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Fell down stairs. Kicked at foot-ball game; two wks. later stumbled and fell ; walked two to three miles. Slipped and acetaminophen or ibuprofen heard a loud snap, and ibuprofen acetaminophen fell. Fell with leg flexed. Caught in turning dose of ibuprofen ma- chine, leg striking ceil- dosage of ibuprofen ing and fioor. Slipped, and felt some- thing give wav in knee. Fell six feet three motrin is ibuprofen months previously ; continued to work. ibuprofen and motrin Lealon. Rupture advil ibuprofen of right ten- don at junction with |)atel]a ; rupture advil and ibuprofen of left tendon ; losH of •'Xtension. \ Ihipture of both ten Posterior splints, dons. ibuprofen and acetaminophen TrPftlmeBt. I'oHlcrior H|)lint. SmuH. Rupture dons. )f both ten- Rupture of right ten- don ; rupture of left dosage ibuprofen tendon. Rupture of right ten- don dosage for ibuprofen ; rupture of left tendon ; inner exj)an- s'n of crura'us intact. Rupture of ibuprofen mg left tendon. Splint for three niontliH. use of ibuprofen Posterior si)lint ; 12th day, plaster of dose ibuprofen Paris. Plaster ibuprofen motrin of Paris, two months; rub- ber bandage. Rupture of left tendon; Three weeks, pos- lateral expansion 600 ibuprofen acetaminophen with ibuprofen in- terior ibuprofen use splint; dose for ibuprofen four tact ; loss of extens'n. j weeks, plaster of Paris. Rupture of tendon at Splint, attachment to patella. Rupture of tendon; lat- eral expansions not

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