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Cases of Syphilis without Cheap Lopressor a lopressor 25 mg Chancre, published in the Medical Press for July 3d and abstracted in this issue of the Journal under the head of Miscellany. Finally, let us consider the action of tuberculin. Are we to take it for granted that all the tuberculin that is capable of giving rise to the diagnostic reac- tion in cattle is of bovine origin? Apparently, that ■ would have to be the case if human tuberculous in- fection were not transmissible to cattle. If it is the case, Koch's deductions will receive support in a sub- stantial form, though it must still be borne in mind that, as a rule, infectious diseases which affect both man and the lower animals are not so readily trans- mitted from the one to the other as they are from one individual to another of the same species. All things considered, we must still urge upon sanitary officials the folly of discontinuing the precautions now resorted to until the needlessness of them is much more clearly shown than it has been thus far. As lopressor 25 subjects of thought and further investigation, Professor Koch's propositions are quite in order, but that, it seems to us, is all that can be said of them at present. Even if they ultimately turn out to be well founded, the interests of stock-breeders and dairy-farmers will still require the extermination of tuberculous cattle. TEMPORARY RESTORATION OF CONSCIOUS- NESS IN DIABETIC COMA. For the gratification of the patient's family, if not for certain legal purposes, it Lopressor Xl is often an object to re- store consciousness even if there is no hope of final recovery. Lepine's recommendation of large alka- line intravenous injections to accomplish the purpose in cases of diabetic coma has lately been Buy Lopressor Online strength- ened by the report of a case treated by M. Rondet, of Neuville, on whose behalf M. Lepine presented it at a meeting of the Lyons National Society of Medi- cine (Lyon medical, July 7th). The case was that of a youth found in a state of coma as the result of diabetes of probably the acute variety. Having lopressor 12.5 pro- vided himself with a funnel, a long lopressor 50 tube, lopressor price and a Po- tain's needle, M. Rondet endeavored to administer an intravenous injection of sodium bicarbonate at the bend of the elbow, but the veins could not be made sufficiently large to admit the needle. Three subcutaneous injections Lopressor 100 Mg were therefore given, one into the buttock, another in the deltoid region, and the third lopressor 50mg into the lateral abdominal wall, all on the right side. In all, there were thus injected 600 i^Tains of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in about a l)int of distilled water. The Lopressor Mg process occupied an purchase lopressor hour. At first the boy remained inert, but when the in- jections were finished he complained of the abdom- inal puncture, recognized his father and other mem- bers of the family, and answered a few simple ques- tions. This w-as in the evening. He had a good night, sleeping a little, but preserving his full intelli- gence up to 10 o'clock in the morning, when he showed a tendency to relapse into coma. As his condition was otherwise grave, M. Lepine was Lopressor Online called in consultation and the same lopressor 25mg amount of the alkaline solution was injected as before, half into the left abdominal wall and half into the outer side of the left thigh. Consciousness again returned and was maintained until 4 o'clock the next morning, when it forsook the boy, and he died an hour later. It is noted that the decomposition of the body was ex- tremely rapid. The death was rather sudden, and M. Rondet thinks is probable that it was due to Order Lopressor heart disease. The mode of injection practised in this case as lopressor 50 mg a matter of necessity, said M. Lepine in the discussion, was not to be recommended; if the boy had recov- ered, he would probably have had abscesses, owing to the great delicacy and susceptibility to infection of the skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue in dia- betics. Intravenous injection would have been preferable. In this view M. Mayer concurred, and he pointed out that the insertion of the needle of a hypodermic syringe into a vein would have an- swered the purpose. THE VERTEBRAL CANAL AS A ROUTE OF MEDICATION. It not infrequently happens that a novel procedure leads to substantial advances even when of itself it proves unsatisfactory. This may turn out to be the case with anassthetization by endomeningeal spinal cocainization. Some recent reports tend to show that epimeningeal medication — that is, the applica- tion Buy Lopressor of drugs in the space between the vertebrae and the dura mater, commonly called "epidural" medica- lopressor 12.5 mg tion lopressor hct — may prove effective in the treatment of cer- tain morbid conditions. At a recent meeting of the Medical Society of the Hospitals, of Paris (Presse

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