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Squint since two years ; divided int. rect. ; still sqiiintod, but was cureil by wearing +-\^n f'"" wix niotitiii', when it was found that tlie eyes remained perfect when glaHSCH were ubimdoncd. Operated on one rectus; eyes not [)arallel, but rendered HO by wearing + j',;. II. /./ worn one week; eyes deviate nnurh less. S(iuintcd live years ; ordered +1*4, her manifest II.; in three niontiis s(|uint cured; wom conifortatily, t)Ut in a year and a Purchase Levothroid Online iuilf conq)laincd that rtMiding was painful, so a + I'l, her total II., was worn for rtiadiiig witii comfort. Squinted for one week excessively (;i"), periodic ; U. ^ ; these are wom with cure of squint ; observed for three months. Operated on by another surgeon, anfi numifest II. cor- rected ; when api)lieLevothroid Generic squint; ordered complete neutralization of II. (i), and eyes are straight. H. 1^./ ; both interni divided; eye still squinting ; -f-x*? or- dered, which complete the cure. Note. — In nearly all these cases full correction was made ; Levothroid 25 Mcg anything less seemed inoperative. As to the question of amblyopia fi'om disuse of the squinting eye. This proposition could not be intelligently entertained in cases of suci) extreme youth, even if it Levothroid Synthroid were true, which seems to the writer doubtful ; but early correc- tion of a squint would be serviceable in improving the sight of an eye dependent on non-use. Any special means to be used in the Levothroid 0.1 Mg restoration of binocular single vision in such cases seems contra-indicated as not being likely to often succeed. The questions raised in this paper are few and simple. The Levothroid 75 Mg Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine old notion that during accommodation Synthroid Vs Levothroid the interni are more or less strongly contracted is Levothroid 88 Mcg adopted in this place. Where there is hypermetropia, naturally a greater strain falls upon the interni, and, in a certain number of cases, develops convergent strabismus. Whether Order Levothroid this condition would often result where the patient had a previous condi- tion of binocular single vision is open to question, such conditions not having been known, so far as I can learn. It is, of course, well known that a patient with binocular single vision is very likely to keep his eyes Generic Levothroid in position, in spite of preponderating muscles, by an excessive innervation of the weaker opponents, in order to obviate diplopia. It will be seen by these reported cases that, as a rule, all the hypermetropia was corrected. Case XVI, which was not restored to a proper balance until the complete neutralization of the hypermetropia was done, seems to furnish evidence of the truth of this proposition. I have had no satisfactory success with atropine in the correction of strabismus, as Dr. John Green, in the " Transactions of the American Ophthal- mological Society," seems to have had, although I am un- able to satisfactorily explain why the persistent use of atro- pine to arrest the action of the accommodation should not at least Levothroid 100 Mcg temporarily relieve the squint, as well as the correc- tion of the Levoxyl Vs Levothroid ametropia by glasses. In my experience it has not often done so. In some of my cases it will be seen that, April Is Levothroid Generic 20, 1889.J STARK: POLYABTIIRITIS DEFORMANS. 429 owing to their Levothroid Vs Synthroid extreme youth, the Levothroid 100 Mg ophthalmoscope and atro- pine were necessary in determining the state of the refrac- tion. In nearly all of Order Levothroid Online these cases there was naturally over- correction for the far point, and, where it was necessary to see distant objects perfectly, the glasses were temporarily removed. Levothroid 125 Mcg So far I have not found that this overcorrection caused discomfort, which surprised me, inasmuch as some hyper- metropes are pained by wearing glasses constantly which only neutralize their manifest hypermetropia. Tests for binocular vision in these cases were not made, partly on account of the extreme youth of most of the pa- tients, and partly because it was believed that in most of them it did not exist, and Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid that it was not likely to be brought about by even correcting the faulty position of the eyes. Perhaps this explanation of the tolerance to the over- correction may be offered : There was no binocular vision, and the question of relative accommodation entered less into the subject than in other cases. I have heard from one of these patients, who made some trouble by not looking through the glasses, but over them. This may be obviated by using a lens of greater diameter than usual.

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