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NEW YORK, SATURDAY, AUGUST lasix and potassium 3, 1901. TUBERCULOUS DISEASE IN CATTLE AND IN THE HUMAN SUBJECT. Several years ago Robert Koch startled the world by announcing that in tuberculin he had found prac- tically a remedy for lasix 40mg incipient tuberculous disease. potassium lasix At that time he had already achieved great distinc- tion as a bacteriologist, and physicians everywhere, relying implicitly on his expressed convictions, vied with each other in online lasix obtaining and promptly employ- ing the product, but it soon appeared evident that it was of no considerable curative efficiency save in the particular form of tuberculous disease known as lupus. Enthusiasm did not rise so high over his more recent tuberculinnin lasix 40 mg residuum (T. R.), and now we hear little about it. It is no wonder, then, in view of the virtual failure of tuberculin, that when, before the recent British lasix with potassium tablet lasix Congress of Tuber- culosis, Koch belittled the precautions generally taken at the present day against the spread of tuber- culous disease from cattle to lasix for man, there was a very general dissent from his views. It will, we think, take more than a few experiments, coupled with rather sweeping deductions from common observa- tion, to demonstrate to the medical profession that the supposed fact by which those precautions are warranted is no fact at all, for that is what Koch's contention will generally be interpreted as amount- ing to. Professor Koch seems to lasik lasix have convinced himself that cattle are nearly, if not quite, insusceptible to infection with the micro-organism that occasions tuberculous disease in human beings. His experi- ments, not many in number, but extending over a considerable period of time and persistently and sys- tematically carried on. it must be admitted, have failed to convey the human disease to cattle, whether they consisted in feeding them with tuberculous sputum, in implanting it in a serous cavity, or in in- jecting it beneath the skin, whereas the same forms of inoculation with tuberculous material of bovine origin promptly lasix mg resulted in infecting the animals with tuberculous disease. Great weight should un- doubtedly be accorded to these experiments and to any opinion expressed by so acute an observer as Professor lasix order Koch, but in our opinion they cannot be held to be decisive by lasix renal themselves alone. Opposed as they are to almost universal conviction, they can- not be accepted off-hand as final. Further experi- ments, varied perhaps in iv lasix some ways that have not occurred to Professor Koch and that possibly will not at once suggest themselves to the minds of others, will have to be made before the question of the transmissibility lasix purchase of human tuberculous disease to cattle can be regarded as quite settled. Perhaps there are few qualified observers who would at the present time declare without reserve that "tubercu- losis of man and cattle is identical," as the United States Veterinary Medical Association did by resolu- tion in 1896, but at least they are so nearly identical that each is capable of yielding a product known as tuberculin, and surely that is a dangerous approach to identity. Furthermore — and this is a far more momentous matter for the human race — buy lasix online Koch argues against the transmissibility of bovine tuberculous disease to man. Deliberate experiments to decide this point are of course out of the question, but Koch thinks that the world is unconsciously performing experi- ments that suffice to sustain lasix buy his view lasix furosemide ; that is to say, that beef, milk, and butter contaminated with living tubercle bacilli are constantly being ingested by many human beings, and yet primary tuberculous disease of the digestive tract is rare. To argue from such observations that the disease is not transmissible from cattle to man seems to us rather inconclusive. Theoretically, it may lasix to buy be granted, a tuberculous pro- cess at the initial point of contact of the germ with receptive tissue should be set up before an invasion of other parts took place, but we cannot regard it as proved that such is always the case. Who can say that in every instance of tuberculous disease of the meninges, of a joint or lasix cheap of any other structure not directly exposed to contact with germs a local tuber- culous process is first set up at the point of their original lodgment? Reasoning from analogy, we 2I6 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [N. Y. Med. Jour., may refer to M. Jullien's article, entitled Two Clear

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