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their solution is not to be furthered in any great degree by mere technics. But all kinds of knowledge are useful, and knowledge obtained by his own laboratory study is far from superfluous in the physician's every-day work. Still, those who occupy themselves for the most part in such study labor chiefly to bring forth material that is afterward to be fashioned into UHcful xIiMpe hy the cliniciaiiN, and miiHt he coiiicnl if it conduces in hut slight degree to their own exc-ellence ac prac- titioners. Hence hoiiio self-ahnegation i« involved in the de- votion of one's life to lalioraturv work, though there are donht- less (compensations of no mean magnitude. It is not nntair> therefore, that hihoratory workers should he accorded the dig- nity to which allusion was made at tlict outset, but it should not be forgotten that, as one star difTereth from another star in glory, credit is to be attained both in the fundamental research of the lai)oiatories and in the vivification of l)are facts by a|)|)ly- ing tlieiii in medical jiractice ; the one is complementary to thfe other, and millier exceeds the other in impoi-tance. MI NO It rA HA OR A PI/S. PRENATAI- HAPTISM. Prohahi.y there are few physicians of much experience in the practice of obstetrics who have not occasionally been asked to baptize an unborn child. As it is not always possible to make out the child's sex at the time of the baptism, it has hap- pened that the name of John or Lovegra Uk Thomas or some 'other equally decided masculine appellative has been given to a girl, and in some instances the girl so named Lovegra 100mg has survived. This has led to the device of pronouncing a name that may afterward be writ- ten either Francis or Frances, as the exigencies of the case may require. We trust that in the Abb6 Moureau's pamphlet on " The Administration of Buy Lovegra Online Baptism, for the Use of Physicians and Accoucheurs," mentioned by our Paris correspondent, there may be found set forth some way savoring less of quibbling than this clumsy Lovegra For Women refuge. The Abb6's sanction of baptism as a preliminary to craniotomy is remarkable, for it might be inter- preted as sanctioning craniotomy itself, whereas the Chunh of Rome has heretofore set itself steadfastly against that opera- tion, and its teaching has doubtless had a material influence in bringing about such life-saving devices as the improved Csesarean section, laparo-elytrotomy, and Porro's operation. GROSSER'S THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. One of the liveliest of our German contemporaries, the "Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung," is edited by Dr. Julius Grosser. Dr. Grosser is doing a service to all physicians who read Ger- man by the publication, in the form of a free supplement to his journal, of an alphabetical arrangement in book-form of the therajjexithch.e Notizen Lovegra Tablets that have appeared in the "Zeitung" from 1880 to 1889, the part of which, a pamphlet of eighty pages, carries the headings as Buy Lovegra far as Gelenkentzwidung. THE DEMONSTRATION OF SOLUBLE PATHOGENIC SUB- STANCES IN BACTERIOLOGY. Three years ago we spoke at some length Lovegra Online of a communica- tion made to the Biological Society of Washington by Dr. D. E. Salmon and Dr. Theobald Smith, crediting those gentlemen with having taken an early and prominent part in the discovery of soluble pathogenic substances in bacteriological cultivation liquids. That communication Lovegra Price and others made by Dr. Salmon on the same subject seem to have been denied their true im- portance by certain French writers, who give the credit of sub- stantial priority to the workers in M. Pasteur's laboratory. A review of those criticisms, by Dr. Salmon, is published in vol- ume xxxvii of the "Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science." They rest chiefly on the April 20, 1889. MINOR PA KAQ RAPES.— ITEMS. 435 allegations that Dr. Salmon's accounts of his experiments were practically unknown and inaccessible in France and that they were not convincing. Generic Lovegra Dr. Salmon seems to us to have met both these allegations successfully, and to be justified in still laying claim to priority in the discovery. A SOURCE OF ERROR IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF RENAL CALCULUS. At a recent meeting of the Philadelphia County Medical Society Dr. W. W. Keen gave an interesting history of a case in which nephrectomy had had to be abandoned after being attempted by the lumbar incision. At the necroscopy some calcareous vessels were found in the kidney and one or two points of Cheap Lovegra calcification of the other tissues, and it was against one of these that a needle inserted for diagnostic purposes dur-

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