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persistent neuralgias the galvanic current lisinopril 12.5 mg is certainly a remedy of the greatest value. But whatever good is accomplished by the current in arresting degenerative lisinopril 20mg processes in nerve and muscle, it must be through attention to the details of methods of applica- tion. Years ago my attention was called to the irreparable in- lisinopril buy jury that may accrue from sudden galvanic shocks in certain cases of paralysis. These observations were made more especially in the es- sential paralysis of childhood, but are equally applicable in cases of peripheral paralysis; and therefore in any case of this type where there exists either marked decrease or in- crease of electro-muscular contractility or irritability, and especially where we have associated the characteristic " re- actions of degeneration," it is far better treatment to avoid frequent interruptions of the current, the effects of which lisinopril 10 are undue stimulation, and in their relation to nutrition de- structive rather than reconstructive. The continuous passage of the galvanic current, while in a certain sense lisinopril hctz 20 stimulating, coinbines influences that are seda- tive and tonic and pre-eminently reconstructive ; lisinopril 40 mg and what- ever power this agent possesses in resisting progressive de- generative changes in nerve and muscle, it is more by its continuous passage and the induction of those cumulative effects that lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg come from current reversal without shock than the ordinary method of slow or rapid interruption. If time had permitted, I should have been glad to dwell upon the altered electrical reactions following nerve lesions, and among special forms of peripheral" paralysis to devote a few moments to the discussion of the effects of electricity in diphtheritic paralysis. As in facial paralysis, its ultimate tendencv to recovery renders it a matter of no little diffi- culty to ascertain the influence of methods of treatment; but if electricity is powerless to neutralize the eaily stages of the morbid process or prevent the spread of the paralysis, the records of experience have unmistakably demonstrated its beneficial influence in many an old of altered rutri- tion lisinopril 12.5 of nerve and muscle. LETTER FROM PARIS. if. Rovssy on the Pathogenesu of Feter.— Linear Electrolysis in the Treatment of Stricture of the (Esophagus.— lisinopril 20 The Use of Forceps in Occipito-posterior Positions^ lisinopril 5 before Rotation of the Faital Head. — The Baptism of Unborn Infants. — Amesthcsia in Labor. — Naphthol in the Treatment of Tuberculous Ul- cerations. — A lisinopril 10 mg New Drug ; Exalgine. Paris, March 25. 1S89. M. RoussY, chef de laboratoire to Professor Havcm. pro- fessor of therapeutics at the Paris faculty, presents some clinical and experimental researches on the pathogenesis of fever tlist, if found correct, will cause quite a revolution in our theories, 482 COIiRKSPONDENCE. N. Y. Mki>. JoiiK., while it will vHtHl)lirili tlm iiHttiro, with tho phyHiologiual mid |taHn>|i)t,'ii'iil iK'tion, of tlio (liastiiMi's or hhIiiIiIo t'lTiiu'iits. Kirnt, as to I'liiiical ohsorvatioii, M. UoiisHy liaH lieoii slnick witli tiio fai't that iiitoiiso lovor will lisinopril 5 mg aritto in a man aftfi- tho iii^i-Hlion of Htalo boor, Hpoilod nicMitn, or Htat^inint wator, and i-von after oxcosHivo fatigno. Thoxo factfl online lisinopril lod liini to think tliiit t'cvi r was oansod l)v Molnido choniicnl suh.stanci.'« ratlior than li.v inicro- orpininnis. l<'or tho past throo years iio has boon losliiif^ this idoa on aninnds hy hypodorniatio injoi^tions of putrid matters, snoh Its a niacuration ot hay, stale meat solutions, had huor, otc, and in sonio six hiindrod cases (in 20 mg lisinopril dogs only) a fever was pruducod purchase lisinopril almost instantaneously, tho tom|)erature rising riipihctz 12.5 lisinopril less than a milligramme introduced into the organ- ism of a dog puts it into a state of intense fermentation or acute fever. This new fact, if proved to be true, is one of the highest importance to general pathology. If all cells or all micro-organ-

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