovery generic neurontin 300mg of the patient had really been coin- cident with his having finally expectorated them. No other operation than that which he had performed and no other pro- cedure could have effected cure. Tracheotomy was an opera- tion which he did only for tumors and foreign bodies; he had for some time past refused to perform it for other conditions producing dyspnoea, such as diphtheria. NEW YORK SURGICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of February 27, 1889. The President, Dr. Lewis neurontin 600 mg high A. Stimsox, in the Chair. Extirpation of the Thyreoid Gland.— Dr. Charles Mc- BuRNET presented two patients upon whom he had operated April 20, 1889.] PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 445 for tumors of the thyreoid which interfered with respiration, and read a detailed account of the method used. (It will be published hereafter.) Dr. J. A. W^ETH had io certain cases found the removal of the entire thyreoid a difficult operation. Ue had operated in

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