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tnriia. Cerebral symptoms wore more of tlio chronic sort. Re- iMivory wax not to Ih< oxpccttMl lu• Th^^" tlropHV. 4. Tlu' artiM-ial state. H. riio rerehral syiii|)toins. . Aciiti' attacks or e.xacerliatioMs. For the iio|ihi'itis an outdoor life in a wniMii cliiitale was tlio lit'Ht troalrnvnt. In a cold dinnite these patients must stay in- doors most of the time. The diet shouhl ordinarily consist of Niirul foods and of fats, ivxcess in tlie nse of mineral waters and of milk was to he avoided. Opium and the iiichloride of inereury mi;,'ht he of some henetit. For tiie ana-mia his reme- die.s were the inhalation of oxyjjen, iron intornally, massaf-e, and the relief ol «'onstipation. Whoro the'rcftulation of the diet and of the tluids drank, and the treatment of the anromia, did not relievo a dropsy, and tlie latter was a cause of real distress, >ucii measures as purfzin;;, swcatinfr, and puncturing' inif^ht he ciuploycd ; hut this would he necessary only in untavorahlc cases. The point to keep in mind was that it was not well, wlicri a patient was secretinjr ahout seven {trains of urea to the ounce, to increase the amount of urine passed beyond what would enahle the patient to secrete his normal live luindred grains of urea per diem. The amount of lluids taken should not exceed the amount of urino passed. It was not well, in his experience, to increase a low arterial tension hy digitalis or ergot. Increased arterial tension should he relieved at once, as the condition of the arteries and the excretion of urea seemed Generic Mesterolone to determine the severity of the cere- bral symptoms. J^r. T. E. Satteutiiwaite thought that there were several distinct states complicated with a nephritis which might give the same symptoms. In but a few cases was the nephritis a ])rimary lesion ; it was ordinarily due to any one of several dyscrasias. Examination and classitieation must Mesterolone Online therefore i)recede determi- nation of what the appropriate treatment was in any case. Much experience and a certain amount of trial in Mesterolone Tablets individual cases were needed. He believed vomiting was in some cases salutary. He had seen pilocarpine save some lives, but put others in danger. If it was used, the symptoms of ])oisoning should be looked for and met promptly in case they appeared. A number of other remedies might be called for in special cases depending upon other conditions present. Dr. A. Jacobi thought that Dr. Delafield had said everything in his paper that was of salient importance, and had made a bet- ter because a simpler subdivision of the forms of acute and sub- acute nephritis than the seven or nine forms which Dr. Satter- thwaite recognized as needing to be clinically distinguished. He differed with Dr. Delatield in a few points in regard to treat- ment ; thus, as to what he had said about using caifeineasaheart tonic in ursemic conditions. The speaker had found that when- ever there was a condition of cerebral hyperaemia, caffeine was certain to do harm, no matter whether this congestion was active or passive, and on this account he had abandoned its use. It must certainly be contra-indicated in all cases in which lessening of the blood supply to the head was of benefit. Only recently he had produced complete relief in a case of uriemic coma by applying leeches to the septum of the nose, and caffeine here could only have made the condition worse. In subacute and chronic nephritis the influence of the bi- chloride of mercury was, beyond a doubt, excellent. He had employed it in all kinds of chronic interstitial inflammations in the various organs, in small doses, for long periods of time. He had seen patients disabled by cirrhosis of the liver recover a fair degree of health by the use of this remedy alone. In tabes, in cases at least of patients who held their ground, much gain could often be realized from this drug similarly employed. Many casoa of nepiiritis wore not noticod while thoy were still ameiiahle to treatment — cases that occurred not only after Hcarlct fever, hut after measles and typhoid — and such could be cured by expectant treatmetil alone if taken in iiaiid early. In those fortuH of ne[)hritis wiiicli came in the second half of life and were associated with vascular degenerati(»ns the ad- dition of bromides to the general trcatmoDt was oft en of benefit; they seemed in old men to regulate a circulation di.sordcred by atheromatous degenerations in the arteries. The use of digitalis wu« to be avoided in a<'ute nephritis, as patients Buy Mesterolone we found in different patients a number of very different indi- cations ; thus in a certain class a high arterial tension was a source of much danger, not in itself, but by causing the heart to become overworked. However, to relieve this condition by using drugs to dilate the capillaries was of value only as a tem-

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