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third month as " almost perfect," the only defect being a slight limitation of flexion. In Luning's case, at the Keflex 400 Mg end of the fifth month it is said that the leg could be flexed to 120°, a result little short of perfect. In both these cases it may be assumed that further time would Antibiotics Keflex better the result. These cases are too few to warrant our forming any con- clusions as to 500 Keflex Mg the probable result of the immediate suture. But they demonstrate that the procedure has been thus far attended with no serious complications, such as suppurative synovitis. In one instance the recovery has been complete (McBiirney's), and in the two others there is every prospect of improvement; while the suture in open wounds — a rather more complicated condition to manage, since there is more danger of infection from the instrument inflicting the Keflex Purchase in- jury as well as Keflex 500mg Price foreign matters from the clothing and the exposure to the air — has been wholly satisfactory. In view, then, of the uncertain functional results of the older methods of treatment and the encouragement ofl'ered by these few cases, I should certainly deem it justifiable and desirable to resort to the suture at once in many cases of rupture of this tendon. Where the ends are widely separated — say, by an interval admitting two fingers — one might naturally expect Keflex 500mg a diminished power of extension caused by the elongation of the tendon. Where the joint capsule is distended, one may properly assume that extrava- sated blood is present, and its absorption and the accom- panying synovitis may lead to fibrous ankylosis and lessened power of flexion. Cases that Keflex Dosage present either Keflex 750 Mg one or both of these conditions (and they will often co-exist) should be treated with suture at once. On the other hand, ruptures in which Keflex Online Keflex Order there is a trifling separation of Dose Keflex the ends of the tendon — let us say up to the width of an inch, or a finger's breadth — as well as those in which there is no effusion into the joint, should be treated by fixing the limb on a posterior splint, or incasing it in plaster of Paris, after Buy Keflex drawing down the muscle and fixing it by bandaging from above down- ward. The patient may begin to walk at the end of four K TlIK riM'KK aik-1'ass.\(;ks.* \\\ lU'.VKin.KY liOHINSON, M. I). It has lonj; boon a viow to wldtdi I liavo chuifj with tjrcat toiuii'ity, that attVrtioiis i>f tho u|t|)(M- air-|)assaf;c8 can not ho I'urod Keflex 1000 Mg unl»>ss attfiitioii lu- directed to !idjaccnt Keflex Dose or remote organs, so that tliey may he made to exereise their fwnetioiis properly. No amount of mere local treatment, whether it be medieal or surgical, will produce tins desired result unless the heart, lungs, livi-r, and kidneys are all doing their share toward helping the general weal. Whilst all these organs are important Keflex For Mrsa to the preservation of a healthy upper air- tract, thev all sink into relative littleness as compared with the immediate intluenee of the stomach. Let this organ perform its work well, and the nose, pharynx, and larynx are not apt to he great sufferers from catarrhal intiamma- tion. Let the stomach he disturbed acutely or in a chronic manner hy an attack of acute dyspepsia or habitual indiges- tion, and immediately there is evident morbid response on the part of the pituitary, pharyngeal, or laryngeal mucous membrane. I have seen chiUlren repeatedly who, whenever their stomach became upset by errors of diet or indiscre- tions of cake, candy, or soda-water, had febrile excitement accompanied by more or less marked pharyngeal inflamma- tion. This pharyngeal inflammation is Order Keflex Online ordinarily one of two distinct types. Either there is a markedly red, swollen aspect, with sensations of dryness, soreness, and pain in deglutition, or tliere is less of these symptoms, while the Keflex Oral Suspension tonsils on either side show a considerable number already of white exudations, situated over or near the mouths of the follicles, and winch, so far as I have Purchase Keflex been able to observe, differ in no respect from similar deposits that indicate a contagious disorder with which we are all familiar. \u many children, each time they are attacked with acute dys- pepsia, gastric catarrh, or " biliousness," they also have within twenty-four or forty-eight hours subsequently an at- tack of this membranous amygdalitis. It shows itself some- times indeed concomitantly with the evidences of disor- dered digestion, and again, as I have said, we may be obliged to wait a day or longer before the throat deposits are visible. Seemingly in the latter cases there can be lit- tle doubt that the disturbance of the stomachal digestion was the original factor in Keflex 250 Mg the development of the throat ail-

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