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dently a need for a method by which the chest could be ex- |)anded freely and rejiularly for considerable periods without fatifjfui — a means of automatically stimulating tliis automatic function. Among the exercises based on the Ling system used by Mirapex Er the speaker's father in 1856 was one in which the operator stood behind the patient on the bench upon which the latter was seated and lifted the shoulders (with What Is Mirapex the hands placed under the axillte) at the same time that the patient's back was arched backward Mirapex Generic and supported against the operator's knee. In another movement the oi)erator, standing as before, grasped the patient's hands and pulled the arms upward and backward against his resistance, after which the patient pulled down the hands of the operator nntil they lay in front of the chest. Since then a graduated mechanical resistance had been substituted for that made by the operator, and about seventeen years ago an appa- ratus called the respirator had been devised by which the most important of the passive movements was given by steam power, and with far greater efficacy than by the old hand method. The patient had only to lie on a couch which threw his body into the most favorable posture and grasp the handles of the levers of the machine, and inspiration and expiration would be produced at the rate and with the force which might be thought needful. This was continued for from ten to thirty minutes. The imme- diate etiects had been found to be a slight increase of body tem- perature, an improvement in the circulation, a soothing of the cerebral centers, often to the point of drowsiness, a sense of full- ness in the chest, and a feeling of invigoration or relief from weariness. Mirapex Cost After a course of treatment the color and circulation were usually Buy Mirapex Online permanently improved, the appetite and digestion were restored to the normal, the weight of thin patients as a rule was increased, and the sleep and nervous co-ordination of "nervous" patients were improved. The chest expansion was usually increased, but the effects of a course of treatment on the circulation and as a general or special tonic were more note- worthy. This Pramipexole Mirapex increased expansion was usually obtained in two or three months and much of it remained, even if the treatment thereafter was very discontinuous. Gratifying results had been obtained in patients suffering from lateral curvature of the spine, from a flat, narrow, weak, or inelastic chest, from a phthisical predisposition, and from old pleuritic Generic Mirapex adhesions. Xotable successes had been obtained in treating functional neu- rotics in this way, also delicate and Mirapex 0.25 Mg overworked persons, espe- cially women of flabby fiber and feeble respiratory power, the victims of backache, headache, neuralgia, dyspepsia, hysteria, neurasthenia, and uterine disorders. The nervous centers as well as the circulation were affected bv this and other forms of exercise or passive motion. Reflex effects of the most valuable sort could be obtained from passive motions Mirapex Litigation similar to those secured by baths, massage, and elec- tricity, but without the element of shock. In many respects the oentorN oonncctftd with reHj)irntion could bo educated rather than stimulated into an ac^tivity by which the main vital pro- cesses would be carried on in a more edicient way. I)r. Simon Hakicii remarked that the results achieved in the practice of recent years from agencies such as Dr. Taylor had described had been (piite insignificant and out of proportion in view of tlie labor which varioUH men of ability had devoted to perfecting our knowledge of the therajieutic value of exer- cise, apjilieations of water, and diet, scientifically regulated. lie believeCheap Mirapex exer- cise." Ho commended the apparatus used by Dr. Taylor, and particularly because of its being one which could be adapted to the ditlerent capacities of various ])atientH. His own device for giving increase and exercise of respiratory j)ower was a simjde but etlicient one, <'()nsisting of a hickory stick Mirapex Coupons a little longer than the extended arms, suspended by a roi)0 fastened to its middle from the limb of a tree, so as to be just above the reach of the arms when the patient stood. Hanging from this rod with arms spread widely apart, and, in time, swinging Mirapex For Rls to and fro, made Mirapex Price an excellent Buy Mirapex exercise for increasing lung power which he had used in beginning phthisis. Another simple exercise of value for the same reason was to have the patient walk into the corner of a room with his arms extended, and consequently carried back- ward by the walls as he forced himself into the corner. Dr. Louise Fiske Bkyson referred to the belief of some in- vestigators that every possible disorder could be traced to an original error in mechanics. The idea was strongly suggested when the effects of deficient normal respiration were considered. Not only on muscular but Mirapex 0.125 Mg also on nervous and respiratory power depended the ability to perform all bodily exercises. Want of respiratory power was certainly either at the root or was an essen- tial constituent of many morbid nervous conditions. Often, Mirapex Rls when of comparatively equal muscular ability, different persons showed marked inequality Generic For Mirapex in respiratory power. Inspiratory exercises favored further muscular development, greater aeration of the blood, and increased control over nervous and muscular effort. In a case cited, no treatment for lithsemic neurasthenia had compared in etBcacy to mechanical respiration, which promoted excretion and nutrition. There were other agents Mirapex 1 Mg which stimu- lated and regulated reflex action — massage, baths, electricity, and hypnotism — but the respirator of Dr. Taylor seemed to the speaker sui)erior to all other agents in certain cases, because no human agency was immediately visible. There Mirapex Coupon were no manipu- lations made by an operator, nor was there personal contact with an attendant to engage the patient's attention or intensify insistent thoughts about himself. The easy, mechanical motions imparted soothed the patient and insensibly almost abolished volition, and soon he found himself becoming mechanical also. The source of the power one felt to be remote and not imme- diately operative. The speaker considered this absence of care or even thought and of a personal influence a noteworthy ad-

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