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proper position, it requiring most of the six tri levlen months to levlen ed tablet correct the faulty position of the eyes. Case IV. — Annie .J., aged four, had 2^ lines of convergent squint. Her hypermetropia was found^ by atropine and the ophthalmoscope to be -^g. Glasses in accordance with this were prescribed, which at a subsequent period seemed likely to cor- rect the strabismus. . Case V. — Martha C, aged fifteen, applied on September order levlen .5, 1888, with a periodic convergent squint. V., R. fg purchase levlen online and L. f J. levlen 28 The iiypermetropia was found by generic levlen atropine and buy levlen tlie ophthalmo- scope to be about -jJ^. Glasses in accordance with this were or- dered. The squint was entirely corrected by wearing these glasses, and no levlen 21 complaint was made of pain or fatigue being caused by tlie full correction. Case VI. — Edmond W., aged ten. has a convergent squint of 2 lines; fixes with right eye. August 24, 1888, under atropine, the V. R. with -f i is |^. V. L. with + ^1.3 = fj. + | was ordered for each and there is no further squint. Case VII. — Max L., aged seven. Periodic squint of 2| lines since three years of age. Fixes with levlen price right eye. Ordered -f- \ in each, being his hypermetropia under atropine, the ophthal moscope being used for the diagnosis. Squints now very little. Case VIII. — Jennie T., aged seven. Periodic squint for a few weeks. July 16, 1888, vision not tested on account of ex- levlen online treme youth. By the ophthalmoscope, under atropine, the hy- permetropia was found to be about |. -f -^-^ was levlen cost ordered to be worn constantly. While the glasses are worn there is no squint, but if they are left off" for a few minutes the strabismus re- turns. There purchase levlen is no complaint about the spectacles worrying the eyes. Case IX.— Joseph B., aged eight. Convergent strabismus of a few weeks' duration. V. R. |§ with -f- ^\. V. L. f^ with + 2^- Fixes with the perfect eye. By the ophthalmoscope the hypermetropia, without atropine, is ^V Patient ordered 4. ^ig. to be worn constantly. The squint is completely cured without tenotomy. The patient is under observation, however, for no great length of time. One or two cases of this kind have relapsed and required an operation ; this may have been one of them, though there is no record of it. Case X. — Lillie M., aged five, has convergent strabismus. The hypermetropia is + ^, which she was ordered to wear con- stantly. Since this time there has been no squint unless the glasses are discarded, when it makes its levlen ed tablets appearance after a few minutes. Case XL — Lillie K., aged six. Convergent strabismus since two years of age. Divided internal rectus of non-fixing eye ; still some squint, and + ^^ was ordered, which completely cor- rects the hypermetropia. Eyes remain in proper position while glasses are worn, but on abandoning them there is a return of the strabismus. These glasses are continued for about six months, much against the prejudices of the parents. Occasionally the glasses are left off" a while to see whether the eyes will remain straight. After six mouths the parents find that the eyes remain in position after the glasses are removed. They are couseciuent- ly abandoned, with the permission of the operator, as no asthe- nopic symptoms seem to exist. Case XIL— Josephine V., levlen ed aged eleven. Strabismus conver- o-ens. One internus divided ; imperfect correction. Her hyper- 428 roMEUOY: Till-: GOliUEOTION OF CON V l, buy cheap levlen wm corrootod. One week later H(|nint nonrly (liHik|>|u(ariron, discount levlen has H<|iiintc(l with tho rijtlit oyo for Hvo cheap levlen yonrn. V., K. Jg anpia + ,\. No hinocular vision. A your and a half sinco her nianife!«t hyporniotropia was corrootod. The glosKes wore worn CDnstantly. and in two or throe tnontliH the stiuint had coHHOtI buy levlen online to exist. On Novoinher 14, 18H8, nho oanio apiin to nio with this ro|)ort. If spot-tacios aro roniovod for a fow iiiiniitos tho sipiint ii'tnrns, allhoufrii tlioro is no a|)i)oaran('o of it wlion the ^flassos aro worn. Sho complains that hor oorroction for tho far point, althonjih oonifortablo, doos not suit for readii)};. On indpootion I find + 1*^ the most comfortable, and accordiiifjly prescribe it. There is some conjunctivitis in lower lids. The refraction on the nerves is by the ophthalmoscope + |^ for R. and + ,'fl for L. Cask order levlen online XV. — William G., aged five, has sci'.iiiitod one week in loft oyo. The right has perfect vision, but tho loft is consider- ably lowered. At times tho loft oye squints nearly three lines. OecasioDally the eyes are straight. Under atropine there is no squint. Too young to test the sight with glasses, as he does not

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