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now had institutions in which children were taken in daily and put under a regime of a sort calculated in cheap motilium each case to develop the thorax, muscles, and vital organs. He was glad to know- phthisis was now being treated through the agency of motion — ^just the motilium tablets 10mg reverse of what was needed for recovery from tuber- cular deposits in the .joints and elsewhere — namely, rest. Dr. E. A. Bracklow took issue on what had been said about exercise in so far as it might be thought to derogate purchase motilium from the motilium cost vast importance to be attached to it. Exercise was practically the only agency we had for combating the mortality to be charged to pulmonic diseases. The profession owed it to their calling to teach young people to employ exercise to good advan- tage, for, well used, it could do no harm. He believed this country had far fewer all-around athletes than some European motilium buy countries. By this he meant men able to withstand exertion of any and every sort, in whom staying power was developed to a high point. We saw many such men in Germany and Sweden, especially in the societies of gymnasts or "turners" which they supported there, and revived here in America, and in which their children were introduced early, so that the effects of American city life might in some measure be counteracted. Forced voluntary respiration had been spoken of as some- thing impracticable because much of it was motilium tablets irksome. Could it not be taken, then, in divided buy motilium online doses? He could testify that in- creased chest expansion could thus be gained, with the other good effects connected with that change. Five or ten deep breaths taken a number of times daily would not tire or exhaust the patient. Dr. Kitchen asked whether Dr. Taylor considered his method of forced passive respiration a general tonic or a special stimu- lant to one function — the roH|)iratory ; anil ho doMired another Htatumcnt from him of what he believed tho ijuality of its etl'ect to ho. Ho hiiUHelf couhi not avoid re(;alling to mind the reaction and retrogreMsion motilium imodium which succeeded to all forced devolopmentB, su«!h, for e.vample, as of the miisciles or the voice. A public speaker in the intcrvalH of u lecturing tour lost all the increafie of voice which came whih- ho maile daily exertions in this lino. iJr. C^riMhY suggested that perhaps Dr. Kitchen and others failed to understand what the conditions to bo treated really were; that is, what one had to do. Ho bolioved with Dr. Tay- lor that the im|)rovement of the general nutrition was com- monly of much greater conse<|ueuco than any special develop- ment of any |)art motilium canada tension were made, in a way which domperidone motilium no other procedure brought about in a feeble pa- tient. In his experience, the good effects had order motilium exceeded those w^hich followed the inhalation of compressed air motilium 10 by the Walden- burg apparatus or passive exercises. The excretion of effete material and a more active nutritive process seemed to be set up by this motilium price effect on the circulation through the vital organs at the same time that abundant oxygen was brought in. Dr. Taylor said that, while he could not enter into the subject of gymnastics or consider many other interesting points suggested by the paper, but not motilium uk included in its scope, he did not wish to be understood as deprecating active ex- ercises or voluntary deep breathing ; he merely maintained that they did not satisfactorily meet certain indications. His aim certainly was not to overdevelop the chest, and he did not think it would he easy to do so in the patients he submitted to the respirator. The nervous patients took the exercise for a limited period of time and ran no risk of that kind. The respira- tor was not applicable in treating children under six years of age. Passive respiration was always taken in a loose jacket or wrapper, the corsets being first removed. He made it a rule that the patient should rest before and after the exercise, be- lieving that to be an important point in securing the best re- motilium domperidone 10mg sults. He had not discussed the question of phthisis or recom- mended the use of the respirator in that disease. In youths with narrow chests whose near relatives had died early of phthisis, the method was indicated, especially where a free out- of-door life all the year round could not be followed. He did not motilium mg believe that the exercise had more than a slight effect in developing muscle ; it was not given for motilium generic that purpose. He did not think the fact that all the gain in chest measurement was not in every case retained was a good objection; what was re- tained was worth striving for, and, as the motilium pharmacy paper had pointed out, the main advantage of the exercise was, after all, in its physio- logical effect, irrespective of gain in measurement. Whether or no the respiratory center was directly stimulated by Silves- ter's passive respiratory movements, as to which he had made no assertion, it seemed to him beyond question that certain higher nerve centers were stimulated by the respirator and their states profoundly modified in a way worthy of being therapeu- tically utilized, and this was to him the important and practical point. After aE, the proof of the pudding was in the eating and the respirator had stood the test of trial. April 20, 1889.]

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